I don't get what this means

  1. So? She’s still got an ass lol. Everyone has one. Big or small 🤷‍♀️ this has been posted many times and it’s gotten old, not really cool to bodyshame because she hasn’t gotten a bbl like every other ig model

  2. "Rack" is slang for money, specifically one-thousand dollars (according to google). And she has plenty of them, they're all stacked up, big amount like her... ass, I guess.

  3. she could have said “when you see them racks, they’re stacked up like my bags, yuh” instead of ass lmao! i’m like ari girly you’re absolutely gorgeous but there’s nothin stacked, coming from a frankly assless woman haha. she’s just tiny. thank bank account thoooo 👀 stack them bags up

  4. It’s like when Ed Sheeran said “I will be loving you til we’re seventy” and was like “wut? it rhymed” and I mean so does “eternity”

  5. agreed. I've always understood what she meant but she's... the tiniest person I've ever seen?! kiss my ass would've made so much more sense lol.

  6. my sister and i sing “when you see them racks they stack up like my ass, flat “ lmaoooooo only love and jokes to the queen ofc 🫡

  7. she had help writing the song, so I assume Victoria contributed that line and she just went with it, even though she knows she’s not known for her derrière.

  8. Prolly not, she just is saying she has a big ass which is a lie. She has no ass. I doubt she was thinking of that. Nobody questions if a non existent ass is fake or not lol. She isn’t cardi b or Megan nobody cares abt her butt.

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