Any body else use an AR for groundhogs?

  1. It’s crazy that the groundhogs body looks so normal but the same gun destroys the bodies of humans so completely that they can only be identified by dna testing afterwards.

  2. The fallout from a 9 mm round is devastating. Rumor has it that if you fire a 9mm round into the air out of celebration or drunkenness, when it comes back down and impacts the earths crust the devastation is comparable to Hiroshima

  3. Double barrel shotgun shoot both barrels in the air what do you need an assault rifle 15 to hunt for they ain’t wearing Kevlar vests

  4. AR or AK usually depending on my mood. Sometimes it’s more fun to get out something I haven’t played with in a while. Shame it’s gotten so expensive to feed my lee-enfield, it’s what I used to shoot ‘em with when I was a kid.

  5. Don't think we have groundhogs around where I am, but I've been hunting a badger in our fields for awhile now.

  6. If you have badgers, you might have the groundhog's cousin, the yellow bellied marmot. Or, prairie dogs. .17hmr is their worst nightmare.

  7. I should. Have shot a number with .22 lr and the groundhogs always scamper off down their hole. Fairly confident I've hit most of them because I never see them again, but would be more gratifying if they dropped dead instead of jumping into their holes to die.

  8. Me too ... seems like this last year I hit them with a .22 and they run off. I'm going to try a 5.7 or 5.56 sometime. Sorry for the noise, neighbors.

  9. They're resilient, save for the blood loss. I shot one with a 12ga slug once and it kept running until I shot it again

  10. 22lr - 450 BM, pick em for anything. I've also cleared some copperheads with them. 22WMR for some crows and raccoons. Such a versatile platform.

  11. The neighbor got one the other day and marinated/grilled it up. Gave me a rear leg, and it was pretty good for a whistle pig.

  12. They make for a good challenge. I often find myself shooting in awkward positions and without any support. Even under ideal circumstances they can be hard to hit at range

  13. It's strike industries. I don't recommend it. I thought it was cheaper than the Magpul one but then I found out you have to buy the rubber butt pad separately. Ymmv but that's kind of a requirement for a stock for me so it doesn't slip if I lean it against a wall on a slick floor.

  14. It just rained the last few days here and I knew that he lived in that hole. He was in the process of cleaning all the dirt that washed into his hole out. As soon as I crested the hill I saw him and he saw me. They'll usually just sit and watch as long as you aren't close and don't make any sudden movement so I just lined up and fired

  15. Nah, I'd like to try eating them tho. Normally I don't go out specifically planning on shooting them so I don't have time to process them

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