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  1. Surefire lights are overrated. I've personally seen them fail in classes, and Modlite and Cloud Defensive have superior lumens and features for the money.

  2. had this discussion with my brother who got a Noveske because the barrel would last forever, yet at the same time he refuses to shoot steel out of it...

  3. Ehhhhh I shoot steel case out of everything except my two uppers with the fancy barrels. Questions regarding increased wear due to bi-metal bullet jacket aside, generally the Wolf and Tula stuff is simply not as accurate, and I've had more case-head separations with steel than brass by far. If I'm shooting an upper with barrels I built with precision or high quality and reliability in mind, why would I kneecap myself with ammunition that isn't capable of meeting my expectations for the gun?

  4. Spending outside your means to feel approval from people on Reddit is dumb. You aren’t a navy seal, your rifle that functions is fine.

  5. Rofl, this needs to be on the side bar of the sub. People spending 15% of their yearly income on a rifle just to post a picture of it then park it in their safe and call everyone else poor... Nah my guy, I could buy 4 of your rifle right now, I just realize that a BCM it's going to do literally everything your Gucci rifle does for like 1/3rd the price and that even the legit operators aren't using Gucci shit, their demographic is flat range LARP'ers and basically no one else in the world.

  6. I’m gonna argue under 10 minutes… because that’s all the better I can do with gear. My knees ain’t what the used to be.

  7. Yeah, pretty much. Lot of what I own is just because I wanted it and it's cool/fun. Probably have one real practical rifle, everything else is mostly for fun, even night shooting stuff, it's all mostly just for fun.

  8. If it's a 5.56, it's not a DMR. Babying your Gucci rifle out of concern for resale value is like having a hot girlfriend, and not fucking her to keep it tight for the next guy.

  9. Or having a really nice car that never leaves the garage unless the weather is perfect and only then you're only going to the store down the block and that's it for the year.

  10. I have the same philosophy towards all my possessions, I don't actually own it until I've used and abused the shit out of it.

  11. DMR is based off of barrel length the same as SPR is. IIRC the official clarification was that 18" 556 is SPR and 20" is DMR. Obviously you need the right ammo load and scope etc. but that's what the official classification is

  12. Firearms have turned into men's fashion. Expense and brand names matter more than anything, not that larpers are going to do anything besides post pictures of their tier 1 gear for likes and karma.

  13. The A1 or A2 is my favorite version of the M16/AR-15/M4. I love integrated carry handles. I like how high the optics mounts are for them. With the introduction of risers m4 boys are shooting with a higher and higher cheeck weld. I want an old colt civilian m16A1 clone more than I want any other rifle. And I would trust my life to it no question.

  14. Theres something about a carbine with an a2 stock, a2 grip, round plastic handgaurd, and a2 upper that just makes my brain go wild. I love it. But im mad i love it. It's like the most basic bitch setup but god damn if it isnt lightweight, robust as hell, nd simply simple. It just does things to me. Im truly torn between this specific setup, or the same thing but a flat top with an aimpoint pro. They both make my pp confused. Like thai ladyboys. You know you shouldnt like them but you just cant help it

  15. 10/2 and flush for lights is usually best because the barrel won't cast a shadow, and you can still shoot from barricades having nothing on the bottom of the rail.

  16. Your 18-20" vIbE cHeCkEr is dumb. You're not actually gonna be shooting through body armor at 300 yards, and 12.5-14.5" is more effective at farther distances than most people believe.

  17. Hey my first piece of shit delton rifle needed anti walk pins because that lower was fucking garbage. Also wouldnt drop free mags. So checkmate

  18. Fake suppressors are dumb until you realize you can’t get an MP5 style firearm or PS90 in Cali unless you get one with a 16” barrel.

  19. I have one PSA upper that checks 3 of these boxes. I can do better. BRB ordering anti rotation pins, offset BUIS (from an air soft store, to add to the salt), and something skeletonized. Ideally, in Strike red.

  20. All of this I can agree with. Only reason for a linear comp imo is when building something like an AR9 where the shortest rail you can get is still longer than the barrel and you need to make up the length.

  21. My rifle is a 16” and I still took your first point personally because I want a vibe checker. Then I thought about it and realized you’re probably right.

  22. This is why the most I'm spending is like $80 on a the ALG ACT trigger. I don't need really anything more than that. Spending 200-400 for a geissele trigger just makes no sense to me. I'm not that good of a shooter to even think about spending $100 on a trigger, let alone triple that.

  23. I agree that the Gucci stuff gets babied and the cheap stuff is the most fun, and where I learn everything

  24. I agree. I built a nice-for-my-budget rifle and it's babied. I built a rifle from GAFS and it's beat to shit, rattlecanned, and literally thrown around.

  25. I think the Gucci stuff gets babied is a stereotype that's not generally true. My KAC is all scratched up and grimy. Generally if guys can afford good rifles they can afford to shoot them pretty generously.

  26. I’ve felt crazy for a long time for having the A2 as my favorite (especially for the money) muzzle device. Should be a go to unless you need a suppressor mount IMO

  27. People who repost the same threads every week and can't be bothered to use the search function deserve a ban.

  28. Agree 100%. These fucking mouth-breathers can’t be bothered to type out their questions on google, and add “Reddit” at the end. They’re not gonna contribute anything useful to the sub.

  29. Most of yall need to stop acting like tactical Fred and have some damn fun at the range. Nobody cares about your tread on me shirt, your ar15 shirt, or any shirt with a lame ass quote that makes gun people look arrogant.

  30. The sopmod block 1 program started before the socom barrel contour came into existence so a gov. profile barrel is still legit on a block 1 copy/clone/larpgun.

  31. So far I've tried 6 different muzzle devices.. I currently have the war comp on and I still hate it. I should've kept my A2..

  32. I agree with all those but still dont care about most lol still run my flashlight at 2 on my 10.3 mk18 with a competition type trigger

  33. A receiver, the lower at the very least, is just a shell. Apart from QC and ensuring theyre the right tolerances + material, they’re going to be the same. The roll mark is what commands the price and is only for flexing purposes but not necessarily quality. So an in spec PSA/Anderson will be better than the lone lemon out of spec gucci brand LMT/KAC/DD etc.

  34. Rich people coping because someone bought the same block of Chinese aluminum as they did for a quarter of the price.

  35. Ever since my first AR, I've never purchased a complete rifle for this very reason. I don't see the reason to pay for one when I'm almost assuredly going to change the trigger, grip, and stock anyway. It's all either complete uppers or frankenbuilds for me.

  36. Just FYI, it's because the 13.7" gun is almost an inch shorter overall with the silencer installed. It's not meant to have an advantage without the silencer.

  37. Also hate LVPOs on everything. People here even put them on short barrels who’s primary purpose is 100 or less. They’ll put an LVPO on, leave it maxed out at 6X and use an offset pistol dot as a primary.

  38. The Ferro Slickster feels like I'm wearing a shirt stolen out of my daughter's closet and I'm sick of people telling me to buy one because its somehow superior to my LBT. I wear size Large plates and my chest is huge, if I wanted a tactical bra, I'd ask my female cop neighbor for a better recommendation..

  39. If you've got a few ARs, it doesn't matter if one is color changing purple. It fuels your inner child and it's good for the soul.

  40. Getting endlessly hung up about velocity from shorter barrels is dumb when it comes to civilian use. 2600 or 3200 at <100yds is still going to suck on the receiving end

  41. The point is you'll still take longer shots even in an urban environment like a city. The difference in velocity actually does quite a bit since 556 is heavily reliant on velocity for penetration due to light bullet weights.

  42. Love my milspec triggers. Give them a good polish, lighter springs and a Joe Bob grip screw and they feel killer.

  43. Shake awake is a stupid gimmick. Give me a 50,000 hour battery life instead and I’ll change the battery on my birthday each year. I’d rather the optic be constantly on vs hoping the shake awake didn’t shit the bed.

  44. SOLGW definitely is, paying $2100 for their Sage Dynamics gun is comical. Over $2k for a rifle with a BA barrel 😂.

  45. Bro compared to most gucci shit, DD is the only one that's actually worth a damn. Granted the only thing anyone should be buying from DD is their uppers and barrels

  46. Yeah tend to think of DD as just the modern top tier mil-spec. Paying any higher you need to get some real, high quality, bomb proof improvements (KAC/LMT).

  47. A basic AR like a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 sport 2 or PSA is really all you need. Spending more gives you only mild improvements that you probably aren’t skilled enough to see any real benefits from.

  48. People wrap their feelings into their purchases. Its ok to say you cant afford something better and its the best you could afford. Its not ok to take your cheap thing and say the nice thing is overpriced.

  49. I’ve owned multiple badass Gucci builds and at the end of the day a simple 6920 with a light, aimpoint, and sling is more capable than 95% of the guns out there.

  50. Polymer Magpul MBUS are light and work perfectly fine, and you never actually shoot with your $300 KAC backups anyways.

  51. The warden is the dumbest looking thing you can put on the end of a rifle, close to the cookie cutter in how ugly and dumb looking it is.

  52. Warden looks like shit, does nothing for flash or blast and let's everyone around you know you don't actually have a can.

  53. My unpopular opinion is carry handle mounts. A 4 inch height over bore renders 25 and 36 yard zeros useless. A Unity Fast mount is just as bad. It’s designed for close quarters while wearing night vision only. Not as a general purpose mount.

  54. Have you ever shot a high mount? I run a 1.93 and it saves your neck man. I wont go back to lower on an AR platform

  55. I don’t care that pinning and welding a 5 inch fake can is dumb, I want a son tay carbine and I have no patience.

  56. I went to the range one day only to notice my batteries on my aimpoint pro had died. Was still able to get some range time in with use of my BUIS, so I've been keeping them on mostly for that reason. Plus the mount is easy enough to take off without tools if necessary.

  57. Buy a PSA, a sub $300 red dot, a sling and a light, beat the f out of it, when something breaks or quite working, upgrade it then. Otherwise, Ammo and a training class a year will serve you better.

  58. Offset red dots/ LPVO are stupid when Running an LPVO with a good 1x “BUT I like to keep the scope on 5.3654x and I have my red dot for those close engagements!!” Save some weight. Buy an ACOG and piggy back the dot if you aren’t going to use the LP in LPVO.

  59. That combo has a role in competition. There's plenty of stages designed with long range interspersed with short range hoser targets. I don't run it personally because I don't shoot Open class, but it definitely saves time having to zoom in and out on your rifle. One other benefit is shooting from hard cover on your support side with a foot fault right at the corner. It's easier to shoot with the canted offset red dot while leaning out of cover then contorting yourself to get the LPVO lined up.

  60. An 8 minute mile is like a 2 second draw. If you couldn’t do it, trained, and can do it now, congrats! Now keep training because you’re still not good enough for anything serious.

  61. Unless you're serving then you're never going to see "combat" with your AR. Enjoy the hobby, but for fucks sake chill out.

  62. If you start off with the latest and greatest LPVO/red dot/optic etc and have no idea how to find mechanical zero and ring steel with irons, you're doing it wrong.

  63. At least from my experience (which isnt much so take this at face value) you dont mount your flashlight at 6 o'clock if you decide to shoot laying down with your rifle on a rock or something. Less likely to get damaged, crack a lense or fuck up the mount.

  64. If you vote for politicians who openly run on banning what they consider "assault weapons" but own any sort of firearm (AR or not) then fuck you

  65. I sat here trying to think of something way tougher and more reliable than a f350 but the best i got is the abrams and im fairly sure they aint reliable

  66. I like Strike industries for dust covers, bolt catches, and their flash hiders, unless you’re suppressed. SI has a bad image for their anodized/gamer parts. If they were to remove those sku’s and focus on accessories, they’d be a go-to source for many because of their budget friendly prices.

  67. Guilty on all counts, planning on remedying this summer with a DMR class and overtime checks. Also finally have a piece of property where I can shoot more than 25 ft, so here we go!

  68. Holosun makes trash products. Sit two identical products together and they’re barely recognizable, glue everywhere, shit finishes, debris and junk in internals, behind lenses, under solar panel protectors. Mounts will break if dropped a few feet.

  69. I have only ever fired an M&P 15 sport and my personal Sport 2 with a couple pieces of furniture and I see no reason to buy a more expensive gun other than wanting something prettier 😬

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