What do I do? Nephew bought 180 worth of in app purchases. Apple deemed it “Not eligible for refund” even after reviewing it

  1. The purchases are legitimate. Apple isn't going to refund that. Plus if it's happened before and you still gave him your phone, it's starting to border on negligence. You can contact your bank but Apple will disable the card in the App Store.

  2. So, he was using your phone. You let him make the purchase. In the future, don’t let people use your phone. If you do, require your password for every purchase, and don’t tell him the password. If you told it to him, change your password now. He will remember it for the next 25 years.

  3. Well I figured the ass beating his mother gave him the first time was enough to teach him, also it was for like 20 bucks, not $180

  4. What do you do? You let a child make purchases with your payment method. Again. This is all you being careless with your money. You can complain at Apple all you want but find the nearest mirror and you find the person responsible.

  5. There’s nothing to be done. Consider this a lesson in letting young children play games with microtransactions on your phone.

  6. It sounds like your nephew is a little prick that thinks it’s ok to steal from people, and it also sounds like he owes you $180.

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