“Your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes”

  1. You can try calling Apple Support but this usually happens when people do something that violates Apple's iTunes/App Store Terms of Service. When that happens you are locked out of your Apple ID entirely though so if this is just affecting your access to the iTunes/App Store you will need to call Apple to find out what it is and have them help you solve it.

  2. True true. Usually if an account disputes a charge with a bank it's temporarily disabled until support can investigate. The other issue would be gift cards. They can be a false flag at times and trigger a disablement which has to be fixed by support as well.

  3. Don’t do this. This is a scammer. A very dumb scam attempt. Also known as a “recovery scammer”. They aren’t known for being very smart. The mothers of these types of scammers are even more dumb than they are, though.

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