iPhone 14 Pro Camera Switch Issue

  1. I don't see how one could think it's not? For taking photos of your things in general yes it's not an issue, but for using the camera for social media like many people do it's a big issue. Glad somebody posted the way of disabling though that definitely works.

  2. Even though this is a feature and can be turned off, this happens when taking videos in instagram too! And there’s no way to work around that @@

  3. the big main sensor can’t focus on objects up close and it uses the ultra wide lens when something is too close to the camera. completely normal and can be turned off in camera setting. i think it’s called macro control and if you turn that on you’ll get a button in the viewfinder to turn off the macro camera.

  4. This is simply the Macro mode taking effect after getting close to a subject, as stated in a prior comment here. This auto behavior can be disabled under your camera settings menu.

  5. I feel you man don't listen to the downvoters, before I realized what this was, my first thought was fear that it was an issue (I think my mind went to the headlines about the Pro cameras shaking with some social media apps and I wondered about other bugs.)

  6. Not an issue like the people mentioned below it’s just the camera adjusting can be controlled with a few changes in setting

  7. This is the expected behaviour. The camera switches to macro when you get closer to an object. You can disable this setting in iOS Settings > Camera > Macro Control.

  8. It switches to a better camera when it senses the clarity could be better in a different shooting mode. This is a good thing. You could theoretically open the phone and rip off two of the cameras, however, if you’re that inclined to not have it do that.

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