The latest iPadOS 16 beta brings Stage Manager to older iPad Pro models

  1. Well if no one has tried it yet the toggle is there on my 2020 iPad Pro but it’s absolutely not working and started kicking me to the Lock Screen on opening apps.

  2. Holy shit I can’t believe they’ve actually done it. They discovered the advanced technology to enable a windowing system on non-M1 chips. /s

  3. Apples been surprising me as of late. They recently changed how the battery percentage works on iOS due to feedback and now stage manager.

  4. I've always said, the LACK of multi-tasking on iOS Devices has been astonishing. The ability to run and swap out apps and not reload them every time has been a thing on Android phones since at least... 2012? Maybe 2011? Why can't a modern iPad do the same?

  5. For once? I know it’s recent but they’ve been listening to us a lot more recently. Just look at the new redesign on the latest 14 and 16 in. MacBook Pro’s, for one.

  6. I’d love to see the faces of all the redditors who defended Apple claiming this wasnt a software lock but a “hArdwaRe liMiTation”

  7. But no external display support. Does anyone not realize stage manager on an iPad screen is majority of the time worthless?

  8. They made significant changes to stage manager in order to do this. They removed the external screen support. So they did were honest with their original statement. I think they just missed that it would be such a high demand feature that people would want for just the single display.

  9. Funny how this subreddit was downvoting anyone that dared to say apple was gatekeeping the feature for no technical reasons

  10. Also also, if you guys finally stepped out of the 'we're apple, you can't make us do things we don't wanna do' safety bubble, PUT VENTURA ON THE FUCKING 2016 MBP IT'S LITERALLY THE SAME COMPUTER AS THE 2017 EXCEPT FOR A SINGLE CPU GENERATION, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR, DAMN IT???

  11. Stage manager kind of sucks on the iPads display, I only have found it useful on external monitor, and even then I haven’t really found it to be all that great.

  12. Yeah, it doesn’t feel like they finished thinking it through. I feel like they should just launch it as a beta feature and spend the next year or two really fleshing it out.

  13. I think stage manager sucks in its current state. What good are windows if you can’t arrange them how you want. They did to windows what they did to the Home Screen. You can have icons, but only arranged how Apple thinks they should be arranged. It’s a cool gimmick at best.

  14. I mean the 2017 12” MacBook with one if the slowest CPUs ever can run stage manager on macOS…why can’t the A12?

  15. No you don’t get it!!! iPad apps are so much more complicated than the software computers ran in 1990!!! There is no way that a 2 year old iPad can run more than three apps at once!!!

  16. They also removed delayed the external monitor support so I wonder if that coupled with Stage Manager was what required M1? It seems more reasonable that external monitor + Stage Manager needs M1 vs. just Stage Manager itself.

  17. I said it over and over in those previous threads. There's no architectural reason that prevents Stage Manager from working on older iPads. It was purely a way to induce FOMO.

  18. …but they still removed the external monitor support and the 8 app limitation. Isn’t that what the hardware limitation was about?

  19. From everything I’ve read it seems that the external display support was the thing causing the most issues/bugs so it makes sense it’s getting delayed and that it won’t come to older iPads.

  20. It's pretty clear from this article that it's only A12X and A12Z iPad Pros getting added. You can not like it, but it's not unclear.

  21. It's better than the A12, but these iPads have the A12X/Z. The main difference is that the X/Z chips have 4 "big" CPU cores versus just 2 for the plain A series. For something like Stage Manager, where you're running lots of things at once, even though the A14's individual cores are faster than the A12X's, you'd rather have more cores.

  22. I removed iOS 16 public beta from my iPad Air 4 because it killed external display when it was working fine before. I use my iPad for entertainment purposes by hooking it up directly to my LG Ultra Fine 4K monitor. iOS 16 broke that and I don’t trust that Apple will bring it back. It kind of makes me scared to ever update.

  23. we’re SOL buddy, but stage manager sounds like a pain in the ass so i’m not sure we’re missing out on anything

  24. Oh come on Apple. The only reason I wanted stage manager is so I could have proper external display functionality. Just tried it out on my 11” 2020 iPad Pro that I use as a ‘computer’, and the screen is too small to get any proper use out of it anyway. What I really want is to be able to use the iPad like I use my Switch: with a docking station connected to a monitor with power and Ethernet without the iPad screen turned on.

  25. They also removed the external monitor support so I wonder if that coupled with Stage Manager was what required M1? It seems more reasonable that external monitor + Stage Manager needs M1 vs. just Stage Manager itself.

  26. Lmao it’s nice to see my comment here. I was wrong. (I still expect it to be a subpar experience on 4gb of ram, but stage manager is shit even on m1 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

  27. Like the “photonic engine” image pipeline being limited to iPhone 14 even though it uses the same chip as the 13 Pro. Artificially limited to new hardware.

  28. I always hated the memory swap argument so much, because the base M1 iPad Air doesn't support it due to storage limitations, yet it supported Stage Manager since day 1.

  29. It’s still only half the feature as it stands. Non-M1 iPads won’t support an external monitor. Looks like, shocker, Apple wasn’t lying through their teeth when they said it doesn’t work as designed on older models. They had to chop half the feature off to get all you weirdos who will now turn your attention to complaining that the feature sucks to stop bitching.

  30. It's almost as if it were literally true months ago, and they spent some time optimizing it and managed to get a limited version without external display support functional on some additional hardware.

  31. Yep. The fact that resizing apps isn’t freeform and you can’t truly place windows wherever you want instantly kills it.

  32. I love it on my macOS and is useful until i didn't used it. All because of one small feature/overlook that i forgot what it is

  33. Same, I sold my 11" 2018 a couple weeks ago partly because of this, feel like a fucking idiot. But I'm waiting for the next model next month so haven't bought a new one.

  34. So when can we shit talk all the people here who were so adamantly against all of us that were like "this was a fucking stupid restriction" is now too soon? or should we wait a day so we can bask in the glow of our correctness?

  35. The funniest part of this is that Apple caved cause stage manager was totally flopping and has countless bugs and issues. They were sooo proud of this M1 only capability when it was first announced but it ended up being a disaster. 😂 Sweet justice, for their anti consumer and petty decision to initially limit this feature.

  36. Interesting! Looking forward to try it out on my 2018 iPad Pro. But based on a lot of the comments I’ve read about stage manager during the beta period I’m not that excited as when I first saw it being presented.

  37. So all that mass outrage before the thing even shipped might have done something... or maybe they were always just hedging their bets and would have done this anyway, down the line.

  38. Does anyone know if this also means older ipads will support the display scaling option? This was also meant to be reserved for m1 macbooks only which i found really odd.

  39. Lol same but the screen is too small for multitasking in general. Would have been nice to make it an option, though!

  40. this may be an unpopular opinion but Federico Viticci is right, overlapping windows on iPad is dumb and lazy.

  41. Another way to multitask doesn’t really matter to me. Actual external monitor support was the actual good part about stage manager and they are withholding it. They can keep the multitasking part and just do the actual external monitor support and that would be awesome. I guess they know stage manager sucks on built in display only so they give us that, so we will wish for the external display support and buy the m2 version. Apple and their tricks

  42. This has been on “preparing” update on my 2018 iPad Pro for almost an hour. Hope everything goes okay and still performs okay.

  43. I just tried using this on my 2018 pro and I got multiple crashes to the Lock Screen within 3 minutes. Is this typical for stage manager on M1 iPads still? I heard it was bad but I didn’t know it was this bad.

  44. Am I missing something? I installed the new beta on my 2018 3rd Gen iPad Pro (12.9") and there's no option for stage manager in the Home Screen & Multitasking section of the settings menu. If you search for Stage Manager in the setting input window nothing comes up.

  45. Part of me thinks that Apple has determined that Stage Manager without external display support will do better to encourage 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro users to upgrade for the full experience than just flat out not adding it to these iPads (IOW Stage Manager sort of becomes a "freemium" experience on the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pros). I'm totally fine if that's the case, and I'm glad they backtracked.

  46. I purchased an iPad Air 5th gen, from an iPad Air 4th gen for this feature and now it’ll be available on non M1 devices? Great for everyone all around, but really!? Hahah

  47. I love all the apple fanboys saying how "its a technical limitation" and that the older ipads "didn't have the hardware needed".

  48. The Apple 2 gs had a windowing system and that thing was running on a purposefully gimped 2,8 mhz cpu back in 1986. But my 2020 Air which is orders of magnitude more powerful is still unable to have multiple windows show up at the same time? Get bent, apple.

  49. I have a feeling it will be supported later down the line, just like Apple said no battery percentage for iPhone 11s but then added it later, lol.

  50. ITT: one bootlicker or undercover PR employee defending Apple’s defenseless gatekeeping of stage manager feature to M1 iPads.

  51. iPadOS is a total shitshow. It is fragmented beyond belief, and compared to the iPhone OS it is lagging behind more and more each year. It used to be that the iPad would get extra features, not lose them lol. App drawer, widgets, now Lock's clear more than ever that iPad is a second thought for apple.

  52. They said ground breaking for ipad and doesnt work properly. Yet. Not ground breaking for mobile technology in general. And its also from abondened mac os design.

  53. Wow! How badly must sales have slipped for Apple to actually listen to their customers?! It must be apocalyptic

  54. The older iPads are only getting stage manager, not external display support. What Apple did before was lump the two features together, so they were right in not bringing it to older iPads, which likely don’t have enough memory to properly support said feature.

  55. Yeah exactly. And it pleases me as a standalone iPad (12Z) user that I can at least sample the new window manager

  56. I was literally thinking to myself earlier this afternoon that they’d cave and bring it to older iPads. So you’re welcome everyone.

  57. I mean it doesn't change much it's not like it's well implemented anyway. Just enjoy whatever you're replacing your iPad with

  58. People work in different ways. MacOS has a good handful of window management tools built in. Just use the one you like and ignore the rest.

  59. Wow! How badly must sales have slipped for Apple to actually listen to their customers?! It must be apocalyptic

  60. Its incredibly fucked up how they previously stated “they couldn’t handle it “ but kudos to them for actually listening.

  61. I think I'm gonna ditch my ipad air 4th gen for a Samsung tab S7. Like, this tablet has a so goddamn powerful processor and Apple just limits it to do basic stuff just like an iphone only on a bigger screen. Come on Apple, really? It's not like we are not used to this to be fair...

  62. Oh a few moments ago I uninstalled beta profile because I thought I won’t need it anymore until next year. Here we go again …

  63. Too bad it probably won’t come to the iPad Air I bought almost a year before the M1 models were released. I’m still glad more people will have the option to use it.

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