I got the AirPods gen2 this morning,and after a day of use here is my opinion.

  1. Yeah, this is a really big deal for me as I was forever forgetting to charge them. So far - I reckon it reports back to the widget as long they’re in Bluetooth range.

  2. honestly HUGE for me haha. I love that now and never have to worry about whether I pick up dead ones. it is on the widget 💪🏽

  3. Hmm. interesting, none of the reviewers I saw mentioned that. I'm now thinking of upgrading from Pro Gen 1

  4. One funny thing I’ve noticed with mine is that I now don’t notice as quickly when I’m in Noise Cancellation, which sounds stupid.

  5. Walked into a room where someone was watching TV and popped one out to talk to someone as was surprised how loud the room was LOL.

  6. Noise cancellation is actually so insane with these new AirPods. I have a pretty loud fan in my room that becomes absolutely silent with NC on

  7. I swear the NC used to be better but they nerfed it. I actually think they nerfed it multiple times.

  8. I unboxed these in a cafe and thought they just turned off their loud air conditioner. I didn't know the noise cancellation would be on by default and even if nothing is playing. Very impressed!

  9. I snagged them from Target today and I actually really like the volume control. I don’t always have to reach for my iPhone during runs and try to mash the volume up button while I’m gasping for air

  10. I've been quite peeved from Day 1 of owning my Gen 1 Pros that they didn't have volume control, especially because they allow the buttons on each ear to control different functionality. One press for volume down, two for volume up.

  11. I’m surprised op said they didn’t notice a difference in noise canceling. I’ve had the 1st gen pros since day 1, and used the same pair for nearly 3 years up until a handful of months ago when they went through the wash. I instantly noticed a huge difference with 2nd gen. The noise canceling also sounds a lot more...absolute? I'm not sure what the right word is. 1st gen pros had quite a lot of hissing that I never noticed until putting on the 2nd gen. It's just stable, pressing silence.

  12. Yeah I also have the same experience with the air vent. With the first gen there was quite a lot of noise leaking through but now I wasn’t even sure the fan was turned on. It’s also blocking out the music in my gym almost completely while still letting through the sound of people talking (but not in an annoying way, it’s like they’re standing really far away).

  13. I’ve had volume control on my headphones for literally decades, why apple didn’t include it on AirPods to begin with is beyond me.

  14. Siri can raise and lower volume. Might be hard if also gasping for air but it works if you can’t use hands. Like “Hey siri set volume to _%” or just tell her to lower or raise.

  15. I picked up a pair today as well. These are actually my first Apple product I've owned in a decade (my iPhone 14 Pro Max arrives Tuesday, my last iPhone was a 4S). I also own a set of Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds, but I don't use them much because the lack of multi-point Bluetooth means unpairing/pairing any time I want to switch devices, so my "daily driver" earbuds have been Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 for the last couple years. Anyways, I was in shock when I first put the Airpods Pro 2 in my ears. The silence was immediate and absolute. Not even connected to a device yet. I paired them to my Samsung Tab S7 and they sound great already just watching some music videos on YouTube. Can't wait til my phone gets here so I can try out spatial audio and the other tricks I don't have access to yet. And in transparency mode it's like they aren't even there. My Samsung buds have a transparency mode too but the Airpods are on a different planet. So far, I'm very impressed.

  16. One day of use for me and I have almost the opposite feelings, but still very positive! I found the sound quality improvement to be minor, but still there. But the noise cancellation has been significantly improved. The noise cancellation means you can still to music on such low volumes without outside noise. Transparency is good too. I thought volume controls would be a gimmick but actually very easy to use!

  17. Which phone are you using? From what I understand it has updated Bluetooth that will benefit from having iPhone 14. It seems very split between the people saying they sound much better and only a little better and I’d be curious to know if it’s because of the upgraded Bluetooth or not

  18. I just tried it and yes they the old gen airpods pro do charge with the new case, but as far as everything else Im not sure,but if I take a guess I guess it should

  19. Maybe consider selling yours, case and all, and use that money to upgrade. I get what you’re going for but where are you going to find just the case from the newly-released version anyway?

  20. ANC shouldn't be used at all when you're in an environment where you need to be very aware of your surroundings, such as walking right next to a busy street.

  21. That’s good to hear about #2 the pressure issue. I also experienced this with pro first gen. Did you ever have issues with first gen pros hurting your ears? I would have mine in for hours at a time and it would actually get painful. I’m hoping that’s no longer a thing with second gen.

  22. Why would you not want your own voice to come through in transparency? Not being able to hear yourself make talking challenging.

  23. I can from the gen 1s and honestly I’m happy I got them just for the better fit. Gen1 would bother me after 30 mins day 1. I’ve worn them for 4 hours and have been fine

  24. The sound quality is shockingly better. Way more “full” sounding. Noise canceling is at least 2x better than my gen 1s post-nerf. I couldn’t even tell the NC was on lately with my gen 1s.

  25. ANC when APP first came out was fucking amazing they literally blocked everything from the outside world. I couldn’t hear any cars honking with them. With APP2 I can hear cars honking

  26. I’m literally on a flight with them right now and I have to say the noise cancellation is much better. I hear a mild hum from the plane and AC otherwise it’s all either gone or much further reduced. Add music to that and you’re in your own world.

  27. Can someone comment on the device switching? Let’s say between, IPhone 14 pro, windows 10 pc and iPad Pro. Is it seamless or do I have to activate each time to connect. Gracias.

  28. Almost ignored this post because you didn’t put Pro in the title and thought you meant the regular ones.

  29. I got them yesterday and conveniently had a flight this morning. The noise cancellation is noticeably better than gen 1. Along with crisper sound and less muddiness, they’re some of the best plane headphones I’ve ever used.

  30. For me the real test is the (should come with an audio health warning) screeching London Underground. I still haven’t tried but if they can do an equal or better job than my previous sound isolating IEM’s I’m going to be happy with them, so far they seem much better when walking outdoors with some light traffic and my washing and dryer machines on.

  31. Every day I pray a set of headphones come out that will block out all the horrible screeching in the northern line I have to endure on my daily commute…

  32. My buddy and I both got the 2nd gens yesterday and we were on a call— sounded great— not sure of the comparison between the new and old pros though.

  33. I work in a super loud industrial environment. As of this morning I can tell you the noise cancellation is so much better with a clear difference from my old air pod (I’ve had mine for 2 years)

  34. I hope they’ve improved the reliability. I’m on like my fourth replacement pair because after a few months they would start having crazy sound issues with buzzing making them pretty much unusable. I use them for work and it is extremely annoying. Only Apple product I’ve ever had repeated issues with.

  35. the only thing about these is the form factor for me. the damned things won’t stay in my ear for long periods of time. and they certainly won’t stay in during workouts

  36. Had both my gen 1 APP replaced three times by Apple for the rattling issue. The process took about two weeks each time since they had to be sent in before they could send new ones out. But since last time about a year ago the problem seems fixed

  37. Is there any restrictions on the replacement? I’m having that issue too and it makes me wary about buying a new set if this is the quality.

  38. wow so you had the rattling issue too !? I had to replace my first gen pros twice because of it. it was building up after a while too, I hope they fixed it but not many people have the issue

  39. I didn’t realize that they would require a signature and sent them to my house instead of my work. Hopefully the rescheduled delivery is tomorrow and not Monday. UPS wants $8 to change the pickup to a UPS store.

  40. Just picked up the AirPods Pro 2nd gen and it definitely sounds great. I had the 2nd gen AirPods and tried the 1st gen AirPods Pro’s but they didn’t sound great for music. These blow the 1st gen out of the water in terms of sound quality. The noise cancellation is pretty solid as well. Overall, I’m super happy with these.

  41. I’d like to have real people opinion on this. I had the XM3 for a while, then bough the AirPods Pro 1 for improved compatibility with my iPhone. Had to return them after 3 days because of how bad they sounded compared to the Sony. I really hope they actually made them good because I preferred everything else about them, but I just couldn’t actually listen to music.

  42. After how my APP1 is having that common cracking/popping sounds issue, it’s making it hard to convince myself that it’s worth buying new ones. I haven’t done anything to damage my current set, but here they are with massive issues.

  43. Same, still have my first gens and I’m a bit split on if I’ll ever upgrade. AirPods are nice but I haven’t been particularly impressed with how they’ve held up long term. Case barely holds a charge, AirPods work for a few hours before needing a charge.

  44. Audio quality to me is only a slight improvement while noise cancellation big improvement

  45. Agree about transparency mode… was on a call when in a shop and it was such an amazing augmented sound experience.

  46. The active noise cancellation is so much better. I did a quick test by hard tapping a table in front of me. The ANC muted it so well.

  47. I’m coming from AirPod gen 1 -> AirPod Pro Gen 1 -> Sony WH1000XM4 -> AirPod Pro Gen 2 and each step was a genuine step up in ANC. Even in direct comparison with the over-ear XM4 there is a huge difference that was surprising to me. They have really worked a lot on the anc algorithm.

  48. The volume control definitely feels a little awkward but it’s much better than using Siri or my phone/watch to raise or lower volume. Also agree on transparency it’s a HUGE difference!

  49. Yeah, I was worried that the improvement was going to be too incremental to justify the price but to my ears the audio quality is much better.

  50. i swear you people are paid by apple. I airpod pro gen 2's are going right back to the store. They sound maybe a fraction different. Not worth the upgrade.

  51. I got the new ones today also. They are more comfortable than the 1st gen . Noise reduction is nothing to write home about . This will sound weird, the best noise reduction was echo buds first gen then they screwed it up. I would mow my grass with them on.

  52. Another cool feature (hopefully not a bug) is that if you have battery widget enabled the case will report its battery % even without opening it. Easier to avoid “oh shit I forgot to charge my headphones” moments when it’s right there in red.

  53. How is directional audio? Good enough for gaming? I’m a bit pretentious about my hair and I don’t like over the ear headphones that go over my head for gaming.

  54. I’m a little disappointed in the AirPod Pro 2s. They aren’t bad by any means, but after a day of use, it seems like such a small update.

  55. They seem solidly in the ‘not worth an upgrade, but will be nice when/if mine need replacement’ territory.

  56. Are you sure yours are fitting right? I’ve been using the 1st gen since day one and I instantly noticed the noise canceling improvement. Especially when it comes to blocking out wind.

  57. This is my first pair and I’m a fan so far. I’ve used lots of different headsets and earbuds and these sound as good as the nicer ones I’ve tried. Still need to test calls and such though.

  58. ANC is a huge let down for me on 2nd gen they aren’t 2x more powerful with ANC and no music playing I can still hear the outside environment. I bought mine today at 7:32 am and went to the gym immediately, I was able to hear the gym music , weights being dropped with ANC with and without music. Everything else is good but ANC just isn’t it.

  59. The point is that you won't hear anything when you're playing music. No earbuds will completely block out that gym noise.

  60. I’m genuinely curious at what you have used that are better. The anc is impressive to me coming from xm3 and app gen 1. If you want to hear nothing, I feel like you should look at over ears and not buds.

  61. How well are they fitting in your ears, I wasn’t blown away but there definitely is an improvement. The fitting is the biggest variable when it comes to effective ANC.

  62. You're coming across a bit overconfident (nobody knows the state of OP's earbuds), but I wondered the exact same thing. Whenever I clean my AirPods (non-pro gen 2), I am always shocked by the improvement. As you said, the degradation is imperceptible.

  63. Just got mine and I was blown away! Definitely happy about the upgrade for sure. I love the case is finally “findable” it’s the little things but I love that you can use a loop on the case and not have to deal with additional cases to do that. Good job apple!!

  64. Can someone comment on the mic quality? I heard it’s worse, no positive comments.. mic is very important to me

  65. I've seen two different videos comparing the mic quality to the first gen. In both, the 2nd gen sounds slightly less "robotic", as in, they sound like the mic has just a hair more bitrate to play with. I'm not sure if that's how they are accomplishing it, but that's what it sounds like.

  66. Then again, it could also just be the phone. I used the pixel buds pro and omg the music sounds awesome and anc is #2 after Bose for me

  67. The whole reason I was interested in the 2’s is because the right earpiece always falls out of my right ear in the gen 1. In fact, it’s broken for the most part from so many drops. Sounds like that hasn’t changed with the gen 2.

  68. Thank you for sharing. I love being able to see individuals thoughts about them. I, also, have the gen 1 pros and use them as a groomer because of the noise cancelation. They do a nice job. I want to see if the 2nd gen is really that much better because they help with the High Velocity dryer noise. Noise cancelation has been everything to me and if the new ones work even better, I’ll be grabbing them immediately!! Let us know if you get a chance to try them in a super loud environment!

  69. UPS just delivered mine this afternoon. I'm most excited to lose them, and use the find my feature lol. The Gen1 Pro's were only findable if they were outside of the case. AirTag like finding is what I always felt the gen1 were missing.

  70. Has anyone used them for a fairly rigorous workout in the gym yet? Probably my biggest complaint with my first gen AirPods Pro was they're just constantly falling out once I started sweating at the gym.

  71. Is anyone else having an issue with one airpod lowering volume at random times? Like it’s extremely subtle but I can feel the audio moving towards one side. I imagine its a software issue so I’ll wait for an update. But man it’s annoying

  72. I received my air pod pro 2rd generation today and try to connect non apple device (My Sony Walkman NW-A55), it can connect and I can hear the connection sound reminds correctly, I can also do pause and play next song, etc., but when I try to play songs, there is no sound.

  73. I noticed immediately the noise cancellation is way, way better. On the gen 1 I could still hear quite a bit of background noise. With the gen 2 I could barely hear anything in the background.

  74. I do think the sound quality is for sure better, but its not anything too crazy. It definitely feels richer tho, and in a way i feel like adaptive eq carried gen 1’s sound quality whereas gen 2 just naturally sounds much better and adaptive eq just irons out everything else

  75. I am considering replacing my Sony WF-1000XM3 with the Pro 2. Do the Pro cutoff when you move your head a lot? That’s the only thing I hate in the Sony buds.

  76. I wish I could buy these but the last pro’s slowly slid out of my ears (tried all top sizes) and dealing with wax on the buds is gross. How do other people deal with this?

  77. I got them today, and noticed the opposite actually. The sound seems to be “wider”, but nothing much different (which isn’t a bad thing, I love the way the originals sound). However, I’ve noticed the noise cancellation to be quite a lot more improved, the biggest reason why I also bought these. They’re able to cancel out city traffic, and everything is just peace and quiet. Haven’t had the chance to use ambient transparency much yet, but it seems to work pretty decently. The earphones also fit me a lot better than the originals for some reason, and while I’m still getting used to the volume controls, they seem to be very useful.

  78. I seem to be having wind noise issues when exercising on my mountain bike... I'm hoping for a software update that can reduce it further or fix it but I have a feeling its a hardware issue...

  79. The volume control is fantastic. I like to leave my phone in the car while I make deliveries and it is a much needed feature. I can’t tell if the sound is better because the new AirPods are better or just because they’re clean and haven’t been through to wash multiple times. I am pretty sure the transparency mode is much improved.

  80. Has anyone tried using the APP2 for phone calls or video conferencing? How is the sound quality from the mics?

  81. I picked up a pair and gave them a shot. Really didnt see a huge difference. I returned them and will continue to use my originals.

  82. Would love to buy them, but the absence of high res codec makes it impossible. Its fine if you listen Spotify tho, as it does not support high res

  83. Is the fit better? My issue with the Pro gen 1 is I could never get it to fit right and I've tried multiple sizes.

  84. Volume control came in handy for me this morning: I was running with my watch when rain started, so I put it in screen lock mode (rain has accidentally cancelled the tracking of runs for me in the past due to rain being mistaken for a finger). Still being able to quickly adjust the volume was very welcome. In the past I would use Siri, but that sucked due to its slow response

  85. As someone who recently bought the 3’s, I am reading this thread with interest. I like the quiet and isolation, but I couldn’t get used to the pros 1 and sold them. Transparency mode was not a favorite of mine, but Im glad to see it improved!

  86. I am weighing up these vs new Bose buds that are out next week. Currently have the APP 1s and Sony WFM4s, prefer the sound and AC on the Sony’s but prefer using the APP.

  87. Is spatial audio better? That’s mostly the only thing I’m interested in apart from noise reduction as I watch lots of movies/shows on my commute.

  88. Does anyone know if they fixed the durability issues? My ANC and Transparancy Mode sound basically the same on my two year old Gen 1’s.

  89. What do you do with the old air pod pros? Is there a secondary/used market for them? I can’t see my self buying the gen2 when I have a perfectly good working pair of OG pros…unless I can sell them to recoup some $$

  90. The noise cancelling seems much better in general but it’s still not at Bose/Sony levels for higher pitched noises. Still incredible though. Love the volume control.

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