If you could rename “Dynamic Island” — what would you call it?

  1. It wouldn’t be the first time they re-used an existing term. MagSafe comes to mind, and I’m sure there have been other examples.

  2. They could have gone all in and painted the desks at the back of the store all black. The stores from top down would look like the iPhone screen since they’re right near the top wall

  3. This is the right answer since it serves the same purpose as the Touch Bar on laptops as an animated interactive data center & it is shaped like a rounded bar. Touch Bar for iPhone

  4. I absolutely want something like that on my 13 pro max around the notch. Haven’t thought about jb for a few years now, but if they have something to offer… it’s tempting.

  5. It’s really something that Apple has been good at for some time, isn’t it? Get things smaller and smaller and when they can’t anymore, they’re* able to turn the problem around and say “how do we USE this as strength not a weakness”. I wish we had more companies with that type of engineering; of course we do have a LOT of them outside of apple, they just are surprising to still be able to do it at their massive size.

  6. The only thing you missed here is that the pill is massive not due to a hardware disadvantage, but due to having a lot more components than the rest of the market, Apple is pushing faceID and need the extra 2-3 front facing sensors while the competition’s most secure biometrics is still fingerprint sensors

  7. As cool as its function is and how great they're spinning it, Dynamic Island is the cheesiest Apple marketing name in years. I can't name a single cringier name than one that sounds like a summer destination.

  8. Until your phone is in landscape mode. Welcome to notifications coming in sideways. Remember when it didn’t matter how you held your phone? You could hold it upside down and the screen would flip.

  9. Apple can absolutely mythologize any announcement they make. But the master of it will always be the late great Steven P. Jobs.

  10. Every time I see a thread with people coming up with “better” names or “better” design, I’m always thankful they don’t work at that company

  11. Admittedly, my “suggestions” were mostly tongue-in-cheek to create some discussion, and we all know Top Notch would never make the cut. There’s always been a top notch. Hence the Island.

  12. I thought I was in the minority complaining about it to be honest, but I thought someone here might have some fire name ideas. Or at least better than my poor attempts lol.

  13. just cheesy is all. a shallow nitpick for a genius feature and marketing ploy. maybe apple's mktg department deliberately chose such a quirky name to get us talking about it.

  14. The “island” part of Dynamic Island is what makes it weird. If it were Dynamic Pill, no one would bat an eye ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  15. I think the thing with Dynamic Island is that it’s not an awful name but it’s also not a cute name … they don’t want you to call it anything. They want you to forget about it. They had to name it or we were going to like we did with the notch so they came up with a long somewhat accurate, but not very catchy name.

  16. Perhaps that was the goal, but unironically I think it made it stick in the craw of more people because the name felt jarring. Judging by the replies, I've discovered I'm not alone thinking the name fell a bit short. But maybe you're right, they want us to basically just appreciate its function and not talk about it. Funnily we are though.

  17. The problem with that is that it’s just too generic, and also occasionally it’s not exactly a pill (when two apps are using it)

  18. The Portal. You can peek through the portal to see actions in apps, or step through the portal to access the full app

  19. I think everyone is missing the point. The name doesn’t really matter. It’s not a product or a service. It’s a feature on an iPhone. They had to name it something because they wanted to talk about it, but as someone else said, they want you to not think about it or its name. It will probably be on all future iPhones for a few years and people will stop talking about it.

  20. I think Dynamic Island is fine. It makes sense and probably the best name they could have come up for something like this. I mean, it didn’t need a name at all, but if I hear Dynamic Island, it makes sense. Idk, dynamic dash (board), dynamic notch? It’s kinda meh. Dynamic Island sounds cool even if a bit pretentious.

  21. I never hated it. It’s right in line with iPod and iMac. It makes perfect sense and it’s instantly understood. It’s not entirely literal either, like iTablet would’ve been. Dynamic Island feels fine for developers, but it falls flat for me just being too — literal.

  22. I would keep Dynamic Island because I think it’s a great name but I’m already pretty sure my nickname for it is going to be, “the blob.”

  23. The correct answer here is the Touch Bar. It’s a shame that Apple will never be able to use that branding again.

  24. Not sure I would even give it a name. Its just an extension of how notifications are displayed. Feels like Apple just wanted to fill their presentation with more time on something. Even if it is a new design aspect/feature, I feel like its oddly overemphasized.

  25. I can't remember the last time a design feature was highlighted in any product announcements. Maybe when Google launched Material You? Even then, that was a complete UI overhaul.

  26. I really like the name, probably one of the best iOS features apple has introduced in a while. It looks beautiful

  27. iPad was always a phenomenal name, though. It also had the real and literal reference of "notepad" which it's similar in size to.

  28. iPill is actually quite nice sounding. Maybe they’re trying to stray from overusing the “i” convention but it evokes strong nostalgia with tie backs to the “iP” sound in iPod (and iPad).

  29. I’m a big Apple fan and I’m now still running on 12 for the first time in my life behind 2 generations now. They just haven’t convinced me to upgrade. This dynamic island to me came off like so much marketing nonsense. The obstruction is down and more in my way but they can grow it sometimes to make it more in my way to show info? Idk. I don’t get it. But sometimes you don’t get it till you use it so I’ll leave room for that possibility.

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