[PART 2] Hey, developer of Apollo for Reddit here. I'm doing a completely free iPhone 14 Pro giveaway to commemorate Apollo's big iOS 16 update and new iPhone 14 Pro features. Just leave a comment to enter! 🎉📱

  1. A snake would be awesome. Slither around for the island. Fantastic work on the app. It is a pleasure to use it.

  2. Will I be able to interact with my pixel pal in the future? I want to train him, feed him, etc 😂

  3. Jumping in! Adding a bunny to the zoo would be amazing! Especially since 2023 will be the year of the rabbit for the Asian New Year!

  4. Great job on the app. Love it! Please add a stray animal as a pixel pet to draw attention this this serious global issue.

  5. Ultra was the best software purchase I’ve made in years. Thanks for all the hard work Christian!

  6. An orca / killer whale would be awesome if it splashed around the dynamic island, made frequent visits to the

  7. i’d love to see a tardigrade pixel pal, but i’m not sure how well you could make out the details. i’ll definitely check out the app, sounds great!

  8. I would just like to say i use Apollo all the time and it makes a good thing so much better that is all 😀

  9. I’m sorry if this is accidentally a double entry, it was unclear if I needed to post again.

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