Can I improve at Apex if I only play at weekends or do I really need to play everyday to improve faster?

  1. You won't improve as fast as somebody putting in 4-8 hours a day. But you will improve way faster than anyone not focused on improving.

  2. 90% of how I got better was having fun. Learning to slide into people to scare them, bouncing grenades off of doorframes while being chased, etc.

  3. If you have limited time to play, I would suggest maybe just having specific things you want to work on before you log in and focus on those

  4. But my question is, if there is a chance where I can play apex at weekdays, is only 1 hour of playtime enough? I do record my gameplays.

  5. In all honesty, it will be a long process. Look at it this way. A typical ranked match can last up to 20mins+ depending on lobby and if you make it to late game. 4 games in an hour (if you are lucky and get decent teammates).

  6. If ur waiting till diamond to learn how to rotate and are finally playing to win. Your gonna be and stay bottomed out. Which can be discouraging to new players. The best piece of advice I can give for ranked is play ever match like it's gonna be the one that puts you in the next rank. Never negative.

  7. Yes. To use an extreme example, you could replace "Apex" with "school" (or whatever classes you're taking). If you take them less often, you will be less familiar with them. You're currently prioritizing school, and for good reason, meaning you can learn and keep up with the content. Same with Apex. If you put it on the back burner, your brain will learn less of it than the thing you're doing most of the week (school!!).

  8. I think you can do it. I am relatively new to FPS games. The first time I played apex, I was absolutely horrible. I wanted to “get gud”, as they say. I work a full time job so I only really play during the weekends too. So I focused on my aim first. For about a month and a half, I spent 40 min a day on an aim trainer (KoVaaks), I was usually able to do this even on week days (sometimes I missed a day or could only do 20 min- no biggie). It dramatically accelerated my rate of improvement when I played apex on the weekends! I went from getting 50 damage per game (if I was lucky) and dying immediately to regularly dealing ~600 damage per game and even hitting Gold 3. All of this took place during the span of one season (which may not be impressive to some people, but for me, it has felt like a great accomplishment). Now I only use the aim training to warm up, but next time I want to climb higher, I think I will go back to doing 40 min a day again. I don’t know if this helps, but I thought I would share. Good luck!

  9. If you want to improve spend every day practicing for 20 to 30 mins in the firing range on those days you can't play very long that way when you play on the weekend you will be warmed up

  10. I see some people here calling out that some pro players are super strong and they dont play everyday, lets say 2 things: all the ones that were pred this season played a lot due to the super high amount of rp needed to hold the position, second they have already reached a top level, the skills are learnt so they can play less if they want cause they dont need to improve as much as a normal player...

  11. TLDR: Make a list of specific skills to improve. Focus on no more than two of those skills at a time for a couple weeks then move onto the next. Always keep rotating your skills until you feel proficient.

  12. You can easily improve if you have only weekends, it just takes practice, you have to practice by playing the game with the intention of getting better. Note your weaknesses and focus on improving them when you are playing. Clip your gameplay and go over it when you have time

  13. I'll use my time in Fortnite as an example. I was only able to play 2 hours a day, 2 days a week due to strict family rules. I was a good player, but had to constantly grind my mechanics in creative to keep up with the meta.

  14. More than enough replies here but I'm not going to read them. I've studied learning among other things at uni, and can tell you that time spent is largely meaningless. It might help you work on the mechanical side of things to an extent but you'll hit a wall there pretty quickly. For learning it's not about time spent it's about learning efficiently, focusing on learning. That means doing a lot of analysing which is something you can do even when you're not playing. Most players I reckon are just grinding, they're not focusing much on improving. People think the two are synonymous but although there is a correlation - they aren't. Spend the time you play focused, focused on the game and focused on learning it. Spend the time you aren't playing processing the time spent playing. Analyse, analyse, analyse. If you play little you've got to play smart, and look for spare time away from the game to think about it.

  15. It depends how many hours you can play in the weekend. A wise man once said, if you're not good enough to get to masters/pred playing part time, you wouldn't be able to do it if you played full time either.

  16. Reps, a professional player for TSM who is one of the best in the world, rarely plays outside of tournies and scrims. It’s a bit of a running joke that people think he was a day job and so just shows up to roll people at tournies before going back

  17. Think about it like this: if you workout at the gym once a week with the sole intention to lose weight are you eventually going to? Absolutely! Are you going to lose weight as fast as the guy who’s at the gym 10 hours everyday? No!

  18. not going to sugarcoat shit. I have put in more than a thousand hours into the game. I played 2 or 3 hours each day. Still pretty average at the game. Still make stupid mistakes. Still get dunked on by less capable layers sometimes. At 200-300 hours in I was dogshit. Not totally doodoo but pretty goddamn bad nonetheless. After all these hours, getting 3k+ damage isnt exactly difficult but I am not one of those sweaty wraith mains dropping dubs after dubs 4k 20 bombs. If you want to become that ,you'd have to dedicate a good chunk of your time and mental space to apex unless you're some sort of gaming prodigy.

  19. Yeah you can improve just slower like most have said. Eventually you'll develop a schedule in a sense where you are working on your game eventually you figure it out an move on to your next weakness.

  20. Anyone can play Apex, you just need to be realistic. You can absolutely be a Platinum player with 8-10 hours a week. Spending time during the week watching streams and videos when you can is pretty helpful too. If you want to get to be something more than someone who just has fun in pubs and is a middling rank, you'll definitely need to invest more time. Apex is such a fun time to play. Maybe spend some time learning some movement techniques. The movement I know makes it such a treat to even just run around the map.

  21. If you plan on trying to rank up you’ll need to put more hours in than 1 at a time on weekdays just one win could take a little over 20 min so max if you win 3 games that’s 600 something points a day MAX no higher I don’t like those numbers

  22. I think you will improve jus more slowly, it’s the same thing with me but from when I began jus a year ago and to now I have drastically changed in my ability ps not trying to be cocky

  23. The way I think I got better is watching apex pros when I’m not playing. So on weekdays when I’m not playing but just chilling in bed, I’d watch tsm Hal, verhulst, mande, itztimmy, aceu. Idk y but I love watching tournament gameplay. I wish apex had cash cups or something like fortnite

  24. You will improve if you are focused on improving and willing to try new things. It is inevitable. Your improvements may be slower, but you will improve.

  25. I think you'll be fine. Just remember to do it for fun and not make it a chore. You may hit a glass ceiling higher up in ranked simply because you can't put in the type of hours others can, but over time (within a season or 2) you'll be able see improvement with only playing on the weekends. Especially if you're recording and watching your plays.

  26. I recommend spending 10-15 or 30 min if able in the firing range on your non playing days to work on advanced movement and aim. Because if u want to improve well, practice makes perfect to put it simply. Your game sense only improves with actual match experience but you can still benefit from practice. At any level

  27. same as everything in life. do it more, improve more. If you play 2 days a week and someone plays 6 they probably improve 3x as fast.

  28. I’ve got 2 kids, a job, and other hobbies besides gaming so I usually only get a 2 hour session every now and then. I’ve gone from a low Gold player with <1 K/D to Diamond with a nearly 1.5 K/D. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

  29. I play 2 nights a week and went from bronze to master this season after starting half way through split 1. Everyone thinks it’s 12hr shifts or you might as well not try, but in my experience the amount you play isn’t everything.

  30. What kind of questions are these? Umm? yes. Practicing everyday will improve performance of any trade or hobby? LMAO

  31. As a father of young kids who works two jobs, yes you will get better. No you will never get out of platinum so just play pubs and have fun with it

  32. It’s taken me since S4 to even get ok at the game but I do have a full time job, 4 children and study at University for a degree in criminology and psychology. After only managing around 25 games a week for the last 2 years I can comfortably hit Platinum rank or knock out 1000-1500 damage in pubs, it isn’t impressive to many but I’m happy with it.

  33. I would say play at least an hour or two a day if at all possible, even if its just 15-20 mins in the range then 3-4 matches of hot-dropping. I find the consistency helps a lot more than only playing for 4+ hours once or twice a week.

  34. You don't need to play everyday to improve. Ever since college started, I've only been playing an hour a day, at most 2 hours and on some weeks I haven't been playing at all due to exams. Just focus on 1 part you want to improve at a time like aim, movement, positioning, etc and you'll eventually get there. You don't even need crazy good movement and aim, just focus on how and when to move around the map, what fights to take and when to fight/disengage and you can win more games that way.

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