Well bois, after almost a whole year playing, I can finally join the heirloom fam. (I got Revenant's) Sending luck to the homies out there.

  1. Bruh you gonna hate me then. I just started last week im lvl 30 now. But i got an heirloom shard at lvl 4, my 2nd pack. Still dont know who to get.

  2. Pretty sure they are technically against the subreddit's rules, last time I looked it was there. But they never seem to get moderated so I dont care.

  3. Downloaded day 1, missed a few seasons to play other games, but have recently completed the last 6 seasons battle passes, nothing yet, 🤞🏼. Congratulations to you! You are very fortunate.

  4. I ran into a new player the other day playing randoms, he was only level 60 and had wattsons heirloom, words cannot express how ticked I was

  5. I think I've gotta have the worst luck out of everyone for an heirloom. Played since day 1 on PS4. Maxed that account, level 150 or so on alt account. Switched to PC after about 2 years and maxed that account well before the level cap increase. Still only get 2 whites and a blue in every pack.

  6. I've played since season 1 and still have no heirloom either (⁠ノ⁠`⁠Д⁠´⁠)⁠ノ⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻

  7. What's with people with cringe doge pfps and attention fishing with 7252836394th "I got the shards" screenshot

  8. I’m sure I have a couple more years before I get mine. Fuck EA. Lol can’t even give me an apex pack count on my profile. They just say “your count must be off sorry”

  9. Day 1 player here. I now have 4, I only ever bought 1, Gibby’s but I never use it. I probably have opened over 1000 packs. So a little luck and a lotta money.

  10. Lucky, Im pretty sure I got mine at the 500th consolation pack. Not one pack before. Day one player, i've completed every battle pass and event, and even bought like 50 packs.... and got mine like 9 months ago.

  11. people upset about it being just a year, which is valid, but the real question is, how many hours do you season 1 and adjacent peeps have?

  12. Well at least you got some. Ive been playing since season 8 with breaks and am now lvl 150 with no heirloom. I just want one for octane :(.

  13. Was level 500 for so long and played since release…only pitied my way to heirloom around sometime last year

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