Discussion/humor: I genuinely cannot think of any other legend that would be worse in ranked. I feel like they all somewhat have a use, but in high ranks with people finishing kills anyway, I don’t see lifeline being useful. Interested in what people think, and now lifeline could be made better etc.

  1. Idk she's definitely not a top tier legend but can be pretty good if played right. I think her health drone is really good if you just got revived so you can heal your shields, also good to have during a fight so (again) you can focus on healing your shields. Her ult can be pretty good but usually it's just whatever and yeah it can reveal your position so there's that.

  2. Care package being obvious to spot is awesome late game when you want to ambush a nearby team that believes they are now about to ambushing you. This is of course if you have a team with good communication and perhaps some high ground.

  3. I think with Newcastle coming out, especially with his buff, most higher ranked players use him over lifeline. May be different in pubs and arenas I don’t play those much haha

  4. I still think she's valuable in ranked, I do wish she got her rez sheild back though. I know Newcastle can rez with sheild but you take him out the game temporarily while rezzing. Lifeline can hit the rez and still fight off the oncoming enemy team. Dropping the health drone for an instant health boost is valuable too.

  5. I feel that. Her ult is really only good early. Late game isn’t really useful cuz most of the time you already have purple or red, and the one battery it might* drop is just not worth it. They need to fix her badly, she needs a Newcastle sized buff haha

  6. Why do people think she is the worst. Mirage is by far the worst legend in the game. No one past plat wants a mirage he offers nothing. Lifeline has the potential to get u better shields/big heals. On top of that she can Rez and still fight unlike mirage and she can drop a healing drone. Revenant ult can be countered but still offers more utility than mirage and he has a great passive/tactical. Mirage literally deserves his own tier for how garbage he is.

  7. Fighting a lifeline is worst possible thing. She’s fucking tiny and I can never rely on my teammates to focus the guy getting revived so the squad is basically immortal

  8. Yeah idk. She’s pretty good when they stick around to defend a Rez. Her real potential comes out when her second person is actually with her to support an anti push. Rezzes are good bait, doc is solid, smart loot from care packages is super good early game, late game makes good bait.

  9. Nobody pushes like that unless we’re talking like bronze people bro I promise. Especially if you know the team has a lifeline.. that’s common sense.

  10. Also mirage turning invisible while rezing is not better than lifelines Rez. Being able to help ur other teammate while rezing your downed ally and being able to heal them with an aoe heal is way better. Lifeline bring so much more to the table than mirage. Mirage is just shit he does nothing for the team

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