Damn the rampart buff really is something.....

  1. As a rampart main myself the buffs are HUGE. I can now play more aggressive than before, and my games feels a lot more fluid now. Perhaps this is how playing an average, decent legend should feel?

  2. Agreed. It's nice to be able to actually pull Sheila out and use it as it's intended in mobile mode. That 500 milliseconds makes a difference. However most of these highlight videos showing the buff don't really show the advantage of the 500 millisecond spin up time reduction. At least in this one the first kill with it does show the improvement, but all the other ones on this sub are just showing kills with Sheila that could have been done last season. I'm worried that the community is going to get into a frenzy over this and think she needs to get nerfed or something stupid.

  3. The buff to the walls is huge too. You can start using them as more reactive and not as a preemptive defense or long range offense.

  4. Rampart does not exist. who is Rampart why is Rampart there was no buff no one should play her she doesn’t exist.

  5. Sweet. And carrying a spitfire like every Rampart should. I quite like the fixed turret Sheila if I can position it right.

  6. Agreed I think this is the most underrated part of her kit. Once your done all you have to do is slap Shiela down with some walls up in a critical position and let the bullets fly.

  7. Nice clip, but the buffs were barely utilized in it. Only part that could claim that is the end 1v1, but barely even

  8. Literally, this clip could have been last patch (aside from the spitfire) and nothing would be different. The decreased ramp up time didn't matter nor did the walls starting with 120 health since they didn't even take damage.

  9. Sheila's are so scary now lol, even more scary when ur in a building healing and see a red lazer pointing through the window

  10. Rampart was my first legend to unlock and the Spitfire was my first favourite weapon - I always liked using LMGs in any shooter.

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