What do you think about a healing item that adds 25 shield and 25 health at the same time? Takes up as much space as a shield cell or syringe but takes the same amount of time as a shield battery/medkit

  1. If it takes as long as a medkit and batt, by the time I am fully healed with the 25/25 thing, I could have fully healed twice over with a batt/medkit.

  2. That’s a good point, maybe the time it takes to use would need to shorter. I felt like it wouldn’t make sense to ever carry a shield cell or syringe if it was the same amount of time as those. Maybe somewhere in between would make the most sense. What do you think?

  3. Yeah I understand that the loot pool is a large issue and I’m also aware of phoenix kits. They tend to take a while which is the only downside. The game has cells/syringes even with batts and medkits so having a mini phoenix kit seemed like a interesting idea

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