Top preds speed boosting in console!!!!

  1. Because one person cannot be on every cheaters ass on every platform & region...high tier lobbies are just full of those idiots, in ranked & pubs. Cheaters, ddosers,'s just been open bar for quite some time sadly

  2. The same way my account which I hadn't used in 2 years and had no ranked play got banned from Russian hackers . They don't care

  3. this is not a hack/cheat, it‘s a bug in the game that only works on console… it has something to do with ult and the inspect animation

  4. It’s a known glitch with wraith. It’s an exploit/bug not a hack or cheat. Still sucks though

  5. I grew up playing lots of COD and other FPS. My issue (and subsequently EA/Respawn) is I won’t spend money on a game that has frequent cheaters. I remember playing and thinking “damn after 4+ years. This game is broken. Overrun with hackers. They don’t care because they want me to buy the sequel/latest gsme”

  6. The funny thing is that the report system doesn't work like intended on ps4, and the devs don't care.

  7. It only works if the person you're trying to report is on a different console than you. If you're on Xbox and you report someone who is on Xbox, it'll send you to their Xbox profile. If you were to report someone on Playstation, it'll ask you what you're reporting for.

  8. Man this is so infuriating, thought I was doing something wrong at first because I have never been able to get the report pop up to appear!

  9. And this is the reason our squad stopped playing ranked. Console ranked diamond and above is now rampant with cheaters.

  10. Same buddy, state of this game is terrible. I love this game and I played it since day 1,but nowdays there's nothing to progress in.

  11. I’m not high-ranked enough to have widespread problems like this - we still run into cheaters or DDOSers every now and then, but it’s not every single game.

  12. Looks like Hideouts hasn't been on reddit in a month. Might be worth posting the clips to their Twitter or discord.

  13. Wow they kinda dumb too, that wraith just sprinted towards a box to loot for 10 sec while her teammate was dying haha

  14. I see it pretty often, probably like every other match. I hope this isn’t the cause of it because Jesus it’s bad. I thought it was just my internet but if that cheating is as rampant as it seems then I should just stop playing the game

  15. Now that you mention it, maybe all the dickheads skipping across my screen in my Diamond lobbies aren't lagging afterall. They're probably doing this shit.

  16. I always thought they were just lagging hard, but now that I’m seeing it from this perspective, I’m noticing they were speed boosting

  17. Honest to god I thought that so long as I wasn't on PC I wouldn't run into it too often but sure enough had my first experience last night. Was running across worlds edge with my squad, announce I heard something to my left, and see Octane. Break Shields with first clip of R-301 and he speed boosts away. I'm also Octane. So I speed boost after.

  18. Yeah, these guys are cheating but ultimately it's on Respawn to either 1: fix this exploit or 2: start banning Cronus/Strikepack script abusers. Preferably both.

  19. just requiring phone verification or something so cheaters cant stay in game. But that would hurt the huge profits EA get. sad day.

  20. I remember people roasting Warzone for being buggy as fuck one or two seasons ago. Now I see that Apex Legends Devs also can't keep up.

  21. I’m pretty sure that the report system on console is almost a Dark Pattern. Essentially I doubt that when you click the Report->Reason->Sub-Reason->Send Report, I don’t think it actually sends a report at all. At the very most I would think it sends a vague email or potentially adds the report to a big list for later review, but that no one actually comes by later and reviews it. I mean because.. there’s no one on payroll to actually do so? Hideouts might have a master key to the list and potentially uses it to aid him in having extra proof before banning someone, but I think that even he still has to ‘find’ them first.

  22. He's mentioned it before, it just adds +1 report to a player's "profile" but since there are so many false reports, there's nothing done with them. He mentioned that Shiv has something like 5 digits of false reports on him lol

  23. Every match in quickplay and ranked has cheaters. This game maker does nothing to stop cheaters except the bare minimum. They let that other game die, remember?

  24. I'm not trying to discredit actual Predators, but I feel like at least half of Preds are cheaters. It's become pretty obvious.

  25. There aren't a lot of pure Predators, I have sweated against people cheating time and time again to make Xbox Pred for the first time this split, and it feels hollow and pointless when people like this make the same rank with no consequence. Pred should be the ultimate achievement for Apex, but instead Preds are mostly looked on in disdain for three-stacking pubs all day and farming kills or just outright cheating, and it's justified. Sad really.

  26. I did play with that mono and shiny guy in arena(random matchmaking) and mono did use this exploit all the time as a revenant.i reported him but as u can see they still doing and and dont get banned....

  27. Funnily enough that MonosenZ guy was in a post a few weeks ago, good to see he is still rampaging around with no consequence, fantastic.

  28. Most higher up players in apex are using some sort of cheats. That’s why unless you have a really dedicated squad you play with everyday. It’s hard to move up. I find rank to be a joke in this game.

  29. The game is a joke. I can't take it seriously anymore. With all of these issues, and very little being done to fix them, it's become obvious to me that they're not interested in me as a gamer, it's my pocket book they're after, and they're not welcome to it.

  30. Why? That event has been in the works since before this season even started. And I assume the people who design maps and skins are not the same people who work on debugging and anti cheat

  31. I ran into my first team of aimbotters last night, new accounts, no recoil and perfect aim, they got a perfect game (we landed near them and spectated rest of game)

  32. I honestly thought it was only possible on PC to have Aimbot until I encountered it on console the other week. Dude had a G7 no attachments and knocked 2 before reloading from long range. Might also have been able to see through walls cause he was pointing out to teammates where the 3rd was behind walls

  33. This has been happening for clear over a month already. That should answer your question. Servers haven't worked for people in like 5 days (some people) and the ddos'ing/cheating has been INSANE.

  34. I'm honestly surprised anyone still plays this game. I've stopped because it's clear that the devs don't care, but everyone keeps throwing them money so the only thing that happens is they just keep shoveling out cosmetics and only do minor bug fixes. I saw some post on this subreddit talking about one way to get their attention is to stop paying them but honestly if you want to to fix the game then just stop playing

  35. But can't wait to see people posting next week post like "I noticed a lot of negativity so can we give the devs some support 🥰🥰😘" like fuck off their just as guilty as EA for this cash grab bullshit

  36. If buying this game meant effective, consistent anti-cheating action by Respawn, I would do it in a heart beat.

  37. If anyone is interested; I have a video of me and my squad killing these guys while they are abusing this glitch

  38. Hey look, Titanfall 2 servers have met the same fate as Titanfall 1s. If you think respawns higher-ups have any plans to fix that issue, you are probably going to be disappointed. Although, eventually they will have to, cause it will lose them money in cosmetics, something that isn't as expensive nor profitable in Titanfall. I hope they start to sort out these basic issues and exploits, but I don't bank on it.

  39. Is anyone even surprised anymore? Seems at least half of the "top preds" use cheats lol this stuff gets posted every single day.

  40. All the top players cheat. If they get banned they make a new account and another cheater gets put on the top.

  41. This is absolutely pathetic. Just play the game and get good at it or don’t play at all. Ranked doesn’t even have enough rewards for people to go this hard

  42. This game is so shit. EA doesn’t give a fuck about any of this and it’s been happening for years. People should just cheat now. It’s the standard

  43. Its completely pathetic thar Respawn can't fix this game, I love Apex, but I feel like the devs are indifferent to all manner of things that break the game and destroy competitive play, and it's starting to weigh on me. I only play ranked because quitters in pubs drive me crazy, but ranked isn't fun when it seems there is no stopping exploiters and cheaters, and no consequences for these people.

  44. The devs are blind to the rampant leaf and wheel errors that literally make the game unplayable. You think they’re gonna care about a bit of speed boosting?

  45. Imagine if respawn took their anti-cheat and server instability as seriously as they do their cosmetics.

  46. This game is doomed, if the devs don't pay enough attention then it will have the same fate as TITANFALL

  47. The rampant cheating is making it really hard to enjoy apex. This is my favorite game, but it feels like those in charge couldn’t care less about fixing the issues.

  48. This game is a joke. Devs are a joke. And the team that looks after the hacks— wait a minute, there is no team. 😂

  49. Unless ur diamond or master or a twitch streamer pred I won’t believe you’re rank matters, after the amount of vids on cheating preds I’ll just never believe a pred has actual skill unless they’re streaming

  50. There are plenty of hacks that don't show up on stream. It's part of the package actually when you buy some. So even streaming means nothing.

  51. Very happy to see this game becoming unplayable, between DDOS, hacks and code wheel I'm ready to just check out

  52. The state of apex is ridiculous, played masters lobbies yesterday and every game had aim otters, one game even had two full squads of them teaming...

  53. I'm finally getting sick of this game. Between this shit and straight up ignoring/lying about support/fixing Titanfall 1/2, it's growing more and more apparent they give no fucks about their player base.

  54. I always see dodgy players with heirloom and thought “nah he must be legit, why would he risk the heirloom” but then again

  55. As long as a game has free to play, you will have a severe cheater problem. Sometimes this can be mitigated by requiring a cell phone number to join ranked, but even that wouldn't save Respawn's notoriously bad network infrastructure. Titanfall 1, 2 and Apex all have servers that can be taken down easily. Why doesn't this happen to fortnite, pubg?

  56. Honestly console needs help. There's so many cheaters and boosters. But they get away with it all. Match making is also disgusting with console.

  57. I'm so tired of all the cheating, the game is no longer fun. I'm a season 1 player and I listen to the Dev's when they said they would get thing's under control so I purchased battle pass after battle pass and this Genesis is the worst it's ever been. I want my money back for the past 4 seasons when this hacking and cheating became overwhelming. I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels this way. I no longer care to purchase anything from them and I'm going to figure out a way to get all my invested money back also. EA and Respawn never made good on there end. They just lied over and over until it's out of control and they can't hide it anymore.

  58. at this point developers really have to try and start to put systems in place to detect whenever a device is used that can replay input macros like a Strike Pak or whatever that shit is called.

  59. I lived in a bubble until a few days ago. Always thinking being on console was pretty safe from cheaters.

  60. Only losers use cheats in competitive shooters. The fact that they have legendary skins some how makes this more infuriating. They don’t deserve to flex

  61. So, they gonna spend money on an anti cheat? Or just let the game die from frustration of the playerbase?

  62. Idk if you guys have experienced this but there are people who are teaming too, I’ve gotten double crypto EMP’d and Rev ulted on 3 separate occasions. I play on Belgian servers and it only started happening once I made diamond, so demotivating man :(

  63. Anti-cheat is the one thing Apex should pour its resources in, ASAP, if they want to keep this good thing going.

  64. If Apex is going to be cross play, they should follow the guide lines of the strictest platform.. And that isn't Play Station. Play station is an absolute joke when it comes to security or caring about if their players cheat or not. The worst part is, because by default cross play is enabled, no one can actually play on just one platform any more because the server population is dead because won't let you queue with people with cross play enabled.

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