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  1. guys i got a quick question... iv tried about every sens. setting in the game and im stuck on 4/4.... its my most comfy atm but i have a bit of a happy right thumbstick and tend to over compensate when trying to track/adjusting my shots. what settings in regards to deadzones/thresholds and response curve can i change to help with this ?

  2. I mean yes the first 2 games realy was like stomping the enemys but after that it gets harder every game. For us its equaly frustrating facing 50% masters and predators in our lobbys when we are just some casual mid plat players. We get crushed there to. There is always someone higher in the food chain. I don‘t think smurfs ruin any game, but devs do.

  3. Anyone think they should’ve buffed the re to make it a good 99 replacement? 3-4 extra bullets and 1-2 damage more would be a god send

  4. Revert the shield HP values and bring back non-EVO shields. Stop trying to fix things that weren't broken.

  5. All the devs do is copy Warzone. I'm sure season 7 will have helicopters, quads and trucks to drive around the map in and run people over.

  6. I think they will soon. The updates only been out for about a week so my guess is they’re trying to see if it’s just growing pains or actually a bad change. The apex devs (imo) are pretty good about taking the community’s input

  7. Today I have decided that I will not play anymore, I am a player with 2700 hours and really today with all the seasons that have passed I have had a lot of fun learning from my mistakes, but I see that the company does not do it, it only rewards the new players that come in, and we who are the forgotten ones who have put our money in every aspect, we are just garbage for them. The content creators no longer play it and criticize it for the new mechanics which are no longer based on skill but on having energy weapons. As you can lose such a frenzied game and turn it into nothing in several days, that answer will always come from EA and respawn.

  8. I have 1,172 and I'm done. I uninstalled last season, but came back for season 6 to give it one more shot, and I just uninstalled again. It's just not the game it was a year ago and that's a shame. I can't complain too much, I got 1,000+ hours out of a free game, it's just not for me anymore. I'm playing just for the sake of playing, but I'm not enjoying it, so it's time to move on. All my friends quit a long time ago anyway, I was the last holdout, and solo queuing is just a miserable experience.

  9. The updates only been out for a week. Just stick it out and keep telling respawn that we don’t like the new system and I have a feeling they’ll listen

  10. playing on xbox, game crashed to the dashboard before i even loaded into the match. reloaded the game, and it tried to reconnect me to the match for five minutes before code net hit me. restarted the game, tried again. instead of the lobby, it tried to reconnect me to the match again. five minutes wait. then code net. i'm stuck in an endless loop of trying to reconnect and code net even after restarting my xbox. it refuses to put me back in the lobby. i'm at a loss 🤦‍♀️

  11. I imagine the ttk is to nerf Gibby, and I'm seeing a lot of Gibbys in the comments complaining about not being able to drop their get out of jail free card in time(dome shield). With the influx of people who switched over to him last season from his overpowered abilities, I imagine they expected this much hate. I for one am grateful so thank you Devs!

  12. Gibby got buffed with the reduced TTK as his arm shield is now more valuable than ever. Every q is harder to use with the lower TTK.

  13. It also severely cripples low-profile characters, mainly Wattson and Lifeline, because Wraith players still have the speed, hitbox, phase shift & portal to get away.

  14. I love it when a Pathfinder walks up behind me with absolutely 0 audio and shreds me with a Devotion before I can even react. :)

  15. I had a Pathfinder zipline up to me on a roof in Skyhook, absolutely zero sounds, until I felt gunshots & turned around at already broken shields & 50 hp. Then a few matches later a stimming Octane chased me with no sound whatsoever aswell.

  16. The crafting is a bit underwhelming. I was expecting to be able to upgrade ANY gear, not just my armor and specific daily/weekly ones.

  17. I want to see the statistics of people’s time played on apex this week so bad. A couple weeks ago I was playing apex probably 4 hours/night, and since the update me and multiple friends are usually only on about an hour and a half before we get tired of it and get off. Not struggling to get wins, and I have a K/D that hovers around 5. But it just seems so boring and seems like such a chore to play now. Always getting poked at by 2 teams with snipers posted up somewhere and you’re forced to run energy weapons or you’ll just end up getting killed by other sweats using them🙄

  18. I was, personally, probably putting in 6 or so hours nightly during my peak in the last season. I played for about 2 or 3 TOTAL this season. The changes really rubbed me the wrong way and I'm happy/sad seeing so many people that seem to agree. Very bittersweet to see a game you love start tanking.

  19. The second ring is fking bullshit, Respawn. Not even with 2 golden backpacks can you make it 50m to catch up after surviving a 5th party. So lame.

  20. I ran into a team in pubs and they were camping in the little blue buses around the map. Locked the doors with Amp covers and had a portal for them to take in and out...... this is what the mandatory Evo shield/lower ttk has done to this game

  21. Not sure how's other regions are doing, but Asia PC servers are abysmal, internal server error, code leaf, lots of no-regs, hit box is at least lagging 1 second behind actual movement when you are moving around corner/dropping from high ground...

  22. Will we be able to sign into our console account on pc, and vice versa when cross play comes out

  23. While everyone is busy complaining about the ttk/devo, Respawn has slid 14 legendary fillers into packs. Hoping to get that legendary Revenant skin? Well, you'll have to compete with an extra 14 filler legendary now

  24. Use materials, they give enough for 1 legendary per season. Anyways they need to get money from somewhere, and I'm OK if it's from cosmetics. Other games block real game content behind DLC and paywalls.

  25. Legislation forcing you to publish the odds on different rarities of items in your loot boxes? Simply assign high rarity to items that aren't desirable! Now the odds of getting something that's actually good are muddied even further. Gottem.

  26. I'm usually very supportive of Respawn and think people are quick to overreact; I've enjoyed basically every season thus far. But this new TTK has completely changed the dynamic of the game and taken away what made Apex special; the development of gunfights.

  27. Came back to Apex after a month of mainly playing Valorant. While the new season overall seems kind of fun (except for the OP Volt) I just can't take the game serious anymore (from a competitive viewpoint). The server- and audio quality are so trashy it's unbelievable for a game in 2020. But I think that's the direction they are going since about Season 3: catering more to casual players as opposed to focus on things that would improve the competitive aspects.

  28. I like how they make changes to help casual players have more impact and they still manage to be physically painful to play with.

  29. More time spent looting is good. That slows down the match a bit, so the lobby isn't always dead before the 2nd ring fully closes.

  30. I think it only feels bad due to how strong energy weapons are now. They need to nerf guns enough for a care package r99 to be viable (and of course add more bullets).

  31. If I’m on top of the building I just was fighting in and I go down from the shots inside the building your net code and servers are fucking horseshit. They’re never gonna fix this shit.

  32. just try crouch spamming in a fight. Practice it a little in the firing range while close to a dummy, to get the feel of it. Then drop hot and look for enemies to fight face to face. You'll be shocked at how helpful crouch spamming is in a pinch.

  33. 1.- Remove the evo shields: it makes the game slow, people just wait until they have the maximum evo to fight.

  34. Evo shields help with aggression its just the ttk that makes people camp. Forget about audio, if you can hear at least 1 footstep per game then its working as perfectly as possible. Sbmm will be getting worse, they wont ever change it. You either go super saiyan and clapp everyone or get clapped. Its not fun, its frustrating and made me lose my mind,but hey at least the bots can enjoy their 1 kill 20min looting game now.

  35. Most of the time Im fine with the new TTK but other times holy cow do I get dropped in an instant. Like I could have my finger on the bumper to throw down my dome shield yet get dropped before the animation even allows it

  36. Jeez this game is a joke now lol...Watson’s and ramparts camping rooftops with snipers in pubs, 15 min online and I had enough😂

  37. I dont really care about the new TTK.I dont like it,but the game is still playable and fun.Anyways, this season I am pushing for diamond for the first time! I dont have any friends, so I only play solo q. Lots of people complain about solo q but in my experience everyone is over exaggerating. Yeah,its bad but its not bad everytime

  38. As someone who plays off and on. Solo Q is good up until diamond. Once you enter diamond, it becomes really frustrating

  39. I solo queued to diamond last season for the first split and I really hope you don't have to regret saying what you just said. When I got to platinum III it was an extreme struggle to make positive rp after a play session of around 3 hours. I queued with my brother for the second split back to diamond and it was unbelievable easier.

  40. I really don’t like the new shield system and the lowered TTK that came along with it and here’s why:

  41. I’d say this nails it, but it also doesn’t get into rendering a few legend’s abilities useless. Lifeline’s ult for example is rendered pathetic compared to replicators’ weekly and daily rotations, not to mention a permanent shield upgrade. The same effect applies to Loba’s ult, albeit to a lesser degree. Gibraltar’s dome and wraith’s tacticals can barely be used at all, and can never really be used in combat because their animation just takes too long.

  42. Just testet this yesterday. It took us about 8 games until we where back in our normal lobys with tons of master and predator players. I can't realy see a problem.

  43. I am a team player but fucking aye I swear 9/10 respawning a squadmate just equals death. Youre alerting everyone where youre at and all just to spawn in a guy with no weapons or armor

  44. Since s6 I've become more insistent on hot dropping too. Related to the respawn problem, it seems as if the drop rate of blue and purple shield is less?

  45. Yeah, honestly the respawning system needs a major overhaul at this point. It worked for the first year, but now players are so obsessed with hunting players who just spawned in, it's not useful & promotes the opposite of teamplay.

  46. Its not as OP as people claim it is. The shield changes just make it seem stronger. We have had much better weapons in the past

  47. With the new TTK it is becoming much more important to get into the circle first. It is so hard to fight your way into the circle with the death wave at your back

  48. Not to mention the fact that the second ring definitely does more damage now and if you get downed and a teammate gets you back up, you probably won't be able to get a syringe off. It feels much faster and much stronger now.

  49. This pass is straight garbage, and quite honestly a legendary pack means nothing anymore. It's more than likely just some pile of garbage you don't want.

  50. How do you put the r99 in supply drops but have the volt be better? How is the devo not a supply drop weapon either?

  51. What's the complaint about ttk? I've seen some people say it takes too long, other say its too short.

  52. Footstep audio seems to have somehow gotten worse. I can’t even hear a full team 5 feet behind me anymore.

  53. This. It seems like I'm the only one in my circle of friends complaining about audio issues. Seems like I can't hear anything except the "burning in lava" sound!

  54. This game pairs you with some really stupid people. We dropped on the hotzone because this Octane guy wanted to. After a big mess, we killed the other 2 squads and as I'm popping a Phoenix kit, this guy just runs like an idiot to fight another 3 guys.. only to die and press that ping button over and over.

  55. Opinion: The smg/sniper loadout is on fire right now. Ideally I’ve been running volt/SF prowler + triple take, worst case a longbow if I can’t find a TT. The new triple take buff is insane, it’s so freaking good right now, ESPECIALLY if you play Aggro (which i do), nothing is as versatile as a secondary as the TT right now.

  56. Totally. Previously I would run Prowler with select-fire if I could get it and an r301 with a 3x. I was hating this season until I picked up a TT, it's been a game changer. I wouldn't have dreamt of picking up a sniper before, it would just be a sounding call for all nearby squads to rush you. Now, nobody wants to rush because of ttk. But it's not all good. Firefights have lost their magic, don't feel legendary, just cheap. That was what made Apex special for me.

  57. It really is ridiculous that the devs buffed the Triple Take even more. As if it wasn't the best non-carepackage sniper and optional hipfire shotgun already before the update.

  58. best shotgun in the game lol. Just went back and looked my recent win replays and the majority of them had the TT/Volt or TT/FA Prowler loadout.

  59. Look I'm happy to see some changes in the game but I feel the Devs too much too quick. I actually love the crafting. I thought I was going to hate it but it solves some looting problems i sometimes have and kind of helps if your team drops in a location with no loot (public playing with randoms). I really appreciate the addition of the volt. The energy weapons were really dead and needed to be spiced up. Volt kind of closed the gap. I don't mind there being all evo shields, I feel less options is better and it helps when you land somewhere without shields. Basically that's the end of the road for good things this update offers. The jury is still out on the new character. I have not yet played as her but from what i see she seems weak and pointless. The shield seems pretty cool but i really could care less about her ult. Why did you have to mess with the shields? The reason why this game stands apart from the rest is outplaying your opponent. You don't die instantly so you have time to coordinate a counter attack. Now you have no time to react you're just dead. This game is about the gun fight in my opinion and by increasing the TTK speed you essentially kill the battles. What even is the audio doing. Why do i need to hear my distant teammates footsteps so loud but not an enemy that's right on me? I can't even complain about the characters because the other game elements are WTF. SBMM I still don't understand why this is an issue. Why me (an average player) getting in matches with sweaty diamond players? Why when i get play solo trios am i put with 2 teammates that down in the first 30 sec of the game and do no damage. They usually disconnect immediately. It doesn't make sense. Ive only ever won 1 match playing a game without teammates. It's not enjoyable. You're probably better off putting me with people the same LVL than you are with whatever the SBMM is doing. R99 removal i think was a mistake. I rather see a nerf than completely removing the r99 from light ammo class. Maybe make the prowler a full time full auto gun. That way the volt, R99, and Prowler would be on evenish playing fields. This game isn't that much fun right now and i could see other games winning over my time than this.

  60. The on demand ammo, medkits, it is hands down the best part of the crafting system. The full kit gun rotation is cool but feels like there’s been maybe 1 or 2 days I even thought about using it, and only a couple times I built the full loadout with crafting. It does add an interesting dynamic to early game revolving around taking control of a replicator zone in order to secure those supplies or weapons

  61. The footsteps the server lag the packets. The third person bug in spectator. The fact the server lets in 350+ ping players with packet loss. The prediction errors, geometry bs. I love this game but every season the bugs and issues just stack up again.

  62. It took time but I am settled into it at this point. I don’t feel like it’s as bad as it’s being made out to be and it’s just a point of contention for people to whine about as an excuse for getting wiped

  63. I wish I could man. I just can't get over the feeling of not having fun. I'm okay with all the gun changes. The R99 was always going to be there if it didn't change. The TTK just makes me not wanna play. Its unfortunate.

  64. Is Ranked just straight-up dead with the new TTK? Trying to play my first round of ranked for the season in Gold 1 and queue is taking absolutely forever.

  65. The 2nd ring should not be an instant death. I understand making it more powerful to be afraid of but if I get downed and immediately pop a syringe, I should be able finish it.

  66. I'm just not having fun, like at all. I hate the TTK and its the first time since apex came out that I haven't enjoyed playing. I just, ugh.

  67. Am I the only one who feels like the hype for this season isn’t there. I remember being incredibly hyped for revenant and loba releases, because they significantly added to the story and the over all play of the game. Then there’s rampart who adds next to nothing story wise and makes me sit in a camping spot while she has an amped turret that’s telling me not to move or I’ll die.

  68. They've made a lot of bad decisions for the game and opted to ignore a vast majority of feedback despite claiming, when the game first launched, that they weren't going to be those kind of devs.

  69. This season is trash. Knocked two people and got the last one low, my pred teamates get destroyed by a devo and we lose the game.

  70. I read the speed and damage was increased and it seems that way, but I don't recall seeing that in the patch notes.

  71. Hey I’m sure it’s been mentioned but please for the love of god fix the sound. There are almost no enemy footstep sounds at all

  72. Zipline is currently like 30% broken, there are huge chunks of the map that shoudl be zipline-able that just aren't now.

  73. Why does this game have multiple servers from the same region when they is hardly any difference in ping ? ( not complaining or anything I’m just curious because I didn’t see something similar in other games)

  74. Does anyone else think that rp in ranked should be changed its dumb how a 15 kill game with a win is the same rp as a 5 kill game with a win there shouldn't be a kill cap

  75. I don’t know if it’s because of the new season or what but I’ve had especially terrible luck with teammates this season. EVERYONE in pub lobbies are disconnecting the second they get downed or killed or are just straight up disconnecting (or getting kicked idk) right off the bat.

  76. This is the fundamental problem with their game. They have catered to casuals. There is no value for a casual to get better at this game. No changes to the TTK or Devo or anything will rescue this game.

  77. I'm having the worst luck with randoms. They're either fighting me for loot or being so loot-obsessed that they die to ring or get squad killed. They're dropping too soon or too far away from the rest of the squad and they're either disconnecting on purpose or have dirt connection.

  78. You mean to tell me you are just now realizing this shit? This has been on going since like season 3 or 4 maybe even season 2 just not as bad.

  79. How long and "e" is still everything in the game. Fucking change it so that the same button to revive isn't the same to pick up an item as the same to open a door.

  80. Looted ALL of sorting and didnt find a SINGLE blue or better armor. NOT ONE!!!! Then i get 2 bursted off the balloon by sorting by a hemlock which is OP as fuck now btw. Its extra frustrating because it happened in a D2 game. Low profile needs to be removed. Game isnt fun, TTK is trash, devs are stupid, thank you for your time.

  81. Can hear gunshots from a mile away.. but for some reason I can’t hear foot steps behind me gg lmao

  82. Yea I don’t get it. I feel like it got worse tbh. Just finished a game where an entire team was 5 feet behind me. Heard zero footsteps with my headset on. Unreal.

  83. it would sure be nice if my teammates would not quit as soon as they get knocked and im clearly about to pick them back up.

  84. Caustic ult made no noice which cost me the round. He popped his ult and shot my back, zero sound of it happening. Right before this my team up run up on and no footsteps. All of us use headphones. Xbox one.

  85. I seriously question how I keep taking damage when I am completely behind a wall or when I have high ground and the enemy on low ground can still hit me.

  86. Server delay. You often aren't behind cover on their screen, so they hit you seemingly around corners, through doors etc.

  87. Im going to say it, prowler and hemlok are insane right now. I am waiting for people to start noticing and picking up on that, but on burst mode the prowler especially is unbeatable.

  88. Torn over rampart. really bummed that Sheila needs a player to fire, I totally thought it was a smart turret. love the shields tho. lmg buff is cool too I hope they add a sniper character that gets something similar.

  89. What the hell has happened to this game i cant win or get a kill i think i use to be pretty average at this game (k/d always around 1.0) but I've almost played 100 games and have 1 win cant win ranked and my k/d is .70

  90. Because they keep adding extra sounds in the environment to make it more "realistic". They need to remove all the extra shit and prioritize footsteps, gunshots, and ziplines. We don't need replicators flying down like care packages mid game, bubbling lava noises, teammate footsteps sounding like elephants, teammate revives blasting your ears (can still be loud for enemy), new moving parts of map making lots of noise (gun shields or whatever they are called), or lingering sounds like wattson fences, wraith portals, and rev silencers.

  91. It’s really a shame we don’t get any change to SBMM when it’s clearly broken. Not even mad, just sad it’s not as fun as it was.

  92. I’ve been obsessed with this game since it’s release so I honestly can’t believe how hard this season flopped for me. There’s three main issues imo. Ignoring many other ones...

  93. The game doesn't think you're God, Respawn thinks your fodder. Gotta protect that new money. You, are expendable.

  94. I hardly ever used to split from a team, but playing solo now, if they're going off to the wilderness, I'm out.

  95. You actually use your brain less now. My stats improved this season, but i still don't like the new TTK. If i see a squad rotating in the open and i have an advantage, 99% one of them is getting downed by me or my squad before they can even react, and same happens to me if it was the other way around. The weapons are stronger than they were when everyone had more health. This isn't what Apex is supposed to be, this is some warzone and other typical BR shit.

  96. Should they offer more incentives/rewards to playing ranked? like end of season rewarding crafting mats and/or packs that scale with ranked at end of season? Or is this too much of a free loader thing to say?

  97. Ppl still ranking despite the fact that they doubled down and made ranking system even more garbage by adding splits, temporary trails, and another tier. Our mentality is, give us some incentive to play. Their mentality is, let's take as much as we can away

  98. the mozambique change is absolutely amazing and I firmly believe that hammerpoint is now a viable option even in late game. that's all.

  99. I agree, its like a more nimble mastiff with a faster reload. The extra shot makes all the difference, it feels a bit more like its titanfall 2 counterpart now. Props to them on making it a viable weapon, i really like to see all weapons having a decent level of viability at least

  100. Why the fuck are we, two squads fighting early game in sky hook, getting interrupted by the noise of the bridge on the other side of the mountain? The audio is fucked as is and they're making it even worse by doing shit like this.

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