I don't think that word means what you think it means...

  1. Look at what happened in Ontario with the CUPE strike - does Biden believe the railworkers will simply return to work if he blocks the strike?

  2. I’ve read from some workers if there demands are not met they’ll wait till there back pay comes in then quit in mass effectively creating a bigger problem but more power to em

  3. Per federal law, that’s exactly what they’ll do or lose their jobs. It’s fucked. My union voted against it and we’ll be working under it regardless.

  4. What incentive did the rail companies have to bargain fairly, knowing that your administration was going to step in and take away the right to collective bargaining the moment they could engineer a stalemate?

  5. I'm expecting some pretty crazy slowdowns if they go through with this. People don't like being treated like slaves.

  6. The answer is, they have no incentive. From what we understand so far, they have not conceded on a single point. The deal proposed is straight up just the rail boss deal with almost else

  7. Would be funny if they just didn't show up and we as a nation had to recognize that if skilled people don't want to work under unfair conditions we maybe dont have a bargaining chip then.

  8. In theory, couldn't the President use the same power to declare 'the union gets everything it wants, the new contract gives them everything.' and force the company to take whatever deal the union was offering?

  9. I edited a pre-defined letter to Congres urging them to avert a shutdown to say that they should require paid sick leave for all essential workers.

  10. Imagine instead making it federal law that they had to provide days off when reasonably requested as the Union is holding out for.

  11. I would even say the union isn't asking for enough. They are holding out for unpaid sick days off. It's completely absurd how they are being treated for an ask that is below the benefits of the average American worker. It's utterly incomprehensible how the government could side with the rail companies given how much of a safety issue a system is where operators of trains are punished for being sick.

  12. As a proud pro-labor President, I'm siding 100% with the company every time. Suck it, workers.

  13. Because there will be no consequences or backlash from donors, the media, corporations etc. for him helping union bust, but if he actually told a company what to do all those aforementioned groups would go into an insane frenzy about "cOmMunIsM!!1"

  14. It’s ridiculous to me that we just accept that the government can basically conscript workers, but they can’t force companies to do anything. If anything, by the laws and the spirit this nation was found on, the government should dictate to the corporations before dictating to workers.

  15. I'm honestly confused why this isn't the obvious solution. Even just cynically looking at it from a political point of view, do you really want to betray everyone who is a member of a union? Why in the world would we not be saying we're going to impose the unions' contract on the railroads?

  16. I'd love to see the union actually refuse to follow government orders. Are they going to force people to work, by literal violence?

  17. Education workers did this last month in Canada and went on strike even though they were mandated back to work. The government caved within a day.

  18. They have forced people to work by literal violence in the past. If this goes through, everyone needs to strike on behalf of the rail workers.

  19. If the union refuses the government order the union can be sued by the company and basically bankrupt the union to the ground. Also, the US government has been known to use violence when they don’t get it there way with unions, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they do it again.

  20. At that point they can start dining the union and ultimately bust it. The government has the ability to get rid of a rail union for interstate commerce.

  21. they will fine the union and anyone striking a wildcat strike can be fired, they will probably fire all the organizers as an example, solidarity rarely holds through that

  22. So to answer your question: yes we have a history of using violence and murder to force workers in key industries to work. It's been a minute, the verbage will have changed, but yeah that's a possibility.

  23. I'm hopeful that these people will stick out and go home. If they force them to show up at work, just lay on the ground. Stare at the box cars but do nothing. If the government wants to use brute force, they'll create a scene that'll rile up a LOOOOT of people.

  24. This, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when all we (railroaders) ask for is UNPAID sick leave. It doesn’t absolutely have to be paid as most of the public thinks that’s what we’re asking for.

  25. Please, don't accept anything and let the country's economy burn to the ground. Fuck them. You deserve better.

  26. I mean Biden had more billionaire mega-corp donors than Trump for the 2020 election, it's a bit absurd that people are SURPRISED that Biden is turning out to be a status-quo corpocrat?

  27. I understand but there are 12 unions involved in this and 8 have them have agreed to the new changes and 4 have not. What gives there?? Just curious

  28. You deserve paid sick leave, at least a reasonable amount. For people that need more paid time of for serious issues, have a system set up where people can donate unused leave to help a person out…You know, just like the government employees have.

  29. Nobody should even have to work 65+ hrs a week in this country and it’s fucking sickening that half the brainwashed people think it’s a good idea. You’re jobs are crazy important so I get why you are working that much but they could hire more people… not to mention actually reimburse you for all this extra time spent working with extra annual and sick leave… paid In my opinion!

  30. I had a friend who worked for the railway out in Virginia for 3 years, and I almost never heard from him the whole time. He spent all of his time on call, was always at hotels, and it destroyed his engagement with his ex-fiancé. He left the job, went to work with his dad in a HVAC business for a payout, and is a thousand times happier with a new girlfriend he met near the end of his railroad career. It's fucking insane how abysmal of off days you guys get. It 100% should be paid off days that are reasonable for the worker's needs not the company.

  31. I assume y’all’s will strike anyways right? Same thing happened in Canada t hey said you can’t strike made it illegal and the unions said fuck you we’re doing it anyways

  32. You should have paid sick leave. Period. And it’s sick that they’re forcing you all to take a deal you didn’t agree on. This isn’t capitalism, this is fascism.

  33. Is there any talk of striking despite congress forcing the deal? Or possibly mass quitting before Biden signs it into law?

  34. “Hey Jack, I know I said I was on your side but because some rich ruling class folk told me they might lose a fraction of their power and wealth, Im going to side with them.”

  35. It's almost like both of the major parties in the US are bought and paid for by the bourgeoisie and simply voting for reform is a carrot on the stick used to keep the proletariat complacent?

  36. He conveniently did this after the midterms. After pretending to be on the side of the strikers before. What an asshole. This is why young progressives don’t trust the democrats and are getting sick of this whole game. Republicans go towards fascism, Democrats go towards corporate plutocracy, and we celebrate when the corporations win. What a choice we have.

  37. Sorry, but no further steps are required. Modern society has seemingly accepted that with the exception of a tiny percentage of the obscenely wealthy, we are all just wage slaves to one extent or another. The ever-widening divide between the wealthy and the majority of people, with the tacit approval of our legislators, is a foregone conclusion.

  38. if the railway shutdown would hurt millions then the strike is doing exactly what its supposed to? it puts more pressure on the execs to negotiate a better deal with the workers. if the only time we are allowed to strike and protest is when it wont affect anybody then we dont have the right to protest and strike

  39. This is why there should be unions made up of smaller unions. Shit like what they did to the Air traffic controllers unions shouldve resulted in thousands of unions striking simultaneously until members of congress start stepping down, reversing course, and floating impeachment. It shouldve been the end of Raegan right then and there. Labour rights are not favors, they were won by the blood of our forefathers.

  40. And really, the actual answer here is BREAK UP THE GODDAMNED MONOPOLIES. If it's all concentrated into a few companies to where a strike could 'cripple' anything nationwide, those companies represent a national security risk.

  41. Exactly, what's to stop them trying to say tech employees unionizing would "impact critical infrastructure" with internet services?

  42. The rail industry contributes to the campaigns of nearly 300 members of the US House of Reps and 71 members of the US Senate. That's this calendar year alone. Now why in the world should rail workers listen to the government at all?

  43. It's reasonable to compel the lower class to accept a raw deal, but high treason to expect an aristocrat who has intricately involved themselves in the American economy to actually take the fall when their decisions fuck over the American economy.

  44. Exactly. Really don’t know how he got elected. I guess he’s lucky that American’s have a short memory and all that young people knew was that he was VP to the very popular president Barack Obama. He’s been the epitome of an entrenched D.C. politician that answers to corporate lobbyists for his whole career.

  45. They love to say it's capitalism when they keep wages low. Supply and demand. Flip it back on them and they're running to the government to force people to work. Love the hypocrisy.

  46. That's just what you say when there happen to be lots of unions popping up all over the place. Better to say "this is great, I'm pro-labor!" than "I'm a crony capitalist but am powerless to stop the emerging class consciousness at this moment in history..."

  47. If it's so important then you should probably let the people who do it at least go to the fucking doctor.

  48. Just go on strike regardless. Education union just did it in ontario a couple weeks ago. Provincial government declared it illegal and imposed $4000/day fines on each striking member. The union said go to hell and went on strike anyway. The government caved in days.

  49. I mean every president since Reagan has pretty much been a clone of Reagan that moves steadily to the right.

  50. I agree forcing them to accept a contract in the sake of saving money is fucked. If they don't care enough to fight for you to have better wages and conditions then you shouldn't care to listen to them when they say you have to. Fuck businesses let em feel it that's the only way things will change.

  51. This is so fucking Democrat it's painful. You barely eked out the necessary wins (and in some cases didn't) in the midterms when you were up against probably the worst oppositional candidates in US history, but instead of doubling-down and getting to work on continued forward progress, you sit back and make bonehead moves like this that undo any gains.

  52. He doesn’t need to force anyone. Just allow the collective bargaining to take its course without coercion. The rail workers aren’t asking for special treatment, because they don’t need any.

  53. What’s Congress going to do… force people to work against their will? I’m pretty sure that was outlawed by the 13th amendment.

  54. Well.. a certain type of slavery is allowed still. Aside from all the other forms of servitude that are slavery in all but name.

  55. What they’re going to do is force the remaining unions who haven’t agreed to the contract to agree to it. Kind of a ‘you have no choice but to agree to this because we said so’ situation.

  56. I say we let the supply chain fail so we can better understand what we need to be producing locally… Our supply issues are born of the hubris that we’ll always have logistics good enough to cart things all over. However, we’re facing more natural disasters all the time and this is an opportunity for us to figure out what our communities lack. Let them strike, I hope they get their demands and we better our communities with important jobs producing small batches to the area.

  57. There’s maybe 5 or 6 federal politicians total on both political “sides” that aren’t corrupt pieces of shit who serve special interests.

  58. You're giving way more credit than me. Maybe 2 or 3 want to help the general pop, but most if not all are there to get rich. That's it. All they have to do is sit there and blame the other side for whatever the issue is, not do anything to actually solve the problem, then sit back and collect money from whoever wants to give it to them. America is circling the drain.

  59. I'm from a land far away, but I've long been impressed with Bernie (relatively speaking - he's right of my tastes, but seems left for the US and quite principled) and AOC. Am I misguided?

  60. Biden's career has been a bait and switch ever since he stopped pretending to be a Republican "moderate liberal".

  61. You ever ever feel insta hate from reading something like it's unpaid and y'all still on this bull wow please quit this job warren buffet and Biden trying to race to be more hated them trump y'all suck so bad that y'all make people hate they grand parents cause y'all in the same demographic

  62. So spock logic. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Wasn't there a story about some group of people forced to work for the needs of the many? Our rights will be whittled away til we are all servants of the most high.

  63. Wrong, wrong, wrong, completely the opposite of what the party is supposed to stand. So, for the year i've seen them avoid standing up for womens rights, destroy a unions ability to be a union and a myriad of other things.

  64. This is where dems have stood for decades. Dems are further to the right than Reagan was and he busted unions too. Don’t let anyone tell you dems outside of the handful of obvious ones are progressives, they’re simply less regressive. I know this is a hard lesson for a lot of younger people.

  65. Wasn’t he basically shoved by the DNC? I remember not a single democratic/independent voter wanted it to be Biden V Trump. Other then the people saying don’t vote Bernie bc of electability but somehow gave the pass on Biden

  66. It's fun how the only POSSIBLE way to force a deal is to force the workers to eat it and not the C-suite.

  67. It’s mind blowing to me that people just sit back and let the ruling class dictate their lives from on high. A government that acts directly against the interests of the people it supposedly governs in favor of corporate greed is illegitimate. Full stop.

  68. Or, you know, Congress could pass a law mandating basic labor rights so that this isn’t an issue anymore. But that would require actually legislating, and Congress doesn’t do that.

  69. This is probably the first time I've been really disappointed with Biden as president. Railroad workers are treated like shit. Telling them that they need to still be treated like shit and taking away the mechanism by which they might improve their treatment in the future is pretty crappy.

  70. Ugh. Force the railroads to give the workers what they want. It isn't like they are asking for a million bucks each. They are asking for days off that can be scheduled.

  71. They used to say voting republican was voting against your own interests, but now voting both parties is voting against your own interests. About time workers stand up for ourselves because the grip is tightening everyday.

  72. I have never gotten my head around the notion of sick days. Who can control when they are going to be sick? At my shop, I am second in command, if someone is sick I tell them to go the fck home. 1-take care of yourself first. 2-I don't want anyone else, including myself, to get sick.

  73. Democrats only ever pay lip service to workers to get the votes of young, stupid people. They bend the knee to the corporations just the same as Republicans and they'll just as happily sacrifice us and everything we love on the alter of The Economy (TM).

  74. He’s a neolib and this is his wheel house. Destroying the value of labor is a core tenet of neoliberalism ( not really in theory but 100% in reality ) we should be talking about the 2nd sanders term if we actually wanted change

  75. Railroads make billions in profit but can’t afford to give people sick time to take care of themselves and their families.

  76. I have never once seen a genuine answer to this question, because I haven't yet. Why is it congress always votes to override the will of the workers at the benefit of the corporation rather than adopting a deal favorable to the employees at the expense of a corporation? I'd love to see Biden get asked this at a debate.

  77. TIL US government considers workers as slaves. It's just hard to notice because most are complacent due to good enough working conditions.

  78. So the pro labor president is solving this by forcing the workers to cave instead of forcing the rail to cave which is sitting on 24 billion profits and could easily afford to meet all the worker demands and then some.

  79. Pro-Labor is when you fuck over the Union workers. Watch he’s gonna try to pull this shit when UPS goes on strike this summer.

  80. If the economic impact of a shutdown would hurt millions, why not force the agreement of the worker’s position? Then only one guy needs to be “harmed”.

  81. This is part of why I’m not hot on Biden or most of the Democratic Party. When push comes to shove, they jump to help businesses instead of the public. Sure we need jobs, but government is supposed to be a guard against people being taken advantage of, not enabling it.

  82. He isnt wrong. A rail shutdown would tank the economy. But thats more the reason to prevent these corporations from exploiting people to the point of collapse

  83. Seeing Biden’s actions and comments are Very Refreshing… cause now I know what I had thought was the case all along.

  84. The Railroads (which are all bargaining together as a block against all their employee unions) are committed to not only refusing to budge but to run skeleton crews to cut costs and maintain their 40% profit margins. They are refusing to allow non-penalized sick time because they are barely keeping their system running and any gaps in attendance will break them. They have cut roughly a third of their total workforce over the last 6 years. In my state, CSX didn't hire a soul for over 5 years and has not promoted one person systemwide from conductor to engineer (the only promotion there is) in roughly the same time. But retirements have been steady over the years.

  85. If congress does this, unions have lost all power and we are seeing the beginnings of a literal dystopia. I feel so bad for railroad employees, stick together and tell congress to shove it! Go on strike regardless, they can’t run their business if no one is working.

  86. Shouldn't the entire striking labor force just quit then? The idea that government can compel you to accept a labor contract seems awfully close a type of slavery.

  87. Having worked side by side with some railroad employees over the summer, I've learned that the punishments the employers are threatening them with are severe if they follow along with the intended strike.

  88. "I believe Congress must use its power to revive slavery and force these Americans to work against their will" - every capitalist shitheel

  89. Also, if you’re proud pro-labor, why is it always on the workers to take the hit? Why don’t you order the railroad to do what the workers are asking for in order to avoid the “economic impact?”

  90. Railroad employees will quit in mass ... They are away from home 90% of the time asleep and awake (90% of their time paid and off the clock ) because the railroads would rather work employees to literal death instead of spend another dime to retain employees and they just furlough them anyways . don't forget these employees are worked so hard because all the railroads furloughed 1/3 of all employees 6 months before covid .

  91. So as a stark leftist- I knew this would eventually happen. As a realistic human, this is absolutely still better than anything that the alternative administration was going to do that would also directly harm the American people. As a person that stands with unions, fuck Biden on this policy in particular. Strike for your rights against the oligarch Warren Buffet, and make congress bend over to the will of the people again. Still glad I voted, still glad it's not Trump, still glad to stand alongside every working class and poor person in the US against bull shit like this over legacy wealth.

  92. He'd love to help the workers, but unfortunately they didn't donate as much to his campaign as the rail companies did. Simple economics.

  93. Aka: "Fuck the pro-labor movement. I need the wheels of this economy to be humming so let's grease those wheels with the blood of rail workers. Choo-choo, motherfuckers, stay in your place."

  94. On the one hand, I get the urgency, but this sets a terrible precedent that gives other industry overloads a path to breaking strikes. "We'll try to bargain, but if remember we own you and the government has our back as long as we scare them enough".

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