Put my 2 week notice in yesterday and my manager says “So you’re just in it for the money?”

  1. My boss understood at my last place. I told them I got an offer, I was recruited not looking, 15% more and I’d stay.

  2. I had a job offer that was a better more interesting position and paid 60 percent more plus stock options and full relocation. My boss's boss came back embarrassed with corporates counteroffer. It was 14 percent increase and I'd have to pay my own relocation. This would have only taken me to the bottom of the firm's compensation for that position in the new city. She told me she knew that there was no chance that I'd take the counteroffer.

  3. I had an equally-nice departure from my last job. A FAANG company recruited me when I wasn't looking for a job, and offered me ~1.8x my then-current salary. I had been at my previous place for over a decade, so there were a lot of personal relationships with people I truly cared for. But not enough to pass up an almost double salary. They knew that they couldn't come even close to matching, so didn't try to guilt-trip me into staying. They took me out to lunch with those at the company who wanted to come (my turnout was pretty decent), and to another lunch with just my my manager and the general manager, and that was it. 10/10, would do again.

  4. My boss told me you only care about the money, and I was like so do you. That’s why we’re here now, i want more money for me and you don’t want to pay me better because you want the money for you.

  5. I wish I was clever on the spot… I just showed up a few days after being fired with this awesome jerk store insult , but no one seemed to get it.

  6. This is a bad take unless he was the business owner also, it's also what makes it so sad. A middle manager making barely more than the people they manage but still treat people badly. Like bro, the money you save for your boss doesn't help you or anyone else quit acting like you're a gift to the world for saving 4% and fuckin your coworker over lol

  7. Obviously to help the company move forward, get the CEO more money for doing nothing, and just spending time away from family and having no life, all for the glory of the company! And then getting too sick to work and having no support from this company you out so much into, cause that's what "the family" is there for after all

  8. Dwight said it best: "Would I ever leave this company? Look, I'm all about loyalty. In fact, I feel like part of what I'm being paid for here is my loyalty. But if there were somewhere else that valued loyalty more highly, I'm going wherever they value loyalty the most."

  9. Left one job I hated, for the same job for 7 bucks more an hour. The boss said "you'll never be happy chasing money.' I responded "I'm not happy here!"

  10. “Are you not in it for the money? I have a solution then. I’ll stay, you just send me the difference between our paychecks every two weeks.”

  11. So you're telling me you came to work here so you could just get food? Is that all you care about? Living?!

  12. Congratulations! I recently quit mine because they refused to let me work from home even if it wouldn’t hurt the company in any way and boost my happiness by a million percent.

  13. This is 100% a gaslighting technique lol. Every boss knows people work for the money, they just want to make you feel like the bad guy so they can manipulate you into staying. Tell your manager to get entirely fucked and enjoy your new job

  14. Dunno but I have seen stories about guys who felt exploited when their "mailorder bride" ran the second she got citizenship on reddit so...

  15. Years ago, I was working for a very successful SaaS company. My manager, Steve, resigned, and I was asked to take on Steve's workload and start managing the team, but without a change in title or raise. I would also be working directly with Steve's manager, Tod. When I pushed for the title change, Tod said he was disappointed in me, since it's clear that I'm only interested in titles and status. I gave in.

  16. Why is the business in it? What’s their main goal? Is it to enrich communities? To educate their workers, maybe to provide them a sustainable retirement? Perhaps they are in business to provide equitable employment regardless of position or maybe they are in business to make sure that their employees have food, a house, healthcare for their families? To provide education to your children…? Can they honestly say that those are priorities over just simply maximizing profits?

  17. Should've shutdown the first time itself, boss should've been like "yup makes sense, what a brilliant idea you have. As it's your idea and we don't want the client feeling cheated, we're gonna let you pay for these services from your commission/salary. Wow what a brilliant man who isn't here for the money, absolute gold". Watch the guy go kill the deal the next second. What a buffon, bet he got away with this a lot and earned a lot of commission and his reputation.

  18. Production Supervisor here and I always tell my boss (a useless middle manager whos only job is to harass me at mine) and my employees that Im there to make mpney, not friends. I don't wanna hang out after work, I dont wanna have Christmas parties or social functions. I wanna put in my time, collect my paycheck and get left alone. If someone else offers me more money for the same work or less work for the same money Im fucking gone. You want loyalty get a dog.

  19. Love how ignorant some people are to still see this as a gotcha moment, YES IM JUST HERE FOR THE MONEY KAREN

  20. I very much enjoy what I do for a living. That is just the bonus. It is really all about the money when it comes down to brass tacks. Bills don't pay themselves and groceries don't magically appear.

  21. Yea it’s great to enjoy what you do, but if someone asked me what my dream job is my answer would be a strong “uhh, not working and just having money”.

  22. Would I ever leave this company? Look, I'm all about loyalty. In fact, I feel like part of what I'm being paid for here is my loyalty. But if there were somewhere else that valued loyalty more highly, I'm going wherever they value loyalty the most.

  23. If anybody's in the SaaS business out of passion, they've got some seriously fucked up priorities. In most cases, it's tantamount to being a landlord, charging people to rent something they should just own.

  24. It is said that once around the early 1800s, the French sailor Surcouf argued with a British officer who challenged him with « you frenchs fight for money, while we fight for honor »

  25. My main income is cleaning houses. One client literally asked if I was just in it for the money. No, Greg, I fulfilling my childhood grout scrubbing dreams.

  26. Old role trained us to guilt people to stay. I never did. I did talk to one employee that was going to a very toxic workplace. He left, but not to that place. Made me happy

  27. You'll never hear a manager ask a general contractor paid to renovate an office to also replace the roof at no additional charge. It's understood they are going to do exactly what they're paid to do--nothing more, nothing less. The contractor is absolutely just in it for the money. This is understood and accepted by both parties.

  28. Just showing up because I can doesn’t pay my rent. Unless the boss wants to fuck my landlord someone has to pay.

  29. while at it can my boss pay my hydro ,rent ,wifi,home insurance ,cell phone plan and bus pass

  30. I work in the mortgage industry. Do you think I work this industry because it's my passion? Hell no! Do you think when I was a kid, I grew up dreaming of work in mortgages? Are you insane? I work in the mortgage industry because I want money.

  31. I was with a financial services company for a year. I was referred to the wealth management division by a wealth manager, even interviewed for the role. My family and I were about to move, and landing the wealth management job would give us the extra 20k per year that was needed to stay in the same city.

  32. I’m a nurse. I’ve been at the same place for about 2 years. I know that walking in the door somewhere else, I’ll get 4-6$/hr more. Only thing keeping me where I am is the 12hr shifts. If I find a place that does them & isn’t further from my place? Bye.

  33. I did the same thing this past month went in to give my two week notice cause somebody else would pay more while the one I work for said and I quote we can’t afford to pay more well after I said I was leaving they magically was offering to pay much more than what I was getting

  34. If he's not in it for the money, ask him what his salary is, and if it's high enough, see if he'll switch with you. If not, pose the same question to him

  35. Lol SAAS is definitely an industry where people are in it for the money. It's not like you're saving fucking children or working at a non-profit.

  36. The hell else would you be in it for if it's not something like nursing/teaching where it's got a potentially noble goal?

  37. Thats a cheek ! your boss is definitely in it for the money, its a business lol and your so right, you need to think of yourself and your family.

  38. I wonder what your manager is in it for? I can’t imagine a working human actually asking that most stupid of questions… out loud? If they were not completely embarrassed by the time the question left their mouth, they have no business being in management. If you were to choose how to spend your time for no money, like, just for fun, do they think you would choose those things, that place? Fuck no! You would be at home with your family.

  39. I went through that years ago. The manager just said I was on for the money. I told them, I was offered a job that paid several dollars more. They tried to get me to stay and I did enjoy the work. I told them to pay me more and I’ll stay. I believe they really tried to come up with extra money for pay, but it just didn’t work out. They went out of business couple years later.

  40. I mean, that's the way I see it. A job is always a temporary contract between both the employee and the employer. I don't understand why employers are sometimes shocked when employees leave for better pay, better benefits and/or more satisfying lines of employment. So, good for you and congratulations on the new gig.

  41. And your manager is in it for what? Guilting and exploiting his/her employees? Managers talk like Russian State propagandists!

  42. Pay me enough money to not give a shit about money. Like never have to work again money. Like pay off every debt I have and realistically will have, and retire with the same standard of living type money.

  43. Never simp to the corporate overlords. If you have an opportunity to make more money, take it without hesitation! The “we’re a family” culture is a bunch of bull.

  44. Whenever someone asks you if you're "just in it for the money" you should ask them if they would continue to come into work if they stopped being paid. It's called work for a reason.

  45. Take a moment to think of it in these terms. Depending on if you are working in a field you are actually passionate about there may be some other motivation, or if you are in an industry that provides a vital needed service for the fact that you really care about helping your community ( from libraries to hospitals etc)

  46. I had a meeting over wages I’m job hunting because I was told to budget and live within my wages I shut them out after that The day I quit there will be a fuck you email to three people

  47. Money grabber! I’m obviously into working half my day to deliver you more, crush my soul, and to see how much I can challenge my will to live! I mean isn’t that everyone!? I mean if I could sit in traffic and then slave my ass off for you, boss, for free, I would totally do it!!!

  48. Sure? And that manager is going to work every day for what? Personal satisfaction? The sheer joy of it? His responsibility to the company?

  49. probably the same manager who contacts the media and cries in a interview that is competitor is offering 20$more for the same job and everyone left and he cries that he has to do everything by himself

  50. It's fucking hilarious how many times I've heard this! One of my first jobs was at a Wendy's and the GM said that as I was leaving. No motherfucker I'm here to sling this artery clogging poison 🤪. That same mo'fug was caught years later shaving off time from everyone's hourly and pocketing the cash.

  51. One thing I've experienced is that when weird, one sided work bullshit comes up on Slack or text or zoom or even on the phone, the best thing to do is answer as quickly and directly as possible then walk away. There will usually be another comment from their side, something that expects a response... but don't give it.

  52. I was with a company for ten years and put in my all. Ended up with a severe paycut before I left. Companies don’t care about you, and if anyone thinks it is a family, then it is a manipulative, broken family, and maybe dad drinks a little too much.

  53. All a job is is a means of making money. Sure, it's great if you find your means of making money rewarding, but it's still just a way to get cash.

  54. Reminds me of what happened when I was working at my first job. I was 17 then. It was during COVID and during the first months of lockdown and for the months we were in lockdown I still got paid a salary every month, I was surprised as I thought I wouldn't get paid during the lockdown, so when I got paid I made sure to thank my boss. After lockdown we had an event and I was asked to help even though it was past my working hours and I worked for 4 hours more than my working hours for 2 days. So at the end of the month I noticed I didn't get paid for the extra hours that I worked so I sent a message to my boss asking if I would get paid for the extra hours I worked and she said we would talk about it the following week in her office and when she called me she said that because I got paid during the lockdown the extra hours I worked were to cover what I got paid during the lockdown and I didn't work enough hours to cover what I got paid for during the lockdown and she said she was disappointed in me because I was only working for the money. I got home feeling bad because she hired me when no one would because I was a foreigner and I felt guilty and sad. I told my mom about it when I got home and she went and tore my boss a new asshole and forced her to pay me what she owed me. I left that job a few months later.

  55. I love bosses like this. It’s a wonderful reality check for them that they’re not special whatsoever and there is a limit to their authority.

  56. "well Boss, since you are NOT in it for the money, you'd be willing to cut your salary to increase mine--you know, to keep this 'family' together... right?"

  57. When they ask this, in the future, ask them "If they stopped paying you, would you still work here? Would you work for free? If they reduced your pay by 10% or more, would you continue to work here or would you look for a job that pays more?"

  58. If I had company shares and a vote in the business I might not be solely there for the money. Unfortunately worker cooperatives are far too rare.

  59. Not apologizing for employer response: Larger issue that OP (and others) might be running up against is pay equity. If it’s an org that actually has payscales and tiers, the offer they received may exceed what they can respond to with a counteroffer without skewing pay equity for other similarly titled/pay grade employees. We’ve come up against that in hiring. Employers that don’t go back and regularly review the entire structure (and adjusting for equity) end up being locked in for counter offers because of old pay scales.

  60. well until we learn to live without needing to give money to get everything we need/want than yes all work is about the money

  61. But seriously this delusion that your work needs to become your life needs to die. We live in a capitalistic society I need money to live you need workers to run your business. It's called a symbiotic relationship as soon as the symbiotic relationship stops being symbiotic you lose your worker. But if you can create a symbiotic relationship where you create an ethical working place people will work for you and they'll make money and be happy and you'll make money and be happy. It's that simple.

  62. We don't want people who are only in it for the money. Then stop paying people. The ones that still show up, they're not in it for the money. I won't be here though.

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