Please boycott GameStop!

  1. That’s dumb because I guarantee most people who walk into a GameStop already know what they’re going to purchase.

  2. Funny part? I do it all the time... And then never buy it there. I browse around going "huh, I wonder if that's on steam." And then go home and check.

  3. This kid has been in multiple news articles too. Seems super sus with everything else going around with that stock. 🤔

  4. Top comment right here. Is this the same dude who's been making all the rounds with articles about not being allowed to go to a funeral and whining that GameStop tries to make a profit off of things they sell?

  5. I work retail as well, our teams go into customer homes. Our entire crew is men. All adults ranging from 21 years old to 50 years old. The managers decided as a "goodie bag" for the holidays, they gave us holiday glasses (the kind you wear that had santa shapes on them) and fucking bubbles. a bunch of grown men.

  6. Gamestop trimmed their management staff and gave that budget to the staff as a raise. I think that's the raise he didn't want to talk about. I googled after watching this yesterday and that's all I could find.

  7. Lol, this is currently what is happening at my job (retail). If the cashier reach a certain number of new reward member signups they can get 2 snacks (candy, drink, chips, etc) up to $3ea. Everyday, these cashiers are cashing in and seem to be pleased with the arrangement. They are on average 18-20yrs old btw…

  8. I wonder what will happen when antiwork realizes the extent defamation campaigns from the banking system and figure heads in corporate media really go.

  9. One subreddit own like 30% of all the stock they have issued, or several billion dollars worth. They are still saving the company.

  10. Not to mention my local GameStops are usually empty. Their used games are WAY overpriced so I’m not sure how they even sell them.

  11. Yes and I hate this site for it. I worked for that miserable company for three years and was waiting to see it give up the ghost

  12. Bro you ain't seen nothing lmao. When I worked at Walmart & this coworker of mine killed himself because a manager was bullying him they just fucking covered it up & literally sent the family a goody basket, the manager still works there... We would be openly referred to as "bodies" & the incentive for working accident free was a pizza party & of course associates were recognized with meaningless pins that they actually take from you if you get fired

  13. I got a raise but I wont tell you how laughable it was ...... really. Going on a rant and not giving any details on the shitty raise....

  14. I mean, I'm not surprised, every retail job is basically like this. I'm shocked there are people working at these stores or in the service industry because the pay may as well not exist it's so small. Best option is to just not work there until shit changes, but that's not realistic because ya gotta eat.

  15. Mid level management making decisions based on higher level management - and neither have worked the floor in the store in years (if ever). No empathy from management because the shareholders need their cut.

  16. I get the message, but why does he look like he is walking around in a Media Reload store after hours?

  17. This guy should either take his candy like a good boy or work somewhere else. Cuz no redditor is gonna boycott GameStop lmao

  18. Ill be honest, probably not a good idea to say boycott gamestop on reddit, a website, that single handingly saved that entire company and brought its share value up again. With thousands of people holding their stocks and intending to make money with it, and supporting it in whatever way they can.

  19. Yes. Heaven forbid someone calls out the videogame pawnshop/used jpeg retailer for being a shitty company that treats its employees like disposable garbage just because a bunch of bagholding cultists still like to post memes about how they’re really going to be billionaires once they completely expose the financial conspiracy theory that’s tied to literally every single event happening in the world today.

  20. GameStop has been beaten down by wall street for years, they’re restructuring. They actually made management work in the stores, to see what it’s like. They just did a round of layoffs of management, and gave that money to the actual workers. Yes it was only 50 cents, they’re literally trying not to go bankrupt. They’re at least heading in the right direction, not just giving bonuses to the top management.

  21. There’s more issues than just pay. The metrics they use to measure employee success vs what they expect from employees is insane. Source: I took a second job this year in addition to teaching to pay off medical bills for my family. That second job was GameStop. GameStop was a far less healthy environment, and more was expected from me at less than $10 per hour.

  22. Dude. Lincoln, Nebraska had multiple stores where the whole staff just walked out. My local store has 1, one, employee and the rest os coverage scavenged from other stores in town.

  23. No no they aren't they are the same shit company they were two years ago. The only difference is the meme of people getting rich off buying the shorts. They have always and will always be a shit company.

  24. The two prices in the United states that have remained stable since the 80s are: video games at about 60$ a piece and cocaine at about 100$ a gram.

  25. I have stopped shopping at game stop. They mistreat employees, they mistreat customers, they are just all around a bad company that honestly needs to fail.

  26. Oh yeah. They know they can do that type of shit because people “WANT” to work there. What 18 yo that’s into video games wouldn’t want to work there? I’m glad you see it for what it is. Now get out.

  27. My job had a cow bell that we would ring when we got to a certain quota because it was "fun to ring". It was so loud and annoying. The worst part, they made us ring the bell... It was not optional....

  28. Right? Candy is for children. All respectable bosses use pizza to manipulate their workers into accepting substandard pay and conditions.

  29. Former GameStop employee here. My store paid me $11/hr for doing everything besides scheduling and payroll. I had no guaranteed hours nor benefits, yet I was expected to do everything such as opening/closing procedures, bank drop offs, incoming/outgoing inventory (fuck you blonde UPS guy, black UPS guy you were always the best), online orders, transactions, marketing, cleaning & tech support (people called the store for help with their systems or warranty information), occasional training, daily conference calls (read: bitch sessions to get chewed out by a district manager that could be replaced by an AI script), the never ending price changes, and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a thing or two.

  30. GameStop announced a couple months ago they’re giving their store leaders $21,000 in vested stock. Kind of nice of them if you ask me?

  31. Lol it’s actually a common tactic to increase morale in many places. “Y’all have been doing awesome! Here’s some pizza” be suspicious any time a manager doles out treats of any kind. It’s just a manipulation tactic. Do it all the time and then blame higher ups for the negative bs. It’s easy to say “hey bosses are being a-holes and want us to do xy&z.” Then give cheap incentives to show we appreciate them for doing it for us because we’re not the a-holes. We’re just the middle managers looking out for our people.

  32. Gamestop employee here. can confirm that this is correct. since he didnt say it, i will. Our raises were 25-50 cents. and not everyone got them.

  33. Shareholder here. Sorry about that, we will vote for higher raises as soon as the company is profitable again / we get the opportunity to vote on it.

  34. You don't have to boycott it. People should just not work for them. Go work at McDonald's and make more.

  35. This has nothing to to with the company. They where shit. It was about a few who saw what the market was trying to do them and tried to turn it around. And guess what? It’s true and working. Not only for them but others who are making positive changes for the employees

  36. I don't mean to burst his bubble, but if he's worked for GS for any period of time, he should know the absurdity of the high pressure sales. He should also recognize the content he heard on that call is the result of well paid upper management continuously turning up the heat on store level management that is paid marginally better than he, himself, is. I don't know who at GS is reaping the benefit of their sales, but it's nobody at store level.

  37. At my last job as a domestic violences/sexual assault advocate, my supervisor had been giving us gold star stickers. And eventually stopped giving us stickers and just told us she owed us stickers. And the pay was bad too

  38. I worked there for a time years ago. It was okay from my experience but they did lie in order to fire full-time employees pretty often in our district to not pay unemployment. One of my friends even filed a lawsuit and yeah, there was no evidence he stole to which lead to his firing. He ended up getting a cash settlement . It seemed they fired him to hire a friend's kid.

  39. I used to work at GameStop over a year ago, They refused to give me a raise and wanted to keep me at “part time” while working 35-40 hours a week. There was only the store manager working there at the time and me. The store manager hired an ASL quickly after hiring me but only because the person was older. I busted my ass for that store and was on tons of manager calls and running the crazy PS5 events they used to have. I’ve never worked harder for a company while also that very store being the company that’s paid me the least. I loved working there for the 10 months I did but the WAY THEY TREAT THE STAFF what works in the store is absolute garbage! I don’t recommend working there unless you’re okay with either a few days a week or working full time but labeled as part time. Also, even if you were to work just 2 days a week my store Atleast would expect you to do amp Loads of counts

  40. The bad thing about the GameStop phenomenon was that it helped out GameStop, a company with a long history of being absolutely awful to employees.

  41. Yo, for real. It's like these people don't know what worker solidarity is anymore. Has me wondering if this is getting suggested to people who aren't part of this sub

  42. I don’t understand. This guy acts like this is a GameStop problem and that’s funny. You can tell he’s only 18. This is a corporate America problem. Boycott because they’re using positive reinforcement? It’s better than using negative reinforcement. Wait til he’s working in a factory on a line. This kid is in for a rude awakening. He’s on a mission. And he’s getting air time from a lot of online information aggregators. Seems sus that a basket of candy needs a 2 minute intro. I mean would you rather have people bringing in pizzas?

  43. I worked for a GameStop that was an EB games 3 weeks before I started. I applied at EB rates (great pay) and was hired at GameStop rates. Other than free games money was a joke. I was actually promoted but quit before the pay raise

  44. note I'm a Canadian employee (ex left a while ago but still good friends with the manager of 1 in my town) They haven't said anything even close to this here. Seems kinda sus

  45. I can’t even remember the last time I was in a GameStop tbh. Used to go all the time growing up since they had a 30 day return policy if you still had the receipt. I would just buy a game, beat it in a couple of weeks, return it for store credit, buy another game… wash, rinse, repeat. It worked for a few months before they finally updated their policy. Still, I played almost a dozen games for the price of one.

  46. Yea I have managers that do the same shit. Oh made your goal for today? Here’s a paw patrol sticker. You did some shipment? Congrats! Have a fruit snack 🙃 mildly infuriating.

  47. I worked as an assistant store leader for gamestop for 5 years. Worked my way up from entry level. I saw the whole Circle of Life nonsense, I saw them force customers to sign up for credit cards, as well as one manager tell us to just put the warranty onto games without telling the customers and if they came back and complained we could refund it. Finally one day I had enough. I had enough of them telling us to sneak someone a pre-owned copy of games when they bring a case up for the new copy, among everything else like getting paid $12/hour as a manager. I quit and I now refuse to ever give them my business again. When they go out of business, it will be the best day of my life. It was easily the worst job I've ever had. I highly recommend everyone think about if they want to give them business. They are literally one of the worst and most greedy and underhanded companies I've ever worked for. Don't shop at gamestop.

  48. As if this isn't the same dude who has appeared in multiple articles claiming different shit. You don't have to dig much to find out this is complete bullshit and just trying to frame a company in a bad light.

  49. Hahaha. This "person" doesn't work for GameStop. It's all part of the nearly 3 year old short attack. Some hedge funds losing serious money.

  50. I feel for you dude, I got dicked by upper management for the 7 years I was there. Nothing more freeing than quitting that shithole of a company.

  51. Sounds like you’re just whining. Like the company owes you something. If the pay is so low quit and get a higher paying job. Job market is great for employees right now.

  52. Oooooor how about what ever job you work, doesn't matter if it's food service or you're typing on the keyboard they should treat you like a human being and care that they didn't have enough to pay rent or enough to buy food for the week. Let's just stop this "get a better paying job" bs because if everyone did that then no one would be serving you your big Mac and large fry or scan your items in the grocery store. Oh wait? You're forced to use self checkout? Must be that people are "finding a better paying job"

  53. Or they could make commission on their sales so employees can make more, especially those who want to at least, and GameStop makes more sales. Either way I’ve had similar experiences working in fast food. Fuck these management bigots.

  54. I like during that whole rant not a single person was in the store. They might not be open but the game stop by me is always dead, so maybe that’s why they can’t give you anything

  55. I don't really get GameStop, I used to go there when I was a kid because my mom didn't like me buying stuff online, but now they have nothing Walmart or target doesn't have. I can get used games on eBay Probably should invest into getting those hobbyist table top games and DND, Warhammer sort of shit.

  56. Yeah am sure you can casually just walk in on your boss and listen to his call with all the other managers 😂

  57. Regional managers who failed at Starbucks are now bringing their failed, toxic “management expertise” to GameStop. Who would’ve seen THAT coming? EXACT same tactic from 10 years ago when I was a Starbucks employee — didn’t work at ALL back then, doesn’t work now. These slimeballs would reward 12 months of hard work with a Snickers bar that can be eaten within a matter of seconds. These people aren’t managers. Even calling them Nazis would be an insult to Nazis.

  58. I mean retail is rough, but as far as terrible things that companies do every day I’d say this is pretty low on the list, they were late to catch on but they plan to pay more and incentivize internal promotions.

  59. Too late, I've been boycotting gamestop for years, specifically because the staff over engaged with me. They knew I didn't want to hear it, I knew they didn't want to say it, but someone elsewhere knew better than us both.

  60. Instead of candy they should offer you a free haircut. Oh and find another job if you don't like working there.

  61. People seem to forget how shit the company was on the brick and mortar side of things ever since it became a meme stock. The employees have always made pathetic wages and even managers there make very little

  62. I'm a grown ass man. If I wanted to eat nothing but candy for the rest of my life I can do that. Give me a better check or fuck off

  63. It's going to be nothing but charge cords and game controllers here pretty soon just like Radio Shack before they died

  64. If everyone around this guy is supposedly paying higher entry level wages than his underpaid job at gamestop, then why not just leave gamestop for all these other jobs that are actively hiring and paying more?

  65. You work in a games store mate. The only thing that’ll put me off shopping at gamestop is if whining lil shits like you is who they employ now.

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