Just got laid off work, heartbroken but at least I got to see their true face

  1. She totally planned that in advance. It wasn't because of anything you did, or didn't do, while she was away. She knew when she left you in charge that she'd be firing you at the end of it; she just wanted to get in a vacation before you went, because she wasn't going to be able to take one after.

  2. Maybe think of it this way: By laying you off, you've been relieved from overcoming the hurdle of deciding to leave yourself, which can be high enough that people end up self-destructing in a bad job. I'd definitely take the time to consider where criticism might have been legitimate, where you may have mistaken superficial courtesy for genuine goodwill and what you could've handled differently, e.g. speaking up when you feel that you're given too large a workload. But other than that, I'd simply book it as a learning experience. By your own account, nothing of value was lost here.

  3. it sucks to be set up for failure. Enjoy unemployment if you can and eat some fudge stripe cookies and pringles (oddtodd) I wish you luck finding new employment that values you more and pays the bills.

  4. Managers are often instructed, by their supervisor, to hold off on firing someone until the manager returns from a scheduled break. This way the supervisor does not need to find the coverage while the manager is away. Just further proof that all companies view ALL employees (regardless of hierarchy) as tools.

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