This is what you can purchase in Venezuela working 3 hours for minimum wage

  1. Being unable to afford basic human needs when working as much as you can should be a crime. But who would get punished? Certainly not those in charge. This is just sad to me.

  2. It happens all over the world sadly. Many places don't have access to clean reliable drinking water such as pollution from factories, and often the cause is from rich countries such as imposing rules and restrictions. But even in countries like the U.S., the American people are struggling and many struggle to put a roof over their head even working so much. And we see it happens in both Flint and Jackson where the state knew about the water issue...

  3. The US should be punished, they destroyed most of Latin America so fruit companies could keep doing as they please. Read up on the School of the Americas if you're doubtful.

  4. This is factually incorrect, not only do Venezuelans make around $7,310 a year in minimum wage, they also get food stipends equal to around 2.3 times that ($16,695) stipend for food. Further, most Venezuelans arent renters, the cost of living for things like food is around half to a quarter what the US’ is (depending on the specific food item), and I’m fairly sure my source doesn’t even account for a very recent increase in the minimum wage. (

  5. Clearly you wait till the egg hatches and feed it the bread. Feed man chicken, he eats for day. Make man grow chicken, the chicken and the man both starve to death.

  6. They look see the crumpled bill, that cheap fuck hollowed out my egg and gave me half my change back! I can’t afford an egg!

  7. It’s not just the poverty, they also have food shortages due to poor supply chain. So what food they do have is limited and expensive af

  8. one of the most oil rich countries in the world. how the entire populace is not living in prosperity is beyond absurd.

  9. Why pay for oil when you can coup your way to it? Russia and the US are intimately involved in Venezuelan unrest for this very reason.

  10. Yeah, almost like a super power has sanctioned them into oblivion? I stg a lot of the ppl in this sub have the same foreign policy as Hillary Clinton. Ya’ll would probably have the same positions on economic issues as her as well if you wernt poor.

  11. Ah nice. I love randomn posts of abitary claims with nothing to back them up except "Communism is when no food"

  12. This post is actually so sus, half the comments are literally saying that the US should be grateful it has capitalism. Is this just what the sub is like now?

  13. Look if you genuinely want to debate struggling AES countries and whether their problems come from US sanctions or a corrupt elite that's a fine discussion to have. But anytime anyone in the US brings up "vuvuleza" it's to browbeat away even the barest whisper of anticapitalism.

  14. Coincidentally that's what the people in the U.S. who cite Venezuela as a cautionary tale want most of the U.S. to be able to afford for their hard work.

  15. Gives someone like me that thinks he struggles some perspective on how hard others have it. Yea I might have to overdraft my bank to pay rent every month because its more than doubled on me in 2 years, but I feel truly blessed that this isnt the hand I was dealt. 3 hours of "working" in the comfort of my home buys my family 4 or 5 days of food...

  16. I play an online video game called ‘RuneScape’ and the Venezuelans will literally ‘take over’ popular monsters like Dragons to collect the drops and sell the gold for real world money so they can eat and survive in real life.

  17. The world is shit. And yet we have people that have billions. To put that into perspective if you made 10000 dollars a day you could for from 1 BC to now and still not be worth what Elon is worth. Alot of people don't know how huge the difference is from million to billion. You could count to a million in around 4 months it would take you 32 years to count to a billion. It's truly unfathomable how much that is and sickening at the same time

  18. Buy a chicken feed the bird some bread unlimited eggs in Venezuela. I got 12 chickens they eat anything including all the bugs great for tick removal. Free eggs.

  19. For anyone who questions the intelligence of OP… they’re a “crypto enthusiast”… so good eye

  20. Why tf are we talking about Venezuela? We have an embargo against them right? We support subversive political enemies of the government there right? So maybe if we actually care about workers in Venezuela, (you don’t, you’re just being reactionary), we could pressure our government to allow them to trade with the US or other countries affected by the embargo.

  21. Super cool when you ignore how Hugo Chavez destroyed the food industries. Read about the biggest company in Venezuela agroisleña and how it was destroyed after chavez stole it and changed to agropatria. You talk alot of shit and know nothing about Venezuela

  22. Sanctions came as a response to the clamp downs on protesters. People were protesting because the economy went to shit. The economy went to shit because it’s run by a government. Government is run by one institution in Venezuela.

  23. Agreed Venezuala's economy is only such garbage due to imposed sanctions after they stopped allowing foreign businesses to profit of their natural resources

  24. This is why I'm not against Gold Farmers on OSRS. Literally just dudes trying to support their families. I don't support them mind you, as it is against TOS, and does fuck the economy a bit. I just understand why.

  25. I feel like you could go live in the jungle and find more food than that in 3 hours. Plantains and coconuts grow like weeds in tropical climates.

  26. Lol living in the jungle you'll die of exposure, why not go live in a forest in the US? Because you need a lot of things to survive, shelter for one? food exists yes but you have to process it and you need a varied diet to survive, and clothes? Lol ideally hunting and fishing tools to supplement foraging. Competing with wild animals. You can't do such a thing alone, you'll starve or die from the elements for sure, just watch the TV show alone where it's just a who gives into starvation last game and that's with people that have spent years learning how to survive in the wilderness.

  27. How much are those items and how is the poster getting paid. Because thats not possible unless your getting paid pennies on the dollar like the little kids in sweat shops

  28. Lol, just one county away, cradle of capitalism, and the oldest democracy on south America, farm workers can earn 6USD x DAY working on rich people's farms...yet many stupid still worried that we might become Venezuela

  29. Does the majority of this sub understand why this is happening in Venezuela? And no I won’t just use “socialism” as a buzzword lol

  30. Yes this is atrocious. Anyone see what you can buy in the US for 3 hours at minimum wage? I'm guessing it's not that different.

  31. Venezuela makes me sad. I always hoped that people would revolt long before this stage. It tells me that we could get to this point in North America and we still won't be eating the rich.

  32. Considering how much damage is sanctions (aka siege warfare) I question if this should be on this reddit. We are opposed to the bosses here and there are no bigger bosses than the ruling class of the US.

  33. Here il wondering how some people want to point out how US meddling in Venezuela for decades followed up by anticapitalist far left policies leads to this but when people leave Venezuela they suddenly become economic migrants who can be airlifted to Massachusetts under false pretenses.

  34. Reading all these pseudo-intellectual comments by leftists and then the response from actual Venezuelans’ is priceless. Nothing screams “I’m an American!” More than telling someone FROM the country in question exactly what’s happening in their country.

  35. LOL if you manage to spend it before it devalues. Any statement about the value of minimum wage in Venezuela is probably inaccurate.Venezuela is in state of hyperinflation and there's widespread deficits of goods. There is also widespread corruption in terms of workers not actually getting paid that minimum wage so the situation in the United States is a lot better.

  36. I and a few others support a dog and cat rescue in Venezuela. Inflation is out of control there at this time and our small group of supporters is struggling to keep the 50 dogs and cats + feeding strays going. If anyone wishes to help with a donation, I can guarantee the money will get to the rescue with proof. Please PM me for details.

  37. In the US we euthanize 500,000 dogs and 750,000 cats each year. I just learned this thought it would be an interesting place to share

  38. Now im just waiting for the “america under communism” meme even though this is probably because of people taking “a little” (99%) off the top

  39. Not only any minimum wage job, teaching is not exactly a good line of work either. After some math, I think I do around 60$ in a good (all classes and hours full from 9am to 5pm) fortnight.

  40. venezuela is only like this because of the harsh sanctions that the states have put on them. sanctions kill ppl and the states love to use them to hurt other countries. venezuela has the largest oil reserves on earth and this is why the states sanction them and even try to overthrow chavez with a coup in 2002 under the bush regime

  41. That's not nearly all of it. They nationalized their oil infrastructure yet their oil is one of the most expensive and complex to refine because of the grade of oil produced from their oil fields. Venezuela has lost the skill sets to maintain their refineries and peak capacity, increasing costs and lowering production.

  42. Venezuela have sactions from the US and they cannot sell their oil . When they try, military stope the ships and steal their cargo.

  43. Is It possible to meet a real person/family there, and mail dollars?? I would do something like that. I dont trust charities as they are just money laundering for the rich.

  44. If you want to read into this a bit more an interesting route to go is how a lot of people play RuneScape full time in Venezuela and sell the gold you receive in game as it works out better than minimum wage. I’ve heard stories of the Venezuela government providing Internet cafes with free pcs and equipment for their citizens to venture into making money online.

  45. It would be more interesting to compare what you can buy for an average wage. Minimum wage can be completely unrelated to the economic reality.

  46. ... is this supposed to be pro-Venezueula? Because a loaf of bread is like $2, and a carton of eggs is like &10 CAD. That's -maybe- 1.5 hours of work here.

  47. When I go to a place that sells single eggs I also get overcharged. And nice bread is super expensive anywhere.

  48. A Big Mac meal also has like 1500 calories. You could buy 4 of those loaves of bread and two dozen eggs with one hour of minimum wage in the US.

  49. Look at it from the bright side: you see a loaf of bread and egg. I see brunch you can make a profit on. People are suckers for scrambled eggs and toast.

  50. There was a post on here a little while ago that said going to McDonalds is a show of wealth in Venezuela because a single meal is over a month's salary.

  51. this is basically a lunch. You work 3 hours for the price of your lunch on your lunch break leaving 5 hours to earn the price of your dinner and breakfast.

  52. The American dollar is going to collapse it will be like that here one day. We will have a famine so great the world has never seen. (Idc about being downvoted, it’s more important to warn than to care about dumb internet points) one day you won’t be able to even get out your money out of atms. Laugh now but you’ll see. You’ll see.

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