I just can't with this one 🤦‍♀️

  1. Imagine being such a fucking moron that you think the way to get people to come work for you is to directly insult them before they've even applied. Now imagine that you were thinking you might go apply at the Dick Pickler place, you get to the door, and you see that this is the type of fucking moron that runs the place.

  2. Maturating = letting your self be exploited. The irony is the person he is attempting to insult for not being mature are probably more mature than a person who posts a letter like this.

  3. Seems like the store owner is wanting to go out of business, cuz I would avoid the place just based on that note

  4. You're a lazy bum who needs to put on their big boy panties and move out of your mom's basement. No one in your generation wants to work.

  5. 3 customers a day, manager constantly watching employees through camera/walking around, not allowing sitting down or being on your phone saying you should be working, am I right?

  6. That’s what I’m thinking too. Like you are putting on display that you think your employees are there to make him rich but they can’t even afford a one bed apartment let alone a car to get to their place of work. Why the fuck would I want to support that. I’d fucking rather make my own shitty sandwich.

  7. There's a restaurant in my neighborhood I've been meaning to check out, and when I walked up to the door I saw one of these "nobody wants to work" signs and just went back to my car.

  8. Proudly advertising their toxic work environment. And then he'll whine online about this all over again when he goes out of business. Zero self reflection.

  9. We seriously have way too many restaurants in the US. Half the restaurants in the country could close, and the only people who'd ever miss them are the employees who worked there (and even then, most of those would have an easy time finding a replacement job at one of the remaining restaurants.).

  10. Seriously. Politics aside, this just seems stupid from a business perspective. I wouldn't want to eat here even if I agreed with them.

  11. If only they'd rub their two brain cells together and find the correlation between 30-somethings living with mom and dad "playing vidya games all day!" and the fact that nobody can afford rent at $15/hr.

  12. 15 an hour and “nobody wants to work” but I bet they schedule you for either one 12-hour shift per week, or Thursday through Sunday, opening to closing, plus evening shifts Monday through Wednesday.

  13. That sounds an awful lot like someone that doesn't want to be in business anymore. Just trying to take the easy way out and give up. Employers not paying enough anymore. Adjusted for inflation my grandpa made $55/hr. This guy is basically trying to give someone 8 packs of gum per hour and call it good.

  14. Good to see people are finally calling out their bullshit with "You can't be serious." I've wanted to say that shit to employers for years.

  15. Their website is up for sale on GoDaddy because they haven’t renewed it. Only $70 to teach them a lesson, if anyone is interested.

  16. He probably thinks "well you're not supposed to make a career off working here". Basically an admission he's not interested in long-term employees, and relies on a model that requires there to be a revolving door of desperate young adults who burn out.

  17. I mean f*!$ them then. I have three kids. Two are 22 and 19. They both make around that, and they cannot afford to move out. They pay their bills, and essentials, but they're not paying rent so that they can try to build up some money in the bank. If they had to cover rent, renters insurance, and utilities they'd have no chance of getting ahead. Plus, the expense of just starting out--furniture, kitchen essentials, etc.

  18. They’ve taken down the post. Luckily, others are posting the screenshot of this sign in their Sept. 20 FB plea for help.

  19. Looking at those trailer homes in the reflection. I’m guessing the tips ain’t going to be great.

  20. Hey Pickled Dick owner, I just created a job. I need someone to come wipe my ass for 6 cents ($7.25/hr for 30 seconds) and be on call every time I take a shit.

  21. “Also you must invest in your own two-ply. Charmin’ preferred. If you must you can purchase it from me but that’s not very professional. Grow up and go to Bed Bath and Beyond. None of this Costco stuff. My ass is a paying costumer.”

  22. People forget we lost nearly a million lives in Covid. But he probably thinks it’s a hoax and didn’t get the shot cause 5g and horse wormer (trailing off into a rambling rant).

  23. Free market for me but not for thee, they demand a steady supply of labor on the cheap but workers can’t demand more pay or benefits, that would be entitlement🙄

  24. They haven’t even opened. They are likely to never open. Their very first post on Facebook looking to hire immediately starts off with “no one wants to work anymore.”

  25. I think they de-listed themselves on Google maps. The address from their website comes back as a dollar general.

  26. They wanted a free market, where people were free to go elsewhere, and that's what happened. Them being closed didn't help of course.

  27. I just have to say, Pickled Dick’s is a pretty hilarious name for a company run by a guy who talks like his brain was frozen in the 1970s and is this much of a dick. He literally is a pickled dick.

  28. The whole thing looks fake and made up. Easy to have a Facebook page but there's no other business listings on Google or yelp that I found. Also that name does not speak serious business.

  29. It’s funny when people get the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps“ analogy wrong. The whole point of the analogy is you can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps it’s a futile task.

  30. I honestly remember asking my dad about that saying when I was 5 after hearing Sir Topham Hatt say it for years on my Thomas the Tank Engine tapes. Being 5, I obviously couldn't get my point across entirely but he told me I was wrong when trying to argue that it was impossible lol. I guess it makes sense that he's a Trumper now.

  31. I saw a sign a while back that said "We've been hiring for months but no one wants to work! What happened to supporting small businesses?"

  32. Nobody owes these people labor. The price for it is set by the worker and not the employer. If the employer cannot afford to pay the worker for their time and energy then they dont deserve to remain open. This is how healthy economics works

  33. We are so close, I mean close! Why are so many stores charging such high prices? Remember when a sandwich was $3? It was good enough for my grandpappy but now these young whippersnappers just want to sit in their basement playing video games all paid-for with overprice millennial sandwich shops. Smh

  34. Damn, I wish more Americans did that. Would probably make communities stronger and give young adults support so they don’t have to go to fringe groups for belonging.

  35. It was always so weird to me growing up Italian when my friends would be anxious at the pressure their parents were putting ok them to find a job and move out. My mom had a fucking meltdown when I moved out at 29.

  36. And this sign isn't reeling in the eager, energetic applicants who don't work for the money, but just the opportunity to be in the fast-paced deli game? What has the world come to?

  37. My friend has worked at a deli where the sandwich chef is a strange man named Lou (no given last name), a 92 year old man from Germany who is apparently extremely racist and will yell at you if you ask about recipes. I would still rather work with him than the guy who made this sign.

  38. Truth. My sister closed her coffee shop because she couldn’t find anyone to work there. She and her husband didn’t do anything except do the books.

  39. Because their daddy didn't give them a small loan of a million dollars like their god Trump. These sorts of owners probably don't have business plans or a grip on the economy.

  40. So my mom and dad signed up for 18 years. So I should move out on my 18th birthday? With what money? I was in high school, so I could only work a part time minimum wage job “meant for teenagers”

  41. They signed up is also not the same as we signing up. It's not like we volunteered to be born into a world with massive wealth and income inequality. Never mind barriers like access to education and/or genetic differences between people. What happens if someone is born with an intellectual disability and their parents disown them?

  42. They signed up for kids. We didn’t sign up to live in this absolute joke of a society where working hard actually gets you nowhere and will never afford us the benefits many of our parents received. Why play a game we’re fated to lose?

  43. best part is them insulting people for living with their parents while simultaneously wanting employees who will work for wages so low that they'll still have to continue living with their parents

  44. Previous employer laid me off December 2020. Got 2 PPP loans about 150k each, never hired me back, nor offered any work while I collected unemployment. Owner purchased brand new Mercedes, remodeled their home. Sold the company 1 year later after 2nd PPP.

  45. I love how they're trying to shame people for still living at home, but the only people who can live on their wages are people who still live at home.

  46. As a customer about to walk in and reading this sign I would nope outta there real fast this curmudgeonly.

  47. The "big girl panties" and "big boy pants" thing is SO DISMISSIVE of other people's individual circumstances. It's like when people tell those who are depressed to just get over it. Ugh. That big girl panties etc phrase is so fucking cringe.

  48. It's like you are evil if you want to live alone. I don't like people, I want quiet when I get in. Roommates want to have people over and I don't. I need to live alone.

  49. Everyone’s roasting the shit out of that place on Facebook, thank god they outed themselves as trash employers so people will know not to work there beforehand

  50. I love seeing their angry tears. These people are SO MAD that workers aren't lining up to do $300 worth of work for $11 in pay. Yeah. Well, too bad wage-thieves!

  51. You sign up for life as a parent. They don’t stop being your kids at 18. Seriously don’t have children if this is your mindset.

  52. These al boil down to: "I have an idea that will give me money and that automatically entitles me to have people work for it, no I wont pay them a living wage and I won't respect their personal time, their entire purpose is to bring my idea to life so that I can have money"

  53. And stop with "the customer is always right." Sometimes they aren't, and a good manager will stick up for his/her employees against an abusive patron.

  54. You say you want part-time. I am 59 years old. I want one or two days a week. I can't work weekends or late nights but evenings are ok. You will reject me.

  55. Good. If the owners cannot pay livable wages, then they should either work (i.e. exploit) themselves or go out of business. Alas, such are the ways of capitalism.

  56. A sandwich shop recently opened in my town. They pay $12 an hour (a starter home here is $400k, nice houses start at $600k). They only have two employees and are getting complaints left and right about how slow the service is. 30+ minute wait for one sandwich. The owner was on the town FB page telling the people who were complaining about the wait times that they should come work at the shop if they want their sandwich quicker. I don't see this shop existing past the end of the year.

  57. One refreshing thing about these last few years is that it's dispelling the myth that everyone is entitled to running and owning a small business. It takes skills, intelligence, and a product to make it actually work. For a long time, most small businesses (particularly retail and food services) made up for their shortfalls or have even succeeded on the backs of their workers by underpaying them to make the business profitable. But the reality is that the alter of capitalism that they worship on does not have much sympathy, and they'll find out the hard way that counting on paying poverty wages to remain profitable is not how a business operates.

  58. Something tells me that the odds that working here pays enough to pay rent and stop living with your parents is very small.

  59. Exactly. If you’re wages can’t help me get an apartment and anode of transportation to get there then why tf should I work there.

  60. Ole Pickled Dick is one whiny bitch....normal people say Help Wanted and list a phone number but this whiny motherfucker has to share his world view in the most obnoxious manner.

  61. Pickle Dick had better pony up more than shitty mimimun wage if he wants to lure anyone out of their parent's basement these days. Which funnily enough I'd where he'll be living soon if he can't hire anyone.

  62. Unemployment is still below 5% it's not that people are sitting in basements not working, it's that they're barely getting by working 2 jobs & still living with mom & dad because rent is good damned expensive. In 2019 the average wage needed to get a 1 bedroom apartment was something like $27/hr, ain't nobody making that outside of trades or white collar.

  63. I can’t imagine reading this sign and then thinking why yes, I definitely think I’m gonna apply to work for this out-of-touch employer who just insulted me.

  64. this owner must have been taking advantage of employees for a long time if they can afford to throw a tantrum and close the shop cus they don't feel like working.

  65. I got out at 18 and joined the military but my mom was prepared for far more than that. Good parents are ready for more than that. Having a child isn't as easy as cutting them loose when they are an adult. It's a life long contract.

  66. “No one wants to work” is a pause button for my attention span. The minute someone says it I immediately stop paying attention to them lol.

  67. Nothing like trying to entice people to come work for you than by insulting them! I'm so sure that will work suuuuuuper well.

  68. Pay people a living wage? The problem with the system is it trying to destroy small businesses by making it so they can’t afford to pay enough to justify the work. Oh you worked one hour at $15? That one hour of time will get you a box of Oreos, an energy drink and some gum. Good luck affording a car, rent, meals, phone bill and god forbid you get sick…

  69. 'You're lazy, you suck and you're a loser! Get in here and subsidize my failing business by working for an unlivable wage!!'

  70. Unemployment rate right now is about 3.7%. The historical low for the past 50 years was 3.5% and the average during that same time was like 5.8%. So it's below average.

  71. Surprisingly open-minded of them to support my wearing both boy and girl underwear while I do the work of multiple people for the pay of less than one person.

  72. The fucking gall on these sMaLl bUsiNEss oWnErs thinking they get to be upper middle class on the back of other people’s labor.

  73. Add to the note: Do you pay employees enough to afford their own homes? Or would working for you full-time mean I’d be stuck living in their basement because you don’t pay a living wage?

  74. Something tells me that talking smack and making fun of potential employees (not to mention offering very little money) isn't the best way to attract applications.

  75. My sister lives across the street from this place. This place is in a city in Ohio — I’m surprised to see it on a popular Reddit post! This place isn’t all that great anyway lol

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