How wrong can they be?

  1. Also why is that considered "excellent with money" to give 600 dollars away a month? For the individual, that's just as much "wasting money" as their Starbucks is. And that's probably cheaper than the 600+ in donations.

  2. This is an actual example of someone they interviewed named Trevor Klee. He lives with 4 roomates which is why most of those expenses are so low:

  3. Then just take the 600 put to “donations” and split that where you need that among the chart because no one donates like that

  4. The guy has 4 roommates, so it's $150/month. That said, it's awfully telling someone who makes $100k/yr needs 4 roommates. Funny that they left that small tidbit out.

  5. "Each month, he donates a significant amount, around $615, to a variety of charities, including More Than Words and GiveDirectly. The bulk of his contributions go to One Family, a non-profit located in Waltham, Massachusetts, that works to end homelessness and break the cycle of poverty for local families."

  6. Even taking into account that rent was lower on average in 2018, when that graphic was posted, it's still very clearly pulling that 'it's a banana, michael' shit. No one is spending $615 a month on 'donations'. Where is there data? Where is their group of surveyed people that led to these statistics?

  7. They are intentionally leaving that information out. It’s definitely successful at being enraging. “A person who is good with his money” is a flat out lie. This man had to work several jobs AND share a flat with several other adults in order to be good with money. That is criminal. The title should be “the spending of a 25 year old who has to have five roommates and three jobs just to be able to have a reasonable rent cost”

  8. This infograph is posted on here constantly. Every time there are 1k+ comments of people getting worked up pointing out the same exact same things. At this point its just rage clickbait and people can't help but fall for it.

  9. Just want to put it out there. I don't know the facts but I think Christians often are donating a chunk of their earnings to the church. So it's possible.

  10. But a budget is meant to account for the person entire monthly paycheck. Someone making $100K takes home around $5K minimum after payroll taxes, withholding, etc. If things are going into a 401K/savings that should be shown on the graph, not left out entirely.

  11. Also ... a 25-year-old making six figures? That's pretty fucking rare. I'm twice that old and have never made anywhere near that, though to be fair I'm not in day trading or FB engineering or any of those jobs that provide no value to the real world but which pay a ton.

  12. Internet 20$? Who has internet that cheap. I pay like 3-4 times that. And I think my IP's prices start at at least double

  13. That's renting a room from someone in their house or they are using rent prices from somewhere noone is making 100k a year working.

  14. That’s because the donations are the profits to the landlord, apartment complex, etc for most people, not this particular dude. Combine the two, and it’s $1,440. A bit more in line with their own numbers…

  15. the fact that they pay more for a cell phone then a house cleaner says something. and where can i find this $20 internet?

  16. I get internet for $22 a month, call spectrum, ask them for their absolute cheapest, don’t take less than $25 for an answer, it’s sometimes shit but definitely worth it compared to paying $60 or $90

  17. I’m gonna be graduating in May but I know people from my major and the business school who have signed offers of 100k out of college. Engineering if you’re wondering

  18. I mean, I’m 22 and I’m set to not be far off from 100k by 25. Their numbers are still absurd though. None of it makes sense

  19. Contractually mine is supposed to be 50, but I pay 70 since that means nothing to my ISP and they just continue to raise it in small increments anyway.

  20. It's possible to make $100k at 25 without being a wall street person or have a cushy tech job. I did. It's obviously rare though

  21. I made over 100k at 25. Took 5 years of college, student loans, and a master's degree to get a good job in tech, then 2.5 years at the job to surpass 100k. My parents didn't buy these things for me.

  22. This is intended to be informational not offensive but many 25 year olds are making over $100k. Large variance based on where they live but anecdotally I’d say 30-40% of my peers were at that level.

  23. Not really anyone else mentioning the transportation thing. A monthly bus pass here is more than $100. If you don’t live (or work) somewhere decent for a bus you then have to buy a car and insure it. Smh.

  24. This gets reposted like every 3 months and people get angry about it. Someone points out that it's not a suggested budget, it's just a real persons budget that CNBC published, and that comment gets buried deep down in the depths.