My boss wants to fire me because I only work 60 hours. I’m supposed to work the weekend too.

  1. This guy has a slaveowner mentality. Get the hell away from him as quickly as possible. I'm surprised he hasn't said he's going to flog everybody to make them work harder.

  2. Kind of depends on the industry too, in most farming operations working weekends during harvest is very common, same with being on a rig, or repairing disaster damage on critical infrastructure. But that’s also why it’s extremely common to have long times off without any work

  3. The whole thing sounds like something from the 19th century. Incredible that this is possible in a developed country in this day and age.

  4. Been there. Former boss told me I was mediocre because I would work "only" 60 hours a week. If I wanted to stand out I should be working 70 to 80 hours a week. Detail: I was an intern.

  5. Shit like this is insane and needs to stop. When I was a couple of years into a PhD program, after going for months with 4 hours sleep in order to keep up with workload, I complained to supervisor. Was told that if I wanted a career in this area of academia I needed to be prepared to put in 80+ hour weeks for the next decade just to be mediocre. Because that's what everyone else did.

  6. Back in Myspace era alot of the americans in the forums had the tendency to brag about the hours they put into work each week and I always thought it was crazy. 60-80 hours is insanity unless you're running your own business. How do you manage to have a life? I work 38.15 hours per week for full salary and get 30 vacation days each year. No one pushes me to work more or call me back to work from my holidays. USA is messed up in so many ways. Makes me sad really.

  7. What's bs about that is I worked with guys who would "work a ton" but what they did in 3 hours I could do it 1. How about instead of looking at quantity you look at quality. My boss was so far out of what went on it wasn't funny, his superstars weren't superstars just the guy that were screwing him the hardest

  8. I was a field supervisor and my direct boss told me I'm not working enough after he looked at my 70 hour time card, which didn't include all the unpaid hours of answering my phone on the weekends and after hours to help direct service calls and assist employees with trouble shooting. I threw my keys to him and told him to find someone else who can do more then. His attitude changed real quick. Ive since quit and have been rehired but part of my return package was that im entitled to work whatever hours I want as long as I hit 40. Boss knows damn well ill walk out again if need be.

  9. This was my first thought as well. If it were me, I’d play chicken with them and see if they’d fire me and screw themselves iver. Sounds like op is in a fairly in demand trade so it won’t be a problem for them to find work.

  10. My observation is that many employers will overwork and punish any employee that is actually hardworking and good at their job. This is based on my experience and what I have observed from others. people who are bad at the job will skate by without any problem. But you, the one who made the mistake of working hard and doing well will be expected to do infinitely more work and spend all your time at work, without regard for your health, with no additional compensation, with no prospect of advancement, etc. And if you refuse, well, you're fired. This happened to me at my last job. I was effectively doing three different jobs because my employer couldn't be arsed to hire proper staff. And he'd keep adding more. And asking me to stay late. And eventually I did say no because aside from the fact that I was breaking under the strain, I literally could not do additional work. It would have meant not being able to do it all and getting in shit for that (because missing certain deadlines would have serious consequences). And I explained that. Well, guess what happened? I got "laid off" a couple months later. And then covid. And I'm still out of work. If I ever see that asshole again I'll punch him in the face. He deserves much worse. If I've learned anything, it's that I should drag out tasks and do the bare minimum. I shouldn't be incompetent, but I sure shouldn't ever stand out. Competence and hard work is not rewarded.

  11. They are exploiting you to hit cost savings targets and get their bonuses. 60 hours is way too many hours even if you did 80 it still wouldn't be enough for this lot. If you can move on do it and fast before your health fails you

  12. This* you can set whatever hours you want. They're your bitch. The next time they bring it up tell them you're only willing to work 40, and pray they fire you. In the meantime start looking for something with a better life work balance.

  13. Right? They’re not going to fire him. That’s an empty threat to scare him into working more. I thought most employers wanted to limit hours to avoid OT pay. I hope OP is getting overtime pay for anything above 40 hours. If he isn’t, he should file a complaint with the labor board or whatever government body enforces those laws.

  14. It's (maybe) cause they can rehire cheaper now. New hire at my last company now is making $14 less than a new hire same time last year.

  15. This is why unions are so important. It's easy to see how they have no problem leveraging abject poverty against their employees. Without a union employees pretty much have to take it because individually we can be replaced. A union can call that bluff and leverage lost profits or even bankruptcy if the employer doesn't get their shit together and start treating people fairly. Anyone who opposes unions opposes people. One can't claim to care about family values while simultaneously breaking up families for the sake of corporate profits. That's hypocritical bullshit.

  16. Right! Like, I'm not a manager. But if I was. I'd immediately be employing another person. That's unrealistic. I hope they pay you well OP! Jeesh

  17. They are frustrated, not smart. People lash out. I'd love to be OP, get it in writing why they are threatening to fire them and get paid for a mini vacation

  18. Also a strange logic that this group is full of people who don’t want to work, which is the very reason the OP is in this situation—because nobody wants to work and he’s venting to people that are of the mind that you shouldn’t have to work ha!! This is all so ass backwards.

  19. My idiot last boss did this at the end of March:1 coworker had been put on leave due to the boss purposefully misrepresenting a necessary action (putting a microphone on a child), 1 of my coworkers put in a 2 weeks notice, and then she let me go from my probation because I too refused to work 60 hours a week. Leaving her only the part timer. From my contact at the place, the turnover has become ridiculous (>1 month per person, hiring process takes 3-5 months) since then. Less than 6 months later she has no workers. Again.

  20. Your boss is a gaslighting manipulative twat, 12 hours a day hard labour..weekend work will burn you out and nobody is worth your mental and physical health not even your twat of a boss

  21. My dad’s company pulled that shit. Dad being dad he sucked it up and did what he was told. Ended up so broken physically he barely made it to early retirement age. Ended up spending his last couple of years in a wheelchair.

  22. This is why boomers hate millennials. Because if I was in ops situation after busting my ass for 60 hrs during the week and they still don’t appreciate that I would’ve told him to fuck off rii then and there both supervisor and the boss. These boomers think life is still the same from when they were growing up which is not. I’m putting in ny 40hrs and that’s it I’m the last person to feel sorry for you if you have come in and “cover for me” maybe they should stop being cheap and pay new employees good to stay.

  23. It was hard to do but I quit a job that was just like that. Told us we never have days off, worked 65 hour weeks often. Money was the best I ever made but wasn’t worth the total destruction to my mental and physical health

  24. They don't have enough man-power to cover stuff as-is, even with OP working 60h shifts. They're not gonna fire OP and have to pay unemployment. They're gonna work OP 'til they break and quit and then scramble to find someone else they can trick into working absurd hours for minimal pay.

  25. Honestly I would tell them the job is now stressing me out more. I will only be working 40 hrs a week. Then wait to be fired.

  26. There usually is overtime, but it's not worth it. Most garbage labor jobs give you a low hourly rate so they can lower costs on giving out mandatory overtime. The workers just end up overworked and still poor.

  27. Had this happen to a sister-in-law. Corporation worked her like a dog, she would go in to work early at 5am (to make sure everything from previous day was caught up) and usually be there until 4:30pm. She was due for a raise but, they tricked her into taking a "promotion to "manager" and put on salary for a slightly higher amount than she would have received on her raise. What they really did was fuck her with the salary cutoff rule threshold and raised her just above the dollar point where salary workers are not eligible for overtime pay. She continued to put in the same daily hours but without overtime pay and lost a ton of money. Pricks knew exactly what they were doing and even had the nerve to get her to start coming in on weekends to do more work. She eventually wised up and quit.

  28. When I worked IT at an MSP the owner did that shit to us, gave us all a raise to a bare minimum threshold so he could classify us all as "engineers" and move us to salary, therefore he didn't have to pay overtime OR do comp time any more

  29. I'd look at local labor laws. Then if you're feeling really bold, call them on their bullshit. If he wants to fire you because you're only working 60 hours, you're likely to get unemployment benefits and probably have grounds to sue.

  30. i see this argument a lot. "you'll qualify for unemployment." In Texas, where I live, we have one of the highest unemployment benefit payment rates at a maximum of $549 USD per week. That is only if you qualify for the maximum based off your previous salary or wage. IDK about everyone else, but I make over twice that now, and if I had to survive on the unemployment alone, I wouldn't make my bills.

  31. Next time your boss is saying they will fire you look them dead in the eye and ask "Where are you planing to get someone to replace me aren't we already low on workers?"

  32. Right. Either the boss can find more workers - in which case he should so he’s not asking guys to work 60+ hours - or he can’t, in which case OP has hella leverage.

  33. If no answer, or they just splutter something, you have them where you want them. Ask for a 25% immediate raise, or you're walking.

  34. What’s the point of working at all if you can’t have any life outside of work? What is the point of earning money if you don’t have time to spend it? You will have to spend it on paying people to do the things that you should be doing yourself in your spare time — effectively subsidizing your employer. It’s a bad deal. And when you are burned out and broken where will your boss be then? He will definitely be there for you—there to fire your “lazy” ass!

  35. Yeah, the guy they fired - it wasn’t for taking the company truck for joyrides. Not saying he didn’t do that too, but when you’re gone they’ll tell the rest you did something outrageous, and they didn’t fire you for not working weekends

  36. Beat 'em to the punch, tell everyone at the job that's what you know you're getting fired for lol

  37. Seriously though, 40 hours a week is already a lot. The only reason people do it is cause they don’t get paid more per hour.

  38. Y'all aren't slaves. No one is forcing your supervisor to work weekends. Tell him he's crazy for doing so

  39. My job was pulling shit like this. I put my 2 week notice in. They ended up firing the only other person on the floor who was worth a damn. They hired me back 6 months later in a MUCH less stressful position for a 60% raise. The job on the floor was so stressful, driving a 26' box truck through Times Square during rush hour was trivial in comparison (no joke).

  40. Ask them, how would firing someone who works 60 hours per week help the company that is struggling as-is and that needs someone to work even more hours?

  41. Answer with a simple NO. If he fires you get that unemployment. Maybe start filling in the forms right now. Be prepared for the worse. But 60hrs the heck with that. Tell him You want to go to 40hrs with an X amount of pay increase. That will get you fired but. F those slave drivers.

  42. Your boss’ business is getting away from him. He needs to hire more people. If he makes the claim “NoBoDy WaNtS tO wOrK aNyMoRe” then he is not paying enough for what the job entails. If he can’t afford to pay more then he’s not charging enough for his services. It’s so simple.

  43. Lol construction company owners are scum bags when it comes to money/profit margins. They know what they’re doing when they accept a contract knowing they don’t have the man power to complete the scope of work by the deadline, within a reasonable hourly time frame for the employees. They work the laborers that’s been with the company to death b cuz it’s cheaper then hiring new help and then having them sit around after the project is over and/or not having enough work to keep the new guys busy.

  44. 60 is too much in long term. You can do that for couple of weeks until your mental health WILL start to suffer, and of course, if it is physical work then your body does not have enough time to heal itself from all the damage that physical work does. Does not mean physical work is bad for us per se, just that we need to rest for our bodies to build them selves back again, to replenish all the nutrients, damage microtears in our muscles, build more bone where it needs to...

  45. I do 40-45 a week and that is enough. They try to give me more responsibilities without compensation and just tell them no thanks. They can try and strongarm me into more BS or lose me entirely when they are already short staffed.

  46. If these clowns are making you work 60hrs.. I'll bet a bag of flaming dicks it's also not a safe working environment either. These clowns have made schedule obligations they can't possibly met, likely to get a bonus they won't be sharing with you..

  47. Never pick up the phone when they call outside of working hours again. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

  48. “Sounds like you need to hire people. You’re turning the company problem into my problem… I like working here and don’t wanna make you have more problems by leaving.”

  49. wait for them to fire you, then file unemployment. make sure to use all of it, too, so it costs them the most possible.

  50. Yes. I was a department manager. I could do the job of three people, at times I did and when it became the norm and I knew how much money I was saving them, I asked for a raise and they became furious. This was at a “family owned” large business.

  51. Just out of curiosity, is there a limit to how many hours a day or week a working farm animal can be worked?? I know horses in cities are regulated.

  52. I'm on salary and my job will not get anything over 40 hours out of me. If they ever ask for 60 I'll still give 40.

  53. Are you getting overtime pay for those extra 20 hours you’re working? If not, you should report them to your labor board.

  54. Sounds like he’s trying to kill you honestly. 60 hours is too much, and I wouldn’t do it. Quit that job before your body fails and your life falls apart.

  55. If this job you have is a skilled position that you needed to train for months to learn then there is a union somewhere. If not it might be time to look for such a trade. Something like a plumber or electrician. Something with a union will protect you and your income.

  56. "People" like this don't see their workers as human beings, it's time we stop looking at them that way. They see us as assets to be used and abused. Fuck your manager. He's an inhuman piece of shit and deserves the gallows.

  57. They will grind you then fire you anyways when you can’t anymore, time to look for another job

  58. Whatever you do, don't quit. Don't give in either. If you're lucky you'll get fired and can collect employment insurance for several months.

  59. The good old US of A of course! You didn't think we had actual, substantive worker protections here did you?

  60. This is unfortunate, but the only accountability you control is your own. Don’t wait for others to do the right thing, find what’s right for you.

  61. If you do t have enough people to cover 7 days of work, you don't have enough people to be open 7 days a week.

  62. Hey OP, let them fire you for refusing additional overtime, make sure it's in writing so you can take it to the labor board for unemployment benefits.

  63. You can't work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. You'll do it and when you get burnt out they'll just fire you and move on to the next victim. That's what happened with me. I got to the point where now at 27 my back is fucked up as are all my joints and I'm in near constant physical pain, and now work in retail. I'm not shitting on retail, just saying I get looked down on for it by nearly everyone and it's kinda killing me inside, but i still somehow am making more than i did with the factory and manual labor jobs which everyone told me pay better. Also better insurance and boss and coworkers.

  64. I worked for middle eastern guy, we worked 10 hour days but we're paid for 8hrs. He didn't pay any overtime because they didn't pay it in his home country. Weekends were mandatory and we got an extra $1.50 an hour because he had such a big heart. I was fired on a Friday. My last paycheck was for two days because his secretary said that they were going to let me go on Tuesday but she was busy and forgot about it. I said that I worked for five days and wanted to be paid for the whole week. She told me to come in on Monday and she would have the check, but she had to get the owners approval first. I went back on Monday and she said that he didn't approve the extra days.

  65. If they need your overtime and weekends to function, they don’t have a business at all. They should higher cheaper or charge more, or close the business. Unless you own part of the company, there’s no big payoff for all that extra work 99% of the time.

  66. tell him maybe if he hires an extra person or 2 he can take the weekends off too ☺️ …or is he too lazy to hire more people? hmmmmm…

  67. Get a doctor's note saying you can't work overtime due to stress/depression/anxiety. They have no choice but to honor it and if they fire you, then you can sue them.

  68. So just to clarify, they fired an incompetent worker and now they’re claiming they don’t have coverage. Yet they’re going to fire a competent worker and screw themselves over even more?? They’re bluffing.

  69. Just ignored 3 calls from the store phone and one call from the GM's cell phone. Sorry, not sorry, I was out to dinner with 2 of my kids.

  70. 60 hours isn't enough but they're going to fire you? Stupid idea on bosses part. Was there any agreement when hired about hours? People don't last working 7 days a week. You will get burned out fast

  71. “Dedicate your body and soul to my company. Make me lots of money while you get paid shit wages and physically wreck your body”

  72. I work in construction. It’s quite rare that I say yes to working longer than 8 hours or weekends. The power of saying “no” and the ability to go to another company makes it pretty easy. I only work OT to cover vacation expenses typically

  73. Tell them that your now only going to work 4 days a week and if they bug you about that nonsense again, you’ll drop it to 3 days (which is still full-time) and past that, you’ll quit.

  74. If this in US and is on a legal work site, then you have options to complain to official government apparatus. You could also Google around and find answers on avvo or us dept of labor , state dept of labor, or EEO commission website.

  75. I would always support the idea of people learning a trades skills like barbering and then starting up something on their own. It could even be home services out in the yard. Anything but this hard manual labor for years.

  76. That guy sounds like an idiot. 60 hours is already really pushing it, almost none of my guys on any of our roustabout or well site crews went over 45-50 when things were rough.

  77. So let's see. What's cheaper. Forcing one guy to work 84 hour a week at 44 of them being overtime at 1.5 his wage.. or getting two people at 40 hours each?

  78. The ole shortstaffed because they dont pay enough so they hemorrhage more employees by overworking em.

  79. Remind your boss that firing you isn't going to suddenly make you work weekend, it's going to put a 60 hour hole in their work coverage

  80. Manual labor or not, sixty hours a week is too much from any job. It breaks you mentally, emotionally and physically. I had an engineering job that did that for years and I kept at it, always thinking they'd hire more, but there is no end; if you give, they will take.

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