Telling my managers to go fuck themselves

  1. From what I’ve seen, they want us to all gas up our cars and go buy Starbucks and lunch. No thanks

  2. I was WFH before COVID-19, but they moved everybody to WFH and closed the call center entirely. It’s great because I now live two hours away from where I used to work.

  3. Similar to my company. When covid came they were doing most things remote anyways so they just sublet the office for the rest of the lease and now I only have to drive anywhere once or twice a week and just for a customer.

  4. The smart companies are the one with this mindset. Keep the employees where they work best. If they are best at home and they can do the job at home, what incentive is there as a company to keep them away from that. Same with in office, if they prefer the office culture, why stop people from doing it. The job I'm doing setup a true hybrid system based on employee choice. You get to choose whether your workday is at home or in the office, unless your job requires a physical presence at the office to do it, like IT. You just schedule in an app to reserve a desk on the open floor plan and then just go, and they'll make sure that there is leadership support at the office depending on how many people chose to go in on any particular day.

  5. Sounds great. I started a new job mid-pandemic. So early 2021. Our department wasn’t built yet. I was forced to work inside a different department. I never saw any of my coworkers except on zoom. The department I was working in needed their space back. Instead of approving me to work from home for a month, they placed me inside a different department. I’ve been here for a year and a half and have had three different offices.

  6. This exactly. Before covid there was little to no office space, no parking and people had to drive from far out to get to the office as the area was too expensive for most of the workers to live nearby. The only people that had it easy were the C level people.

  7. The company I work for is doing something similar. They are selling their current office space and leasing a smaller space. Those who want to come in can, otherwise we are full WFH. I think it works out for those who enjoy going into the office.

  8. Management is requiring we go in 3 days a week. We previously and begrudgingly were going in 2--after successfully working from home for 2 years. But executives moved our office from one side of the city (centrally located to all staff) to another side of town (10 minutes from most executives but double and triple the commute for those of us that live in the affordable parts of the city.)

  9. I just left my job after 12 years and you're right, it's scary. It also took me seven months to find the job that was right for me (which surprised me, considering my experience and that I was the top in my department). My old job announced RTO early this year to take affect in September. I'd been unhappy for a very long time, but that was the push I needed.

  10. I'm looking at this in the coming months... 13years is a lot of year with a company ! I'm almost 12 years in while being 28 and believe me, serious companies love that shit. You show you have commitment and good work ethics if they kept you that long! You'll find a good job for sure. Sucks you have to change because of management but I'm sure you'll manage :)

  11. Not sure where you live, but where I do this would still qualify you for severance and Unemployment if this was a drastic as change as you said in your commute time.

  12. I have never once met someone who was in the same role for over a decade and regretted going somewhere else when the time came.

  13. After 13 years at the same place you're probably way behind your earning potential. Changing jobs should give a nice pay increase.

  14. Take fire over quitting. Start looking now, use your personal device for this, it will not hurt. Bad management companies that do this are not for supporting their companies overall health financially but quick cash grad and rotating door employees policies, (in general). It's useless to worry about the worst even if we can help ourselves to do it, I do it too but it's better to be prepared for it and alleviate stress this way.

  15. Age old strategy, get your foot in the door and then keep increasing from there. First foot in the door is the hardest part.

  16. I was terrified to start looking, so I didn't. I lucked out and had a job handed to me via LinkedIn. I start next week. Just start looking. My new position is more focused, remote, pays more, and is paying for me to take courses.

  17. Should probably crop your screenshot before you post it to reddit although is that a whole damn plate of chicken nuggets on that camera roll?? My man

  18. I don’t understand people that do this. They have the picture right there. Then they screenshot their saved photo to create a new photo that they then upload instead of uploading the actual photo. Its just screenshots all the way down

  19. Shows they means business that they have a daughter to care for and they are still willing to tell their manager to F off. I’m never going back to office full time for the simple fact that I get to see my family more with WFH.

  20. Wfh... no commute, more time with family, dog is not home alone ten hours a day, no shitty junk food.. eat from your own kitchen, no worries about dressing up... the best way to work.

  21. My corporation started demanding we come back in 3 days a month. Other departments much more. I went to 3 of 12 required days and told my manager I wouldn’t be going back.

  22. My apartment lease is up and I cannot afford to live any where near my office. I’m about to tell my boss I either need a substantial raise or full time work from home.

  23. What the hell is the point of 3 days per month?? Just have a couple weekly zoom meetings if they feel it's super important for everyone to interact regularly.

  24. Those 3 days a month will turn into 3 days a week, until they got everyone back in the office full time. Fuck that.

  25. how is it misleading if they told you what they wanted? i feel like i’m missing something but good job for drawing boundaries

  26. I love that this sub is called antiwork and then when someone does something representative of antiwork 90% of people are like "wellllllllllllll maybe that's a little TOO antiwork"

  27. I wish I had an award to give you. I’ve posted a few times about remote work, immunocompromised and co is making me go back 3 days, and have been shocked by the responses in this group. I had to check to make sure I posted in the correct group. More people like you and less boot lickers please

  28. Well, I'm with the OP on this one, but yeah, there are some comments and post that are clearly mistaken and are looking for validation and acceptance instead of a honest point of view. You can be Antiwork without behave like a brat.

  29. This sub has the right idea and philosophy, but the execution is piss poor and is constantly shooting oneself in the foot instead of getting the outcome one wants.

  30. It’s not antiwork. Antiwork is, “I’m not interested in working anymore, I want to end work.” This is just, “I want to work for you and take your money but I only want to do it the way I see fit.” That’s not even remotely anti-work.

  31. it's antiwork alright. It's also anti-having-a-job, but you do you. Weigh the consequences of your action and make good decisions, hopefully.

  32. Did they ever tell you that was just a covid thing? Or did they say this is how it's going to be going forward? Or did they tell your why they're doing that? But you just arbitrarily determining that you were going to work from home for the rest of your life is not worthy of your protest.

  33. As a technologist,, I get head hunted all the time. First question is Can I work from home and if we get far enough Put it in my employment contract.

  34. My office has absolutely no plans on bringing us back in. Our office spaces have been "hoteled" I don't even have an assigned desk.

  35. If a job can be done remotely, there's 0 need for an office. Saves you money, and if there's enough people working remote, the company can just fucking rent out the office space or let a different department who needs to show up use it instead.

  36. Businesses are realizing that their offices are a waste of money without people in them, that's why they want people back. And they likely realize that renting or selling the office space won't work out too well since the same thing is happening everywhere. They don't like that they now have an expensive building that is sitting empty, so they would rather make their employees unhappy rather than deal with the issue.

  37. Idk my motto has always been don't resign wait for them to fire u. Just coast for a few months not doing anything and collecting pay while u look for a new job. It's a lot less stressful than having no source of income or having to do unemployment.

  38. i was hoping they would fire me at my last job but the last straw was they were gonna pay me probably about half minimum wage. i couldn't realistically stay and try to get money later. i walked out the same day. i was kinda depressed and did NOTHING for nearly 2 months, but i did end up finding a much better job. on the bright side i later learned that minimum wage is actually HALF what they are legally required to pay me so i'm gonna still put in a claim to get my back pay. should be a nice chuck of change. like $5k or so. and wheneven i leave my current job, they'll owe me as well as they're only paying me 2/3 of what is required.

  39. Know what's important to you and what to make time for, like your cat, the small human who I can only assume to be yours and that plate of what looks like perfectly roasted potatoes. Damn those potatoes look good.

  40. Fuck the office. All these companies are fake fucking liars. We were the ones that got these companies thru this pandemic and their gratitude is to try and get back to status quo as soon as possible. Fuck em. Make em suffer.

  41. I'm kinda high but why would OP post a screenshot of a picture of the email instead of the email screenshot edited? Something seems off about this post.

  42. Thank you ! Why do you take a screenshot of a screenshot that’s already in your camera roll !?

  43. Update 5pm: my manager is acting like it never happened. Can’t believe it. I disclosed my salary to the entire team and said how shitty it was even though I’m the highest paid. Manager and her manager both just pretended like I never sent this.

  44. I saw a video of a guy talking about his boss calling saying he had to return to the officer after working remote for 2 years, he says he can't because he moved out of state. I would have lived to see the bosses reaction.

  45. I’m with you. I was work from home in my department 3 days a week before Covid (2 days before that) and now the whole company has figured out WFH. We are required to start going back a few days one week a month for the rest of the year, but management in my department have been increasing the pressure constantly (and honestly every week during the pandemic) to get back and making it faux-required sooner where we need details as to why we’re not coming in if not. Mind you, no one else’s department and some other managers don’t give a shit.

  46. I drive an hour and half every day, I spend over $300 a month on gas. I could work from home but my office doesn't like it even though I'm a sales rep. I still only interact with most coworkers over slack even when I'm in because they work remotely on different parts of the US.

  47. I told her I was going to clock in when I left the house and clock out when I got home. Decided to not go instead.

  48. Screw that. I’ll never go back to an office. My job 100% remote and I’m loving it. I get my job done just fine and my team is all over the United States. I spent 15 years going to an office. Causes extra stress and for what. Not a damn a thing in my opinion. If your job is sitting on a computer and going to meetings like many modern office jobs there is no reason to go to an office.

  49. Feel free to share the statistics about how companies actually have better-working employees when they work from home permanently. There's so many mixed reviews but overwhelmingly there's positive responses backing this up. Having WFH as the option means HR even has a better chance at hiring because they can search worldwide sometimes.

  50. Anything that requires you to sit in an office in front of a computer can be done from home. Anything that requires you to sit on a jobsite in front of a computer can be partially done from home. I fall under the second category, but I'm not allowed to leave my worksite to do paperwork, even if it's all I have to do for the day.

  51. I don’t get why some people on here are being bitchy about you setting your own terms. if the company doesn’t agree and fires you it is what is. If they don’t and you contribute effectively as an employee who does it hurt?

  52. I’m definitely getting fired for this lol. But it was either just quit or tell them to fuck off and see what happens.

  53. Did you know it is actually healthier for the battery to kill it and then fully recharge it rather then drain it 90% and recharge, or only letting it charge a bit at a time?

  54. My company hasn’t forced people to come back in office and has been great about letting people work from home. Thou I do see a club forming in the in office crowd and sometimes feeling like I’m missing out on office connection. But then realize I hate office politics anyway… better to be out of site out of mind

  55. Very well done. I've had to play this card with two different potential companies who advertise as hybrid but then tell me during interviews it's 3+ days in office. Make it known that we don't want to commute any more.

  56. Based on the alarming frequency you use the r-word in past Reddit comments and your misunderstanding of the concept of “fraud” sounds like it’s not really their loss.

  57. I so badly want to be a work from home worker but nothing I find can beat what I make as a Casino Cashier...

  58. I dunno I think the whole useless commercial property is an issue for the company/ owner not the employee. Why not use logic like where I'm currently working and get the smallest possible office. The people who actually go there frequently live very close ( less than 20 mins ) but we have far more employees than would fit in the entire office. Most of the people work from home or rarely come in. It's a win win as people are happier , less money on rent and overhead. Most of us float around and work at random places so it's foolish to have a giant building for people to work in. I myself live 30 mins away and I go to the office maybe once or twice a month. Usually there is no real reason to go but randomly when clients show up I have to make an appearance. I don't know why more companies don't do this , and cry me a river about the restaurants or coffee shops and their sales. I still need to eat and drink coffee. I'm just getting it at a place right by my house.

  59. Nice. My office has been putting in "perks" which they have gradually been dialling back, and they've been really pushing the lines about collaboration and culture.

  60. So all through Covid, I was working in the office 4-5 days a week. I was on a critical infrastructure project… so fast forward, Covid is over, and now I’m on the same type of job, but it’s for the office overseas. So since they can’t bill for my cube, so I’ve been switched to 4 days WFH and only one day in the office in a random cube. TLDR - companies only care about profit, they will tell you to WFH once they get out of the office lease

  61. Very well said OP. Bravo! If the said job can be performed 100% at home, then there's exactly fuck all reason to go to the office for it.

  62. Thanks and agreed. I didn’t put a lot of thought into the email but it was after I lit up my manager over texts and wanted to shove the officialiality right in her face with this email so I cced her manager too

  63. Just FYI if anyone doesn’t know this but the only reason companies want people who aren’t customer facing/physical job requirement to come into the office is because of real estate and state tax write off. Companies can get tax breaks based on having X people in the office because of some outdated rule for bringing in jobs to a physical building BUT what it should be is tax break for having X amount of employees who live in the state that are employed at said company. It has nothing to do with collaboration lol (as we all know)!!

  64. Starting to sound a little childish in this sub, I have to be honest. Unless they specifically told you when you were hired that you would be 100% remote, this is a poorly addressed email that makes you look immature.

  65. This is a great start, but management wants to SEE examples of how WFH is good. I'd add on shit like how you were just as productive (if not, more) during WFH. Maybe add in some metrics, list projects completed, etc in order to back up your statement.

  66. Man, your company only makes you go in 3 days a month? My company is 4 days a week lol, and nobody has said anything to them (that I know of)

  67. What makes you so special? You don’t like your job? Quit. If they want to you in the office you gotta go in. You live far away? Move closer to your job. I’m sick and tired of you whiny entitled babies.

  68. I moved away from my job so I could afford housing. I’m tired of corporations acting like entitled babies.

  69. Enjoy the unemployment line lol. People on this sub act like they can just do whatever they want and that they are so integral to the company lol.

  70. Exaggeration on my part but I like to toss the word fraud around when dealing with corporations. There’s plenty of it even if you think misleading your employees about return to office demand doesn’t constitute fraud.

  71. I’d rather just tell them to fuck off. They can circle jerk and get Covid all they want. I’ll stay home

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