F××× MS Teams

  1. The issue is work should supply a proper headset for work calls. Teams is good because you can shut it down and not give out your home or cell number to colleagues.

  2. I think you're being unreasonable and giving waaay too much pushback. Like it's really a non-issue that you're choosing to make one.

  3. Other than not having a headset I don’t see what difference it makes between teams and phone once you get one given to you? It’s definitely more reliable than email only as people can actively ignore them easier. You can ask them to send written confirmation on the call if you need the trail too

  4. This is true. Like another guy said, I probably wouldn't be as annoyed if I had a headset. I think I'll ask for one.

  5. not age gap, you are just being smart. they need to provide you with the equipment. when the teams call is task related always follow up with an email.

  6. I mean it’s still an improvement over Skype for Business, but seriously unless it’s an emergency and you don’t have their phone number, it’s ridiculous to expect an immediate response and actually makes people less productive. I normally rotate between responding to emails and doing actual work every 20-40 minutes, but Teams/Skype messes that up.

  7. Teams calls are the worst. I just don't answer them. Everyone I work with has fingers, they can type if they need to communicate that badly.

  8. It’s an adjustment but I agree they should buy you a headset and you should take the calls as you can. Tbh email is a terrible way to communicate and is a waste of energy. I’ve gotten to the point where I just use email to hold people accountable. Everything else is an IM or call.

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