My wife got fired, so her entire store walked

  1. That slimeball wanted her job bad enough to get a mark put on everyone's record, now everyone hates them and they're stuck alone doing the workload of 5 people. Karma. You know they'll have to retrain fresh hires because nobody will want to work with that shit stain after this.

  2. So true! I want an update 6 months from now, about how this “new manager” tanked the business and no one wants to work for her.

  3. I had a coworker that I thought was a personal friend. Little did I know she was badmouthing me behind my back to management. She completely made up drama that I took the fall for. I was blindsided. Management suggested I take a demotion. Guess who got my job? She lasted less than two months. She was up in the manager’s office literally crying because she couldn’t keep up with the work. Real tears. Everyone hated how she managed the department, so they did not hold back relating her latest sob fests when she got called out for not keeping up or she complained about having too much to do. Meanwhile I was able to work just part time (which I preferred as a mom of little ones at the time) as a key employee for another supervisor and they were thrilled that I was taking weight off them. The backstabber quit and I never saw her again. Everyone asked if I was going to reapply and I just laughed. Got out of retail a couple years later thank goodness!

  4. How did the dist manager have zero discretion during the whole episode. Siding with a subordinate employee against a manager that has a flawless record is pretty sus. I bet there is more to this story than OP probably knows about.

  5. They'll fill the place with idiots, the new manager won't be good enough to keep the money coming in, customers will start walking, and the district manager will stop getting those higher level bonuses from having a strong leader working under them.

  6. I like this comment. One time I worked with a bitch that wanted my position so bad, and she sucked at her job, but I was happy to give her my position so I could have less work load, and she talked all this shit about me, and about issues in the store, that was all her literal mistakes, and I stated that because things went from normal to real fucked up throughout a whole timeline.. and one day I showed up to relieve her and I was the closer and she began talking about shit being in the wrong spot, that she literally put in the wrong spot and messed up our inventory, and I told her fuck her, and fuck this damn store, that I quit and she got to work a surprise double shift, and the store was short staffed to where like basically just me and her were running it, so she got stuck not just with a surprise double that day, she most likely had to work open to close every day until higher ups figured out a staffing solution. I also threw my key across the store and knocked over shit on my way out. (And I forgot my coffee cup, so I had to awkwardly walk back in there for it, and I gladly told her I just wanted to say one more time again that she's a dumb bitch) I used to always try being so sweet, and this was a point I decided I'm not just going to be sweet as pie anymore, bc people are shitty, and I had also literally just had a shocking unexpected death in my family like days before I quit.

  7. I would make it my life goal to tell every single new employee there that story. And every family member or friend of that asshat he somehow is connected to on Facebook and so on.

  8. Also the other employees may not have liked hearing that the owner either made up or believed wild accusations about their work ethics and sex lives.

  9. Ask for a copy of her investigation, so you can bring it to an employment lawyer and see what they have to say. Make sure you let them know your intent, it will be fun watching them sweat.

  10. The new manager sounds like a power hungry individual and will fail. If the company decides to make amends in any way, take them for all you can, but it sounds as if your wife will have plenty of LinkedIn credo

  11. i worked for this company for a decade. i know the type. they always end up stealing bc they feel they're not being paid enough (they aren't, but that's another story) will never help you find coverage if you have to call out, will leave people alone in the store for's a shit show

  12. Companies love to run off 1-3 employees, then when those workers finally get upset about being overworked and underpaid, they act like they didn’t cause their own demise

  13. Thing is, she never complained. I told her constantly to stand up for herself and she just wouldn't. So she did what they asked AND didn't complain about it. Not exactly happy about that, but she's her own person.

  14. Well screw that store anyway, but tell me about the back room? Sounds like that was the place to be.

  15. I just want to know how they organized it, was there a signup sheet with timeslots, did they take numbers...

  16. I think this is the epitome of examples of how employees quit bad managers. Their good manager got unfairly fired because the new shit manager decided to be a dick. So the employees responded by quitting the new shit manager.

  17. Be a good person. I truly good person in a leadership position, will create loyal friends and acquaintances that are fanatics. Hell I bet some of these people got their friends to work at stores, because they are decent now that she "set up" the owner up for success.

  18. Leadership without force is the hallmark of a good person. And it is frightening as FUCK to people without the empathy to become leaders.

  19. I managed a fast food place and was “laid off”/fired. After I was dismissed 12 of the 14 employees quit. I was known as the manager who didn’t care if you were on your phone or took an extra smoke break on a long day. As long as you got your tasks done, I don’t have the energy to micromanage everyone.

  20. Your wife never taking a vacation is not something to be proud of. I would argue people, like your wife, not taking their vacation is part of the problem in society and makes such a thing the norm.

  21. Lol I can’t even imagine hating myself enough to for one spend my days working in some retail make up store but on top of that dedicating my life to it and NEVER taking vacations. I’d rather kill myself. I was like that once when I was in my early 20s thinking if I worked my ass off at the Walmart neighborhood market I got hired onto that I’d eventually move into a management position. Really glad I finally just ended up walking out of the place. They never promoted me or even so much as gave me a raise even though I had everything in the store memorized, helped stock every single section every night, learned how to cashier in the mornings, learned fucking EVERYTHING and still absolutely no recognition. I’m happy and comfortable in my very antiwork ways. Life is too short for that crap.

  22. I explained elsewhere but her weeks had a mandatory 10 hours of overtime and we were working our way out of a financial hole. It wasn't a choice. It just wasn't a financial option.

  23. I agree. The more you bend over backwards, the more they know you’re that limber and expect it, and it is no longer a favor but just status quo. I learned that the hard way.

  24. Company is run by morons, your wife seems supremely capable and is wasting her time on these people, they're probably massively underpaying her.

  25. OP wasn't over their ex 2 years ago while they were simultaneously looking for a girlfriend on Reddit, and then in a post roughly 18 months later, him and his wife had a baby 3 months prior. Just kinda sus but obviously possible.

  26. Almost all of the stories here are just creative writing exercises in revenge porn for bad bosses. This one is just missing the "and everyone clapped" to really seal the deal.

  27. It's funny, but in spanish nepotism cocer both friends and family. There is no translation for cronyism that I know of.

  28. That edit is so salty lol. Why you mad at people not understanding this is nepotism when you made 0 mention of family/friend relationships between the boss and new manager. Weird

  29. Loyalty is a two-way street. Bosses that are good to their employees will find out that employees are willing to have their bosses back in times of need.

  30. I, for one, think it's awesome. I am so tired of companies thinking they still have the upper hand. Well, fuck them!!!. It is past time for ALL workers to come together as a cohesive unit and tell corporate America (and Canada) to back the fuck up and realize it's the worker that makes the money for them and it's time the workers got their fair share. Fuck the billionaires, fuck the 9 digit salaries some of these CEO's make. It's time to take back what is rightfully ours. People want to work, people want to make something of their lives and there is no fucking way it can be done on $15/hr. These companies better learn to start digging deeper into their collective wallets if they want people to stay. It's not a labor shortage, it's a wage disparity and these assholes better get it through their fucking heads that we're not going to take it anymore.

  31. Thank goodness you included how this happened at 1pm Central daylight time. Had this happened at 1pm Eastern standard time i would have been outraged!

  32. I’ve never seen more than two people working at a Sally’s Beauty Supply… ever… it’s usually just one person, even… I’ve been going there for two decades, now… in different cities (from Chicago to Dallas to even rural small town branches)…

  33. Oh boy do I have a story about the same company. I worked there for a summer while I was in college. I worked for the best manager. Our sales were excellent and she had basically been the store manager in all but name. However she was rejected the job position and given another position an assistant manager at another location about an hour and half from where we lived. The whole store was pissed. Fast forward and the new store manager came in stirring up trouble. She was trying to get dirt on each of us. What she failed to realize everyone who worked there were all close. In the two weeks she had started there she talked negative about all us to one another. She decided that she had a problem with me in particular as I didn’t want to talk down about anyone. She went on to ask stereotypical questions about me to my coworkers. I was the only person of color and was basically the store “expert” when it came to natural haircare. Meaning my sales were amazing. Somehow she still had a problem with me and asked my coworkers to rate my performance. When I finally confronted her about all she had said she try to walk back all the comments she made about me. Her excuse was she could never be racist as she had half black nephews 🙄. We went over her head and talked to the district manager and he wasn’t going to do anything about all the problematic behavior. So my coworkers and I all quit the same time. Fast forward a couple years and that location is now closed due to poor sales. That job was the best job I ever had until they changed management. We weren’t loyal to the company we were loyal to our manager as she was our friend and treated us like humans.

  34. Totally the actions of someone who wrote a real story and has no reason to be defensive. nothing suspicious here.

  35. 1:6 ratio ain't bad at all. This is how they figure out that people aren't just disposable. It's a hard lesson and learning is never really all that comfortable. This company is gonna learn the hard way. Or not and they will speed up their own decline.

  36. You do realize this isn't a big deal for the corporation, right? They don't need top think thanks to run the stores. They need people who can be controlled easily. I don't see this as much loss to the corporate but yeah, have you moment thinking you did something big. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  37. Roofing is no fucking joke either. That work can be grueling. If you get a leader who can keep people coming back to it you'd be crazy to cut them loose, even for a short term financial gain.

  38. The story gives the impression that the "district manager" pre-planned this with the "new manager" considering the times, them making a big show of it, and seemingly believing the whole thing without question, taking one person's word over at least 4 or 7 others', made suspicious since it reports everyone but the "new manager", without giving anyone the benefit of the doubt, presumably because the "new manager" is a friend or relative.

  39. The same person who made a false tip knew she was going to be the manager before my wife got fired. The two of them essentially made a deal.

  40. doesn‘t include the nepotism part and gets angry when people ask where‘s the nepotism smh

  41. Can’t just be a good manager that’s respected by their peers. No, she has to be the best superhuman manager who literally “makes 10 stores number one” overnight and never takes a vacation (which is psychotic btw, take your vacation days you lunatics) in a matter of years. And when she gets fired, of course all the other minimum wage workers (who care deeply about this saint) instantly quit, because nobody needs money or stable employment in this economy.

  42. I haven’t always had great managers. But the ones that were (are) great? Worlds apart! Thanks for sharing, solidarity is so important.

  43. Can confirm I am district manager, Albert Enstein. Then everyone gave her $100 each and cried.

  44. Honestly your wife is part of the problem, worked there for 3 years and hasn't ever taken a vacation? This is the behavior that that continues to validate companies expecting employees to never take vacation.

  45. Biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever read. Looking at your post history you watch furry porn and were looking for a girlfriend FROM REDDIT, 3 years ago

  46. Was there really grill cheesing and bare backing going on at same time? Or was it a separate but equal kinda thing where first the heterosexuals go in and raw dog each other and the the non-heterosexuals go in and rug burn each other because if she didn’t handle that well she kinda had it coming….

  47. Lol I love how people go on Reddit and post story and then gets super pissed off because people talk shit. It’s fucking reddit. What the fuck do you expect?

  48. Everyone knows the story is made up, because that’s not how things happen in the real world. It’s obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about

  49. I think I know what beauty store this is, I worked beside one and chatted with the staff, and they told they'd like get written up for not selling specific impulse items by the check out counter, and the manager like wanted to go on some vacation, (after sales numbers were what she wanted them to be at or something?) so she without remorse had a constant revolving door of staff that were hired and fired over the sales of specific little impulse items that were for sale by the counter.. I've had extremely, extremely strict sales goals, but nothing like drama about selling specific impulse items displayed by the counter..

  50. That's the sad part about any business. Those who work as a district manager or even someone who works in the corporate office is clueless about how each individual store runs. They will literally take a successful store and turn it into a failed store overnight

  51. I was a manager for a very large Fortune 500 company. We fired an employee for “stealing time” they sued and won because it is impossible to “steal time”

  52. Nepotism is a workplace plague. It’s rampant with a lot of private companies. At my last employer, I watched with agony as good managers left and replaced with family members or friends of the owner. These people had absolutely zero business in managing anything, but they were getting paid the mid-six figure checks while good managers who kept the company going left month after month because they couldn’t deal with the owner and her toxic family any longer.

  53. Great post, but it shows that you can never be loyal to a company ever. Always look after yourself. Never be satisfied with just working in one place. Your wife has gained a lot of competency, in

  54. This happened to me when I was an assistant manager at little Caesar’s. My store manager wanted to cut my hours and transfer me because I wasn’t making the store “enough of a career” I was in the nursing program at the time and that was my priority. He wanted to transfer me to a store that was in a rough area, and far from my house. I told him ok, finished my shift, clocked out and told him I wasn’t coming back. Two other assistant managers heard, and quit the same day as well. Made me feel loved! That store manager sucked.

  55. Your wife is badass. Hope you guys are able to take some time together before she goes back to the grind. Managers are in high demand right now, with that work history it sounds like she'll be snapped up fast.

  56. Fuck that store, and good for all the people that left, including your wife, they don't deserve anyone and I hope they have fun cleaning the soon to be closed down shop. Best of luck to both of you.

  57. Your wife's coworkers were smart enough to know they were next on the chopping block. The new manager wouldn't want the previous managers staff.

  58. I believe you, your wife IS a bad ass, AND, nepotism and favoritism are two different things. Nepotism is familial.

  59. I get it’s probably against sub rules but it would be nice to know the company so some of us could avoid them if possible.

  60. Genuinely love the energy of this whole post from start to finish. Don't give in to the people who don't touch grass, I'm happy for the both of y'all, and wish you luck in your future endeavors.

  61. “has never taken a vacation” People need to use there PTO. Another cautionary tale of being the “hard” worker not paying off. I used to be like that and never took pto or sick time. I’ve advanced more In my career lately and I use that time given to me. There’s no correlation between using time and advancing but using it hasn’t held me back.

  62. OP, your wife is definitely a badass, and I love the suggestion of going to a competing company to see if they could take that team and open a new store to take business from the former store.

  63. I am glad to see people standing together. It would be good to know just how much of a hit that chain took to replace everyone that walked out that day

  64. I had a male friend who was accused of sexually assaulting a female coworker in an elevator. He was fired almost immediately with NO proof and no investigation. The woman who accused him had his management position two days later. Came out not long after that she was sleeping with the boss. Who took it even further and blackballed my friend completely out of his industry. Crazy thing was? He was gay, and everyone in the office knew it. He would never have sexually assaulted a woman, he had zero interest in women.

  65. This isn’t nepotism if said employees weren’t related. Sounds like a company so afraid of firing homosexuals that they were willing to let go an employee that was actually helping them make a profit

  66. Good on you for supporting her! And what a beautiful bunch of colleagues she had ♡ try ignore the stupid comments, they literally have nothing better to do that stalk Reddit. Congrats on your new bub 😍😍😍

  67. You should also be proud of the fact that your wife was such a reliable, hardworking manager and treated her coworkers with enough dignity and respect that they rallied around her. I would love to work for a manager like her.

  68. I’m just glad you put 1pm central daylight savings time. I would have been very confused if I didn’t know which time zone this took place in.

  69. Technically though, not nepotism. Cronyism or favoritism yes. For clarification, nepotism deals with family, cronyism deals with friends.

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