Is salary or career progression more important?

  1. Are you just getting started in a career? Will this field be long term? If the answer to both is yes, go with the option with the greatest potential to build your skills and pay/benefits down the road.

  2. This is a highly personal decision dependent on many factors only you can assess. HOWEVER, with all else being equal and if you mean career progression as evidenced by title alone, I would argue neither is as important as personal growth relative to relevant professional expertise and soft skills.

  3. An extra $10k when you make $100k is easier to disregard than when you only make $30k. Your career won’t progress if you’re worried about roof or tires.

  4. Take the money. The lower-paying ones are going to both (1) pay you less, and (2) give you lots of excuses as to why they can't promote you/give you a raise. They're calling the promise of future benefit an equivalent to a present salary. Fuck that.

  5. I think this is field specific. In my field sometimes the middle paid jobs with better growth are the best. There are some really unethical companies that struggle with staff retention due to how awful and unethical they are and choose to pay newly certified staff really well instead of providing mentorship and training. Someone paying significantly above market average might raise red flags in some fields.

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