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  1. Hey guys! Not sure what's going on in the comments but seems to me like we're being targeted by either bots or some group. So many weird comments about the soviet union and socialism when no one in this post has mentioned it lol

  2. Corporations spend a lot of money on politicians, mainstream media, anti-union campaigns to not have workers unionize. I honestly believe the next push will be 4 days working with 32 hours making a living wage plus 4-8 weeks of mandatory vacation. To not have stressed out, burned out zombies, ready to start a rev***tion.

  3. A list of things 65%+ of Americans support, that 0% of wealthy donors & advertisers support, and thus will never be fought for in congress or fairly represented in the media:

  4. The Cold War and the hunt for commies in the US led to the decline in unions over the years which meant that employees couldn’t fight for their wages/job security. Hence why we’re currently in the shithole we find ourselves in today. I’m in Europe and we don’t have that problem here. Look up Maccarthysme if you don’t believe me.

  5. This (and any other relevant sub really) has astroturfers alongside bootlickers who are happy to do their job for free. While alot of people get very excited in this sub and I absolutely do not want to kill their vibe, realistically the most tangible thing that this sub can reliably accomplish is educate and encourage folks to unionize.

  6. We’re a sub with over a million workers and the capitalists are scared. Did you see that post about Goldman Sachs talking about us as a threat?

  7. NGL, this post made me smile BIG. Nice to see some reason perniating the labor and wealth disparity discussion.

  8. I support workers' struggle and organization 100%. I'm also a Socialist, though and want to be sure that what's being supported is worker's instruments of common struggle and not "labor management alliances" or whatever the unions that betray strikers and keep pushing votes on shit contracts call themselves.

  9. They never cared about our rights in this country. They really only cared about benefitting businesses, business owners, and profit.

  10. Our rights are always used as a cudgel to win/lose elections and then make us feel bad because we didn't vote the right way, and now look what happened.

  11. Congress won’t pass it because it requires 60 votes in the senate and not all democrats support unions.

  12. Not to mention the wealth corporate backers and lobbyists that would love to destroy any legislation that even resembles a labor bill. It's not gonna happen, not in the US, not in this climate.

  13. The way the U.S. allows campaign contributions to run is a cancer. This isn't going to pass because too many politicians are in their seat because of backing by companies/people with something to lose.

  14. Congress won’t pass it because both parties have an overwhelming corporatists majority, and it would affect their personal capital

  15. Dems could eliminate the filibuster with 50 votes and pass it with a tiebreaker. But they won't. Because they're a corporate party that simply wants to make capitalism palatable for the working class while distracting everyone with identity politics and virtue signaling.

  16. Democrats can't pass shit. They are a useless fucking party. Republicans can overturn Roe v Wade with just a couple of state legislatures and 5 supreme court justices. Meanwhile democrats can't pass anything popular even with a complete majority. They are a party of liars and conmen doing anything for their corporate donors. Don't expect them to be an actual progressive party. They just aren't. They are a right wing party. Not quite fascist like republicans but they only do stuff that protects the status quo.

  17. Every republican will vote against it, as will too many moderate democrats. We need to pack the legislative branch with progressives.

  18. What baffles me is people in great unions who are Trumpsters or just Republicans in general. I know a few. My brother is a bus mechanic and most of his co-workers are that way.

  19. Pushing for a higher minimum wage is democrats and union 101. Also republicans are supposed to be low gov interference in the economy. Both ailses should support unions.

  20. Cute people think the government represents the majority of the population. That's why they want us to pry the Electoral College from their dead hands.

  21. In the Senate: 50 GOP bad faith actors + Sinema/Manchin + a handful of corporate democrats means that it's very unlikely to happen. We need better people representing us.

  22. The fact that this is such a common sentiment among most every demographic in the US should be a major warning to the politicians. This is the stuff of Revolution. History clearly shows that when enough people are pissed off against the State it often leads to ousting of the government. They will not pass legislation that helps the people. They bend over backwards to help the ultra wealthy. They turn a blind eye to the grievances of the citizens. They refuse to acknowledge that a 12% approval rating for them should be very concerning. The ingredients are there, just a matter of time.

  23. I mean, they were. They literally made police a thing expressly to wage war against them. Union strikers had to go to war, actual war to secure the basic labor rights we have today.

  24. Seems like congress works for corporations. if you want them to start working for you - lobbying is the answer (translation - you need to buy a politician if you want them to work for you). This is the sad reality of modern day governance.

  25. Do you have a list of "union busting states" along with a definition? These would be useful for talking to some anti union coworkers.

  26. If only we were represented in government. People from the silent generation are still holding on to power and determining our fates.

  27. Fuck Congress. We need to make our own system as labor. The government has thoroughly proved that no assistance is coming and it’s all talk no action. I vote for the lesser of two evils every election and nothing gets better, ever. The way they continue to take, take and take some more has shown they are not working for the people.

  28. We need a general strike, all across the nation, and for big businesses to be collectivized and owned by the employees, run democratically. Oust the wealthy owners that don't actually do the work and use that corporate lobbying power to make the government listen to the actual people again.

  29. Lol the same Congress that's using insider info to steal money? They don't give a dam about you, what you want, or your future problems.

  30. I don't understand why collective bargaining is so feared. Let's reach an agreement. Art of the Deal and shit, or are they afraid of negotiation?

  31. Congress isn't gonna pass shit. Congress hasn't passed any good legislation for 50 years straight. The only way shits gonna change in the US is through labor unions. The government is your enemy. The people in there don't care about the working class even a little bit. They would rather you suffer as long as they get paid.

  32. Only if first past the post voting is changed. Without voting reform third parties are functionally useless at best and spoiler candidates at worst (at the national level).

  33. What? Lol Congress should support worker organisation. Why doesn't Congress just stop employers being wankers all of the time so worker dont feel like organising every fucking day?

  34. Or, get this, labor organizing leading to greater democracy in the workplace, leading to businesses running properly because workers own the work they do with a say in the businesses they provide the value for.

  35. I hope the pro act passes, and the provision where the workers get to decide the scope of the bargaining unit is included. If so, I will organize my workplace the next day.

  36. They do, but corporations still still a way around it, normally though super shady excuses that are legally viable given current legislation.

  37. In socialist Germany, unions are required by law and union members are required to sit on the board of directors.

  38. My reps are already on board, and there's jack we can do with Coal Baron my senator gig is really just my side hustle and sinema the enema.

  39. This is the way Denmark does it. Denmark has a 0 dollar Federal minimum wage. Which is hilarious the amount of politicians who use Denmark as a example of why to raise the minimum wage.

  40. I feel like people are starting to see through all of the anti union propaganda. I at least believed it to some extent before I started working and saw how things are and how they've just been getting worse.

  41. Too bad the current majority of elected officials aren’t paid to do what’s popular. We should elect ppl that say and do what’s popular.

  42. There's a bunch of things that have widespread support in the US, and yet the politicians that have to vote on it either don't think they'll have the votes, or don't think their stakeholders (boss) will appreciate having to pay more in wages/taxes, so they don't get suggested and don't get passed.

  43. How do only 68% approve of labor unions? Should be way higher. Why wouldn’t anyone who isn’t a business owner, executive or major shareholder not approve of unions?

  44. I'm a retail manager from a few companies over 15 year years. You'd never be fired for pro-union activity. Can't help but notice you clocked in a minute late three times though. And those shoes aren't perfectly up to dress code. Can't help but notice you clocked in from your lunch five minutes late. A customer told me you were rude. A few coworkers anonymously complained you were harassing them.

  45. I’m not saying this statistic is bullshit but how do they come up with these numbers? I’ve never been asked if I approve of unions, am I just counted among the 68%?

  46. Typically, they conduct a poll of xxx number of random people (the larger the better, but you don't need more than 1-2% of the whole group usually). With careful management of the poll and statistical math, they can estimate national approval to within a few percent, typically.

  47. They ask from a large sample size of people like probably around 100,000 across most states and then average that number for the US. It’s quite simple. It would be impossible to ask all 300,000,000 people in the US so if that’s what you’re expecting you’re outta luck.

  48. Sorry but how exactly? Most leftists I know spend more time dragging the DNC than Trump so as a result we have this very very thin lead in the senate right now, not even enough to pass basic stuff.

  49. Probably stupid question but ELI5 a union? I’ve always heard they are a bad thing but most of what I see out of this subreddit is to the contrary.

  50. Union is workers who run the business getting togeather to participate in the business. If labor does all the manufacturing of value they should have a fair share of it. So if management is getting 90% of the surplus value, and all labor only 10% thats no fair. By working together they can negotiate with management on a better deal. If the management refuses, they can choose to withhold their labor during that process. Thus wothholding the surplus value.

  51. A union is an organization of workers in which workers argue collectively for their pay, benefits, safety conditions, etc as their is a greater chance that management will listen to 100 people as opposed to 1. Management and Labor have a contentious relationship, and management prefers to keep workers isolated as it is easier to take advantage of lone individuals. Americans used to be super pro-union, especially before WW1 and during the Great Depression but due to the Red Scare and the fear of international Bolshevism, their images were tainted. Years of outsourcing and mafia corruption really fucked with the union, and union busting became a Republican past time with the squashing of the Air Controllers Unions in the 80s.

  52. So the most basic explanation is, if all the workers go on strike, it ceases a companies profit, giving the workers immense power. With that power they can then negotiate to get better working conditions, better hours, better wages, and more say in how the company spends its money (though the last part is rare.) Unions usually have a fee to join, that is put into a fund which supports all workers if they have to strike again in the future, or is used towards legal fees if employees get wrongly fired by the company.

  53. Unions have their pros and cons, but the pros are usually much bigger than the cons. Unions have the authority to negotiate separately from any one employee. A business can't fire a union, because it isnt an employee. It's all employees. And a union, if it doesn't feel negotiations are fair, can demand the employees stop working. This effectively cripples a business and forces a more serious negotiation.

  54. The problem is that very few people see it as a big enough issue that it’ll actually change their vote, therefore lawmakers don’t much care.

  55. People: We want workers protections and rights. We also want cheaper education and healthcare and affordable housing and a living wage!

  56. It will not ever get passed as long as we allow corporations to lobby and fund politicians. Any politician that votes for it would lose funding from every corporation they have.

  57. Too bad Congress doesn't give two shits about what the people want. There could be 99.9% approval for unions, but if you aren't willing to be disruptive.otnwont happen.

  58. That would be great EXCEPT Congress is pretty much bought and paid for by the oligarchy (the wealthy and corporate interests]) so don't expect any help. The best shot to get real freedom back is voting, by voting BLUE. Anything less is voting AGAINST your best interests.

  59. Lol “Congress should” do a lot of things, that they don’t do because they don’t give a shit about us. In fact, they actively fight against our best interests.

  60. These fuckers have complete control of our government and will never let go to keep profiting off everyone's labour. This plutocracy needs to end. Good job attacking machines to print pro union messages. I finally know someone who was hit by it, its spreading. Keep the fight strong comrades ✊🏻

  61. Unions are great. Bad thing about that is my foreman was part of a union while I was an Air force GI. He was complete garbage. Smoking weed at work and bringing drugs into a mil instalation. But firing was impossible. Bc of his union.

  62. its shitty that employers dont take the time to listen to their employees, all of this would be avoided. im not a huge fan of unions as they do bring their share of strife, but workers getting shit on isnt fair either.

  63. I'm very excited about the casual conversations going around about unions and not taking extra work for no extra pay. This is such a huge change from the Recession 12 years ago.

  64. Or they could pass laws Guaranteeing employee protections like They have in Europe rather than empowering a body that forces you to pay and then works against your interests.

  65. Isn’t WFP the people who backed Liz “a capitalist to my bones” Warren against the wishes of the actual members?

  66. Ha!! They think that Congress is going to do something to anger their overlords simply because it’s what we want?? Clearly they don’t know how American government works.

  67. They won't because the majority of elected Democrats get bribes (aka campaign contributions) that would directly negatively affected by this (by which I mean their profits).

  68. An organization of workers in a specific company or industry who collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, etc.

  69. But you see, they really don’t. And the evidence they don’t is that they overwhelmingly vote with their dollars to buy iPhones and Coke Whites from countries using forced labor than anything made in a union plant.

  70. Uh...whoa there... the Pro act also trashes a large number of freelancer gigs, which some of us actually depend on to survive... AB 5 was a friggin' disaster for the freelancer community...

  71. Congress doesn't care what the majority of Americans want. They don't even care about what the majority in their districts want. It's about what they want all we're here for is to get them elected. after that to hell with us.

  72. Big corpo likes money and they're willing to pay corrupt politicians to ensure they don't need to pay a livable wage.

  73. I have worked union most of my life it gives managment much less wiggle room to manipulate or threaten. The down side is that union representation can be expensive and at times unprofesional but up to now no better system for the worker has evolved

  74. I’m sorry but I feel it’s really unfair to exclude the billionaire class from this don’t they need a union too? I mean legally because money = free speech the more billionaires we help the more freedom is protected.

  75. This is an anarchist-leftist sub in creation and intent. You won't find many people here that care for the Soviet Union or the CCP.

  76. If unions functioned better in the U.S. I'd probably agree. But seeing police unions protect murderers and teacher unions just pass around bad teachers like a hot potato throughout schools it just seems like they're mostly there to protect the lowest common denominator and you have to accept that in order to get the good benefits that come with unions.

  77. Protecting murderers? You mean like the Pinkerton Agency mowing down striking workers who wanted basic safety precautions in mines because they were getting killed by negligent company policy left and right?

  78. I am in a school union and we have no problems with any of that. Police have their own dedicated unions so they cant be included with regular unions. Teachers need unions to bargain as a group. Our teacher unions rep the teachers but dont ignore bad teachers. If a teacher is bad, they can be removed. The unions just make sure its done properly with a chance for the teacher to improve.

  79. This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I would say that police unions have been wildly successful. Way too successful. If my union made me able to ruin someone's life for something I get away with often, straight up murder poor people, and make me immune to both civil and criminal prosecution? Like, good job and all, but I think we should tone it down a bit fellas. I couldn't do it, but then again, I'm a decent human being...

  80. Hate to break it to you, but police in the U.S. were created expressly to combat unions as industrialization saw worker populations in dense areas becoming too large to control.

  81. Union wages have barely seen increases in the last 20 years. I'm not sure why everyone thinks they're so great. You no longer get full retirement after 30 years regardless. Have to be 62. I'm not claiming unions don't offer the better jobs/wages but they're just as out of touch with keeping up with a living wage as everyone else.

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