The Future is Yesterday For Us "Bottom Feeders"

  1. European countries experimenting with slow checkout lanes to help combat loneliness and keep that human interaction for the wellbeing of their people

  2. Most people will be at a certain point. I can definitely see most of humanity being left to rot in a dying environment. The only poor people that would be given 'jobs' are the ones that could provide 'services' the wealthy wouldn't want to use machines for.

  3. Honestly terrifying that when new inventions are created, their first thought is how it makes people expendable, not how it could make people's lives better.

  4. Exactly. Hope these mofos are robots and drive themselves back inside, god forbid a bottom feeder put their hands on one to push it back.

  5. I'm sure they'll make sure your credit card gets charged for not bringing it back. And I'm also sure there will be lots of "accidental" charges for things you never purchased and it will be 7 - 10 business days for a refund.

  6. Eliminates the spontaneity of shopping, impulse buys etc. If they give a running total and prices of items they will see an average less spent per shopper. The store owners won't like it. They'll have to engineer it to only give totals after the shopper is ready to leave. Heard thats what Amazon does at whole foods. Such pieces of crap. They want the best of both worlds. Eliminate jobs and reduce employment costs but not allow the tech to benefit the consumers and lower their spending.

  7. I don’t know for sure, but I do suspect that’s why the local grocer in my home town (it’s not a national chain just a local chain) actually had these already about a year ago for a “trial run” and they only lasted a few months before they took them all out never to return.

  8. My local Walmart is notorious for the stickers on the shelves being completely wrong. Like it'll say something is 2.98, and it's actually closer to 8 bucks. They never update their stickers.

  9. As someone who knows zilch about computers, I wonder how easy it would be to hack one of these? You know, "borrow" one, figure out how it works, then suddenly all your grocery bills get cut in half...

  10. Disney tried the opposite by hiding the cost with a wrist band. It didn't work. People that spend spend and people that scrimp scrimp. Hiding/showing the number doesn't change anything.

  11. Don't even have to cover anything but yourself. Wear a mask like we all have during the pandemic and you'll easily defeat these systems.

  12. Until people start stealing your shopping carts worth 1000s of dollars and you go under because you can’t afford to replace them constantly lol

  13. Ya'll are overthinking this. There's a variety of simple reasons these carts are a bad idea before you even touch the possibility of theft or destruction on it. They're a goldmine for theft, and these "cameras" aren't going to do sh*t. They already record everyone around the store and at self checkouts. Let's start with some basic questions:

  14. The shoplifting part is a red herring. Pay attention to the part about people being expendable. The "bottom feeders" they're talking about aren't the shoplifters, they're the employees.

  15. Dont forget about system malfunction. Does it think something you walked by is in your cart? Does it remove the item from the total if you take something out of your cart? Do you scan the item yourself or does it just sense it? Is it RFID based, and what if it doesnt scan something that you DID put in your cart?: would that be considered shoplifting if you didnt know or are you responsible for making sure the cart does its job correctly?

  16. Those are terrible. Amazon had a store that just charged you as you walked out. Those are too much to take care of.

  17. Oh, my dad went to one of those once. They charged him for like 10 apples when, in reality, he didn't get any, and they didn't charge him for bananas

  18. LAX in the delta terminal they have a little Amazon kiosks type store like that. I didn’t realize it but the guy stopped me and said I had to provide a card before I walked through the turnstile. I just wanted water and a snack. I said I was cool and went to another place and paid cash.

  19. Oh no, these are gonna be hacked in 15 minutes. Shoplifting will be a thing of the past, they will have to invent a new name for hacking carts and charging it to the corporations. A little flipper-zero action and voila cases of Mountain Dew code red, and a new PS5 for 16 year old hackers. These stores will need twice as many employees to repair these devices, and to secure the store than they started with.

  20. Wait until someone figure out how to issue refunds from the terminal. Just scan expensive electronics in the store, "return" them and issue the "refund" to a stolen CC. Go to an ATM and get your cash.

  21. Yeah, I’m sure my local grocery store is going to install these they can’t even fix the wheels on the ones they have now let alone charge these babies up and maintain them

  22. I use this all the time. The more often you pass the check without stealing the less often you are checked.

  23. Gotta buy me some of those super strong neodymium magnet toys and "drop" them on these new carts. Can't help my butter fingers with the nerve damage you can't prove or disprove. Guess you gotta replace it

  24. I can't wait for the hacks, spoofs and work arounds... many cameras you say, I say paint is cheap, and you know what else is cheap, magnets.

  25. I fucking despise people with this mindset. I know a crypto bro who looks for legitimately any scummy way to make money off of other people, rather than working a job that actually produces a good or service. He looks at other people as expendable and said exploitation of labor doesn’t exist because, “you entered into a voluntary contract” as if there’s a box you can tick off to not work and still have your basic needs met. But when you’ve never actually worked a real job before because you’ve got family money, it’s real easy to look at those of us who actually have to work to survive and act like we just don’t have the drive or motivation that they allegedly have.

  26. They took an elevator to the next level of economic success and then looked down on everyone taking the stairs wondering why they're so slow and lazy.

  27. This is about as dumb as it gets. One of the worst things to invest in is a smart grocery cart due to how grocery carts are generally used. This is putting too much faith in the hands of the general public not to damage them or steal them. Right now, there are 3 shopping carts for Home Depot at the end of my street at a bus stop.

  28. Lime bicycles, scooters--all things that were offered for people to pay for that went horribly because trying to give certain folks temporary things is awful. So many bikes ended up in the river or broken. Hell, people misuse regular shopping carts, what do they think possible $1000 shopping carts would end up like?

  29. No, they also love self checkout. I’ve only ever seen people complain about bagging their own groceries on this sub.

  30. So this means the prices are going down as these bottom feeders are not feeded anymore? Do I get how this works? … Orrrrrrrrr???

  31. I knew a guy who worked for a gas pump manufacturer way back in the day when they were just developing the touch screen systems. The first several months they were replacing what seemed to be an absurd number of displays in the test units. They couldn't figure out why, so they camped out at a station with the new units for a day. To their dismay, people were not touching the screens with their fingers but instead using the tips of the gas nozzles. I think touch screens are common enough that most people will use their fingers on these, but year, they'll find some way to wreck these things.

  32. No, the carts will still try every moment you are pushing them to swerve into oncoming traffic. And if you let it crash you will do $5000 of damage to the cart im sure.

  33. Ahh yes, let us find another way to crack down on people who can’t afford the food they need (including employees who aren’t paid enough to make purchases at their place of work)

  34. Does anyone else hate supermarkets? I hate driving there and finding a parking spot, I hate finding a cart, I hate the crowds, I hate checkout lines. I’d much rather have a small grocer within walking distance that I can make small trips to a few times a week.

  35. Idk about you guys, I don’t use a shopping cart. I use my reusable shopping bag around the store. I’m a single guy who lives alone, so I don’t buy much when I go to the store, and seldom do I buy a ton of stuff where I would actually need a cart.

  36. Better reply to the "It's company policy" gaslighting.. and one I use when there's a line to get out of the store because of "security" checks..

  37. It would probably be cheaper if my local Hannaford store just continued paying for the police detail. What happens to these things the first time some creep decides to hack one to look at children and women shopping?

  38. Oh wow that's a good point, I'd been so focused on customers destroying everything that didn't even think about other people doing something creepy. If these things are covered in cameras that record you specifically while shopping then yeah having those hacked into is a big concern.

  39. No , the taxation system should reflect the technology and pay a UNIVERSAL LIVING WAGE to every individuals regardless of employment status. We were not born to labour , or is this a LABOUR COLONY? .In other words We need a SOCIAL SYSTEM SAFETY NET , that provides for every HUMAN BEING.

  40. But if we did that we'd actually have to.. ghasp! ~shudder~ ... Tax the wealthy and major corporations at something like the 40% us ordinary folks pay.

  41. I love when people out themselves as fascists without any prodding. As soon as you talk about "expendable people" you get a free oneway ride to the gulag

  42. Winter Will destroy them as well. Salt, sand, dirt and not to mention the snow moisture and rapid temperature changes will kill the battery and and wear and tear on the materials.

  43. Pretty sure the maintenance and repairs on all this crap far outweighs any amount of staffing they’d have to hire. In America, people love to fuck shit up that isn’t there’s

  44. Well is the cart going to keep me from not paying, or from putting stuff in my jacket and just walking out when the doors are open?

  45. I can't wait for: 1) those carts will never be charged and 2) the homeless will still those first or 3) shitty OS never works and crashes hahaha.

  46. So the three or four test grapes people consume while walking around will be bought and paid for and the homeless will be jumped for the $50 bounty on all shopping carts that leave the parking lot? Is it cool tech or cruel tech?

  47. They’re also a complete pain in the ass to use, are too small to put a half sized shop for my gf and I in, never mind a family of 4, and have issues ringing things in. Both times I’ve used them I had to stop at the cashier on the way out. Tell me again how is this a time saver.

  48. Whoever created this product is an idiot. I don't shop at big stores, I open the app, order what I want and do drive up pickup. I do less work, the store does more work (missing cost savings) and I get to fuck Walmart a little. Just why in the hell would I trade that for the opportunity to be video recorded while I push a shitty cart around a warehouse for free?

  49. As someone who has worked retail and worked in IT. Those are gonna get damaged so fast. Kids are gonna get it all sticky with their fingers. Others are gonna scratch and damage the screen with their nails. Oh and then there is the weather. Imagine those out in a nice rainstorm for hours as no one wants to go out and get them. Along with the fact these will need to be charged and customers aren't gonna do it. How many times will people just come up and get one that is dead cause it hasn't been charged in days. That's of course the tip of the iceberg on the issues and probably way higher cost than even just the shopping carts that lock when going out of bounds.

  50. I worked at a grocery store and the electric scooters are left out and will die just by regular use. They take awhile to charge and people who use them don't just get in and get out.

  51. I actually kind of like this concept, however Fresh & Easy also tried to run a self checkout only supermarket and went out of business. I mean yeah they still had some workers monitoring the store and helping you if you scanned something twice but it was basically a prelude to this. With this there would be no waiting in some super long line. Just put groceries in your cart, pay, and leave.

  52. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on robotic SnitchCarts when people just want to earn a wage they can thrive on is peak American energy.

  53. Why is everyone against this? When I first joined antiwork the whole concept was “hey robots can do most of our jobs and will replace us, which is a good thing. People shouldn’t have to kill themselves working jobs like this. We are pushing for an ideal society where nobody has to work for a living, because robots do it for us and we reap the benefits”. This is giving “people who complain about self checkouts”…the issue isn’t AI taking over jobs, the issue is the people at the top not pushing for universal basic income and things like that as robots take over jobs.

  54. Because it's cognitive dissonance to think that people will work less with these technological advancements when the individuals who implement them did it to cut costs not free up your time. Less shit jobs is good, but a motherfuckers still got to pay the rent. All that happens now is the next shit job has more desperate people and can get away with being even shittier.

  55. When capitalism is supposed to breed innovation but the innovation is only used to fear-monger and exploit workers

  56. How long do you think these will last under “normal” use conditions with “accidental” damage to computer and system functions?

  57. Just walking through the grocery store, throwing things in other people's carts just to be a dick.

  58. It is strange to think these corporate geniuses seem to be pushing for less workers but still push consumerism. Where do these very intelligent and hardworking executives think consumers get the money to buy things?

  59. So the thing about this is yes, the job of the cashier may be going away soon...probably in our lifetimes and to be absolutely honest i probably would prefer a system as shown above.

  60. Between this and the AI chat bots that are getting smart enough to take over most customer service duties, yeah. There simply won't be enough jobs to go around for the current system to function.

  61. Those are going to break. Think of how many messed up broken carts you end up with when shopping. And those are the normal ones. Keeping a fleet of shopping carts like this working properly would be a full time job for at least one if not two or three people.

  62. If I’m shopping, checking myself out, and not needed customer service, I better be getting a fucking discount or I’m burning down the cart when I’m done.

  63. Technically the bottom feeders are many of the people at the top, aren’t they? The kids of the wealthy who contribute nothing of value to society.

  64. A majority of normal people can barely handle troubleshooting their phones much less a high tech shopping cart. I doubt a person making $7 an hour is going to give a damn if these go offline and shoppers get pissed off and leave to another store. Also, those "bottom feeders" will have these hacked within a day of it being out with a tik tok video on how to get $100 worth of groceries for ten cents just by pushing the reset button for five seconds and entering in the 1234 passcode.

  65. I guess these carts will never go to a parking lot or spend a moment outside and will be primarily used in places within the store only.

  66. Lol those cart will be broken so fast. Manager tries to get them fixed but it's 2 grand a cart so to keep costs down they're just regular carts lol. This is stupid

  67. This amuses me because all of the "solutions" imposed by government to "protect workers" make it actually cheaper for a business to pay an agent of the chinese communist party to enslave and abuse a child to strip mine a valley to build a shopping cart than it would have been for that business to buy a cart on 4 wheels and pay a person to stand there ringing up customers

  68. It's funny how the person captioning this probably grew up with a silver spoon in their ass and hasn't seen a bit of hardship.

  69. Why is this a bad thing? You hate minimum wage jobs because you think that work is worth more than companies will pay, so the problem is being solved with technology. I think this sort of system is awesome and I’d be much happier about grocery shopping if I never had to speak to a cashier.

  70. The only reason I ever liked self-checkout was so I could shoplift. Not even lying. I pay maybe for half what I get because this economy is messed up and even with a tech masters degree and a good job I struggle. Everybody else around me relies on their family to pay for things and I? I shoplift. I would actively stop shopping anywhere that didn't give me the access to shoplifting. I want people to have jobs or at least have money to survive. I just can't be arsed giving full money to a large supermarket chain.

  71. I’m all for zero employees at the grocery or convenience store. Most of the time you either can’t find them or if you do ask a question they’re rude or simply don’t care.

  72. I for one welcome our shopping cart overlords. I absolutely hate the process of getting groceries out of the cart and then putting them back in to pay for them.

  73. I wonder with all this machinery replacing people in jobs, what will happen in the future when most of the people in the world are jobless?

  74. Lol. Every new technology/system has exploits. Everyone should know this by now. Poor people gunna steal until they’re not po no mo!

  75. Ahh…so this is how they plan to continue to compile as much biometric data as possible on their own people. Nice.

  76. One day you’ll be six feet under asunder by what you’ve created, initiated into being for the sake of needing, but it’s bleeding is dry, to the bone, and we wonder why we have no home to rest our head up under and I wonder.

  77. For me the most disturbing thing is how casually they add more surveillance. Like i would enjoy a soeedier checkout. Sidnote they could just you know hire more people. But thwy aside i sont want more cameras watching me and more data collected. Its really creepy

  78. I don’t totally hate this shopping cart. Sometimes self checkout lines are annoying and this would just save work. I could just fill my basket and leave the store and get charged.

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