1. Hey VeggiePiece! This is your first submission this month. The top memers will go into the Hall of Fame each month, earn subreddit flairs and maybe some other secret prizes.

  2. It is weird af. It's like if adult swim was an anime. I don't smoke enough weed to enjoy it as I think it's intended

  3. I don't know if you know what Pop Team Epic is, but the entire anime is a parody and it's complete chaos, I don't even remember if it had a plot... I think they're two different genres

  4. Yeah earlier episodes and anything involving his schoolmates really is the worst part of bleach. Even boobs can't compensate those bad part

  5. Still not as boring as Naruto. Literally forced myself to start season 2 and dropped it around 60th episode. And after 3 years I still can't finish it

  6. I didn't recognize the title "pop team epic" , but after looking up its name i recognized the show and all I know about it is I have no interest in it.

  7. I agree, Pop Team Epic was great, I thought it was highly entertaining and I've been hoping for a S2 since S1. I'm excited to watch new episodes

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