What are some anime that will make you like this

  1. Hey sigma-cumGod69! This is your first submission this month. The top memers will go into the Hall of Fame each month, earn subreddit flairs and maybe some other secret prizes.

  2. My gf doesn’t like anime , but I actually got her to watch this because “it looks so ridiculous, I have to see if I can guess who your favorite character is” 😂

  3. Yosuga no Sora, Redo of Healer, interspecies reviewers, Masou Gakuen HxH, To Love ru Darkness, World's End Harem, Domestic Girlfriend (BD version)

  4. Redo of healer, highschool dxd, highschool of the dead, and food wars are the first that come to mind

  5. Testament of sister new devil, High school dxd, yosugo no sora, to love ru etc. (perhaps yuuna and the haunted hot springs as well)

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