Streaming platform for dogs

  1. We could have a spin off for owls call Hoo-Loo. Owls won’t give a shit if we fill it with ads too.

  2. I know it’s crazy but facts are dogs enjoy watching and there are times when you want to keep your dog occupied and out of the way . Now you will just say why not turn on the tv but then again did you ever think hotels for dogs would work NO! Pet owners want the best for their pets and I could see them spending a few books to give them dog content

  3. As the world shift humans enjoy treating peta more like a species compatible with humans then a lower level species they want to spend to show the pet is on our level

  4. Dude, why would we stop with dogs? What about cats? Cattle and horses? We could have versions for raccoons that people play out there windows. Squirrels, and probably several bird species.

  5. So the issue is YouTube has content for dogs . As I looked at the two biggest dog YouTube channels they had combined for 1.2 million subscribers! What can we offer on a app platform that would get pet owners to subscribe ? Brainstorm - maybe by starting with free content and also making this idea more mainstream All the feedback on those YouTube video shows that people don’t really think about it and when they try it their pet immediately calms down

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