Virtu suing SEC to stop changes

  1. “The most fair” GTFO WHY ARE THERE BILLIONS OF SYNTHETICS THEN?! How is that fair in any way shape or form?!

  2. In their comments on proposed rule changes, citadel and Virtu LOVE to speak for retail and talk about what is best for us, what is bad for us, etc. it always happens to be what they want, of course.

  3. If it's the most fair and competitive for retail why be against changes? You would think he would want more improvements and make it even better

  4. The electronic trading firm said it filed a request last summer under the Freedom of Information Act that sought communications between senior SEC staff members and outside parties relating to the agency's efforts to overhaul the way that retail stock orders are handled and executed.

  5. Let’s wait and see what GG is really going to do. Then let’s see if the HF’s and others just ignore it.

  6. I think the biggest change is already done... There is already a rule that allows the SEC to expose the dark pools... He can piss and moan and get litigious over PFOF all he wants. Once the real price is known he's TOAST.

  7. When you sue the SEC because you don't want more transparency and regulation then you are doing things that are illegal. It is that simple.

  8. You have to wonder how many small wars the US went through, at least partially paid for by retails's taxes, for military pyops to have figured out telling blatant lies over MSM actually works against the majority of the populace. Most def classes they have to go through to teach them about eye blinking, how to keep a straight face, etc. but come on, seriously? Just can't believe how often similar articles here, and Twitter (never even look at Google : ) come through that are instantly recognizable as absolute garbage. What the hll happened to the educated masses? Pyops is everywhere, I know :(

  9. I got $20 for Retail Representation!! All of Retail could buy this whole shit show. Apes alone could out bid the other side.

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