You sonofabitch.... I'm in.

  1. Cliteron Asswipe is a short seller from a small hedge fund. He taunted apes on Twitter maybe 6 mos ago and ppl started doxxing him and bantering back with him to the point that he got insecure and deleted his Twitter

  2. Jokes aside, calling retail investors a death cult is some serious projection. We don’t like market manipulation. So that makes us evil? These people sound like toddlers who hate being disciplined. Don’t short stocks that the general population likes… it’s that simple. Full blown mouth froth.

  3. I think them accepting that they shouldn't short stocks of companies that people like would also require them to accept that they add no value to the market nor society

  4. Thats whats so surprising to me. Its like why do you hate retail investors who are buying and holding a stock they like??? I thought that was investing 101.

  5. You know we're doing something right when these pussies get mad because we're holding a stock. Keep talking shit you fucking idiots. It's just fuels us and let's us know we're hurting you.

  6. I poked an alligator once, with a stick, in the Alafia River State Park in Florida. He looked at me and I got scared and jumped on my bicycle and left. Poking wild animals is not a good idea Asskiss.

  7. LOL. They KEEP talking about us?! Thought we left? Thought we all sold and moved on? God they are so stupid.

  8. I just bought 36 more this morning does that mean I have to sacrifice something? You fuckers are good! Lured me in and I never would have known I was in a cult till assanine mentioned it.

  9. What I find absolutely bizarre is that why are all these hedge funds, fund managers, financial publications, etc so worried about a $7.00 stock. There are 6,000 stocks =/- on American exchanges, to talk about, but they all focus on AMC.......hmmmm

  10. Can I say go fuck yourself? Oopps sorry cliff asshat #HODL. A cult if nice and kind if anything and perhaps more of what we need in this world. Jealous bastard 😂🦍

  11. Can a super talented ape make a design for tshirts…somehow incorporating zombie apes, druids, and Cthulhu into a cohesive concept ?? I’d buy that

  12. Lol I guarantee we all sleep a lot easier at night than you, Cliff. You have so much more to lose that us😀

  13. "who has short positions in AMC stock" At least they're being honest about the blatant conflict of interest here lmao

  14. He's a short hedgefk? No worries he will be one of the 1st go,, authorities should put airbags around his building in case he's higher then the 2nd floor 🤣🤣to catch them as they leap out the windows during moase??

  15. How do explain on one hand we're stupid and AMC is dead,but on the other hand they try and wind us up because they know AMC has alot of retail investors.Its so contradictory it hurts my smooth brain.If we weren't a threat they wouldn't care.

  16. Paranoid investing cult… i could kinda understand from the vested interests of a piece of shit short seller… but DEATH CULT? I mean alright man, but we just eat crayons, fling shit and slap that buy button dude… if it’s that simple to rustle your feathers you’re in the wrong neighbourhood pardner 😎

  17. Back in school we were shown 1 video on investing: buy a stock and hold it, if you can buy more on a regular basis. That’s the only thing that was taught. Now that’s no good? Only works when retail loses?

  18. Meanwhile "APE" stock isn't doing squat. The combined value has dropped wayyyy more than another stock I won't mention since the split. This had been a disaster.

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