1. I refuse to just hodl, I have 12 employees that needs to be takin care of, if I can buy 1000 more shares at 7k why not, it only costed me 2 pounds of cannabis. I can re grow that in 2 months

  2. Didn't it actually happen last year as well? I recall a week where the buying was near nothing, and selling was higher to see if something would happen, and nothing besides huge short attacks.

  3. This is like Bernie madoff.. I recommend all apes to watch the documentary called chasing madoff.. once money stops going into the Ponzi scheme or people start pulling their money out that’s when things get fucked for them, in this case with AMC, we are taking about stop playing options that’s money that the hedge funds get also route your orders thru direct to avoid PPOF(payment per order flow). I’m a smooth brain ape so I could be wrong but this is what I believe in.

  4. I have a theory shitadel actually holds all our shares in their database.. that's why they only need to locate the shares to use them for shorting,,, even if share lending is off and margin account dept is zero$,, that would prevent the use of our shares,, yet somehow they still can use them???. Also why the market buyers and brokers just get more shares anytime there's a buy order from thin air(shitadels algos)... It turns into a ftd and nothing needs to be done to locate and buy that share? It makes the most sense if shitadel answers only to themselves for ftd, synthetics, no shares available?? How can this market even operate this way???

  5. This is really Simple,,whether free or not for hedgie fkrs (right now),,I buy,hold,don't sell..nothing has changed,or will change until hedgie fkrs have closed their billions synthetics. If it cost them nothing and they can do indefinitely like OP stated,,their would be no shills,no fud,no crack head Kramer, no $500k sec meme commercials, no market,no economy and Bitcoin crash.. fk you 💩💩bags.i can read between the lines,,hedgies are trapped...run it down to $1 so I can yolo $100k more.💎💎🦍🦍💰💰

  6. Price is low enough for any random schmuck to buy and the fud comes out with hey let's stop buying despite the price being so incredibly low rn. I think I'm going to keep buying. Definitely holding.

  7. This is a set up to have retail stop buying so they can demolish the price with short attacks. I’ll keep buying if I can and hodl

  8. You do realize how much is traded off exchange via PFOF right? Friday two weeks back there were 0 APE shares traded on the NYSE. ONLY 20% of trade made it to other lit exchanges where price discovery happens. Retail could buy 10 million shares a day every day for weeks and the price will be whatever they want it to be.

  9. Just imagine if there was a place to move all of our shares away from these criminal fucks. A place where they can't short the stock and where it is officially and undeniably the holders share. Not an IOU in some brokerage who preys on retail. Can anyone think of where we can do that? Maybe we can work out some kind of here's my (insert color) circle post engagement about it. If only we grew tired enough of this BS to seek out such a thing. Maybe we could refer to it in some 3 letter thing like ABC or XYZ.....maybe something cray like DRS. Now that would be lit. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

  10. GREAT point. However isn’t this the case for all companies? If money isn’t flowing in, then they can’t sustain?

  11. Interesting theory. But the FTDs have finite time until something is done (even if we don’t know the timeframe) and holding shares has no time limits. Not financial advice, I could be wrong there. I will do what I have been doing for 2 years now.

  12. I bought up a large chunk for me yesterday, so I can hold and save up capital and test out the theory. If it’s not correct, I can always lay down that cash I have saved up at an opportune time.

  13. Exactly this! I have simply been holding a few thousand shares of AMC and APE. Pretty much stopped buying shares , but attend several movies a month. We just saw Avatar last night. Last week Woman King.

  14. Someone called Lou tried to make us stop buying months ago and I’m sure nobody doubts he’s a shill. Options hurts us every week and they’re like free money to stay alive for SHF, but buying? Each share I get is another share they have to buy back. If I could I’d buy 1000 on Monday.

  15. Lou is a shill for sure. If I was selling things I didn't own, had no penalty, never actually had to deliver but needed money to keep flowing in to keep my Ponzi scheme going, I'd definitely get a known shill to tell people to do the one thing that would Fuck it all up so peope didn't do it.

  16. I’m in this deep hitting that button which shall not be named hasn’t crossed my mind… 30 seconds after I did, it’d moonshot …. Which is my luck

  17. Nobody said anything about retail selling. It's about holding but what is being done with the money from continued buying? We already own the float, probably multiple times over.

  18. Maybe just like ponzi…the new money covers the old money right..?? What if no one gives money to them..no new member? Theyll ask the govt???

  19. The theory makes sense but hardly anyone will go for it and call you a shill.. the only issue I see with this is that if money stops flowing into amc I’m sure they have multiple stocks they are doing the same thing with. Wouldn’t stop them from showing they have money pulling from other sources BUT it will tighten the knot just a little bit more now that they have to find money in other places to make up the loss revenue on amc

  20. I like to buy n hodl. Holding alone is not enough. Lots of fire sale going on. Why not load up wen its cheap!!

  21. Buying and holding. Toys 9s just about holding and if it would crest create huge revenue pressure if they had no place to sell naked shorts. When market makers and dealer brokers sell naked short they can only do so if there's somebody placing an order to buy. They stood have no way to sell those naked short shares otherwise.

  22. Lou is a shill for sure. If I was selling things I didn't own, had no penalty, never actually had to deliver but needed money to keep flowing in to keep my Ponzi scheme going, I'd definitely get a known shill to tell people to do the one thing that would Fuck it all up so peope didn't do it.

  23. We should have a a solid week of no trades as a movement and see what happens but unfortunately day traders don’t see our way of life cohesive with their short term mindset

  24. The reset can't happen until the SEC finishes their investi...lol...I cant even write that without laughing.

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