If you’re concern with the price of AMC ask yourself one question, what’s changed since the $72.00 run up?

  1. Whats changed is the market, the fed, sentiment, interest rates..all equities are f'd until the fed starts to ease. we are all holding on by a thread.

  2. You’re in a negative beta play. Market continues to tank and when they reach liquidation point for shf they cover no matter how high the stock goes until their position is closed.

  3. If you are holding on by a thread then I suggest talking to a financial planner. If you've put money into the market that you can't afford to lose or at least hold onto indefinitely, well then chances are you're gonna lose it. You must only put in your " free cash". 💎👐

  4. What’s “changed” is we have repeated proof these people don’t have to follow the same laws we do. Does this mean we give up? No it doesn’t. But it also means just buying and holding will (most likely) not be enough. We need a working class uprising and this was just a way to get all different types of people with all different views together. Now let’s do something about it

  5. Maybe we should all chip in and make a commercial warning people about how corrupt the market is and to think twice about investing money. Perhaps a Super bowl slot????

  6. This is why I joined this movement oh so long ago. I recognized right away that either the MOASS was on its way or millions of folks were going to have their eyes opened to the utter corruption of the ruling class. A working class uprising may just be all we get out of it but all to well worth it. Remember they summer in The Hamptons.

  7. “Dd is done” is one of the top 3 dumb things that gets bandied about here. Circumstances change and conclusions and hypothesis should respond to changing circumstances. “DD” (of which almost none happens on this sub - it’s all repurposed “karenstock” DD) is never “done”

  8. I think keeping the pressure on the hedgies is important, regardless if it's sharing the DD, the documented corruption of the market, or talking to government to hold them accountable.

  9. I'm not concerned with the price of AMC. I'm concerned with what AMC is going to do about their company to be respected again by the market.

  10. You’re speaking fundamentals on a not fundamental play. Nobody diamond handed amc because it’s business metrics were promising. It was because we found so much goddamn evidence of an impossible high number of shorts. Those shorts have yet to cover. So either we were wrong from the jump or squeeze hasn’t happened yet.

  11. The loans AMC took to pay off debt have been reviewed and refinanced multiple times over, hugely lessening the impact of those rate hikes. A lot also depends on if you take a “fixed” or “variable” formula.

  12. I think some of the community is getting restless, myself included at times, because all the stars seem to have a aligned and now we’re just waiting. We’ve obviously been waiting those whole time but not everything was aligned yet.

  13. The hegies PhDs think we will give up and leave I believe the lowest dip of all may be on the horizon they desperate it’s red till 73 😎

  14. I think we need to remember that all the market is tanking, not just amc. Even if i had no stake in amc, i couldn’t base its fundamental value off of today’s market. We just need to wait this out.

  15. I only slam myself for not selling at 72 and buying back in at half or a quarter of the cost and amplify my share count

  16. This really brought the shills out. Seeing a lot of pointless negativity lately so nice to see this post. Easiest thing I have done, so easy I must be doing it wrong?

  17. Since $72 shorts bought Wandas, Murdock, and AAs shares to close and open new short positions at $72-$65-$45-$30-$20. Theyre still betting on AMC going bankrupt by next year so they can take home tax free tendies.

  18. We were naive at first to how rigged the system is. That the reason why these funds make so much money and are able to predict things so accurately is because they are able to bend the market to the Will to generate the desired result. You can't expect fair and logical results from a rigged and illogical market.

  19. I haven't looked at the price in two weeks but based on the sentiment around here I am guessing it's bad. You guys need to stop looking and stop caring. If you need the money, let this be a lesson to never invest more than you can afford getting to zero. Ride this out and give it a few years.

  20. what's changed is that all institutional investors, and big investors, have sold off completely. All that's left is retail + ETFs and other who buy for their customers (e.g. BoA).

  21. I'm just checking in every now and then and continue to hold. I first bought when it was at $5 so I've been here a while. Just make sure you got enough for essentials and there's no reason to stress about the play.

  22. Massive volume and FOMO is missing, with buying pressure now split between AMC and APE. That is the answer I get when I ask myself.

  23. These hands got way more diamonder. With all the time since I went all in, I’ve made back all the money and then some. They gave me enough time to have a cushion to fall on if I lost it all, and I still have my tickets. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain then, and even more so now. To the HF interns reading this, tell your boss to take it down to $5 again I dare you

  24. Nothing I bought at $72 and I'll buy at $1.... But I double dog dare hedge funds to drop it that low. I bet they don't have a hair on there ass.

  25. I’m justing waiting for Aaron, to issue any type of acknowledgment about this situation. Just to calm these moody waters.

  26. I mean a lot of crime has happened since then and they probably realize that the whole system will collapse if they fix it so they are trying to find a “legal” way out of ti

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