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  1. Unfortunately not everyone in this sub feels the same way. Look at what senators were in favor of canceling insider trading. Two shittty choices isn't democracy. I'll choose the lesser of two evils.

  2. Oh jeez. So many people in this sub are deep right so this is going to fuck with their head so much 🤣🤣🤣

  3. We need to support their eyes being opened to what they have supported. Let’s reach out a hand to them to their (hopefully) new awareness that their politics that they have supported is aligned with the same people robbing them.

  4. Total side note. I was suppose to leave myself a note to take out the trash because I was too lazy to do it last night. I would have forgotten and missed the trucks if it wasn’t for you. I love this sub and thank you so much dear ape. Lol.

  5. Well, I don’t see the Biden admin considering griffin for any positions and griffin does donate to republicans at a far higher rate. But yeah, both sides are the exact same hahaha. /s

  6. I honestly wouldn't be surprised, all of our politicians are self-serving to help themselves and their family and friends and they could give a fuck about the average American. I don't know when it changed but it used to be an honor to serve this country, not a self enrichment scheme, something needs to change but I'm not sure how. Do you really think that the people that most benefit from the status quo will be willing to institute a change such as term limits? Obviously not. How is it that most of our elected officials retire millionaires even if they weren't upon entry?

  7. Finally, hopefully now it’s obvious who that party is for (themselves) and against (retail). This is now undeniable by people who support DeSantis but also support AMC. They are not your friend fellas, please understand that now, we need ya.

  8. There are lots of Republican Apes imo but hopefully they can put politics aside to do the obvious and right thing here. This is absolutely crazy and this should never be considered as a possibility.

  9. Ken is probably trying to get in good with the Florida politicians so if any get elected to president, he can get pardoned instead of the cell.

  10. Your Mic drop isn’t used correctly. They aren’t for after announcing shit news that could destroy a country.

  11. Desantis needs to get his name away from this guys asap. Literally come out and say he would not have a part in his administration no matter what the position.

  12. He is going to spend billions during the next presidential election. He is going to try to buy the whole damn thing. Type of shit we see in those countries grew up hating.

  13. I like desantis to onlyma handful of politicians that fought against coronavirus but every political figures have their dirty laundry

  14. Per a left wing publication, the man responsible for the coming collapse would be willing to have a position on the right. Color me surprised…

  15. DeSantis won't even last. He fucked up sending those poor people to Martha vineyard. Lots of litigation being brought against him and he's even saying "it wasn't even my idea" claiming the migrants are illegal even though they have every right to be here under the fact they have green cards.

  16. Every American should be really scared the same people pumping hate is the ones in power of our government and financial institutions god helps us and our democracy

  17. As a democrat I think both parties are corrupt but it seems republicans see that as a selling point. They really only want power because they arent making lives better.

  18. I guess the dems can use this as fire. If you vote for Desantes you will never get the moass because he has plans for Ken as Treasury Sec. And if you dont we will see you in the sipping bacardi. moass time

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