I've been a part of this sub since there were less than 5k members. I'm sorry mods, but DRS is how we end shorts.

  1. You know, I've noticed this a lot lately... I literally see this post has 2 comments as of writing this, but I can't see either of them nor have I gotten notifications for them.

  2. I have drs my amc and game. When you look at game, a quarter of the float is now locked up. Their borrowing fee has gone from 0.6% to 4.7% and they are being targeted with offers to buy their drs shares at 50 dollars above face value.

  3. There is no such thing as offer to buy drsd shares for 50 dollars. The guy doing that is a meltdowner who’s probably mentally ill enough to do this all day long

  4. Moomoo short intrest on game was 9.1% this morning but im assuming thats for us normie retail investors and not the shfs

  5. For all people questioning DRS, look at it this way. There’s 2 options, either we’re right about it and it will help the stock become illiquid enough to force the crash of the hedgefunds, triggering the squeeze, or we’re wrong about it and it won’t stop them from using a different excuse to release more synthetics. If the 2nd option is true, what do we have to lose? Worst case scenario, we will have a legal proof that there are synthetics floating around. Best case, it’s the thing that ends them. There is no real losing situation for us, as I see it.

  6. Finally got my shares in the mail over the weekend, and registered them on CS with no problems. All in all it's a fairly painless process if you don't count the anxiety while waiting for the mail lol.

  7. I think drs is a good idea as well, even if I haven't. The issue I think is that a lot ofnpeople have shares in their ira, not their cash accnt. Personally, I will still drs if I get the chance since even one or two shares that are drs may make a difference.

  8. Yeah there had been a lot of discussion about DRSing retirement accounts. I recently saw some posts about being tax free events if you're below your cost basis. But as I don't have retirement as a poor ape I have not done research into it. There is definitely pressure on CS to open some sort of retirement account DRS situation for GS and I recall hearing other companies have the option already. Worth investigating for sure and making some DD about. On the plus side, if we register enough of the company, we can put pressure on then / amc to set something like that up

  9. We that have registered our shares truly believe this is the way. Trust no broker. Hold your assets in your own name, it’s how the rich hold stocks, it makes sense.

  10. So far, about 25% of the free float has been DRSed. It’s a bit early to asses. But borrowing costs have risen for one and price movements seems a bit stronger, up and down.

  11. OP, I’m all for DRS, I have my GME shares DRSd (happy to send proof). So please don’t take my questions as FUD or shillism.

  12. 100% agree. But I think people with the money to do so would get sued into the ground to buy 100% of a company and fuck shorts. As retail they have to sue millions of people for participating in the way the Market is "intended" and they could never win that.

  13. Would you DRS your shares if you knew you would pay 47% tax on them? I ask because Canadians who invest through their TFSA account do not pay tax on the gains. However if we DRS our shares they have to be removed from our TFSA account to do so and thus are now eligible to be taxed on the gains. This is something I'm personally not willing to do. Especially since there is currently ZERO proof DRS will cause the squeeze.

  14. As an American I get taxed like fucking crazy and never see anything back for it already (seriously over 32% of my income is taxed, not to mention sales tax, and I'm poor af) so if I had to take a 50% tax loss in order to squeeze the stock, I probably would. But I don't have to make that call.

  15. there is no specific catalyst people, DRSing may help, but no one knows for sure and guaranteeing anything to do with this shows you don't really get it yet.

  16. Hello I was blocked for 14 day for posting great DD about DRS . I been here for over a year and I do now believe this is the way to win this battle. I have over 5k shares. Drsing soon

  17. Question for a wrinkled brain. How do you sell a DRS share ? Got an app with a sell button? Would you have to call the DRS agent and instruct them to sell? See where I’m going with this ?

  18. I do watch that... they have registered about 1+ million shares per month based on gamestop's official update. That is going to end shorts too. And they don't even have CEO confirmation that they own 90+% of the free float.

  19. January and June 2021 run ups happened with very low DRS so we know it is possible without. People are free to do as they wish. If DRS ends up being the catalyst for MOASS then yay for everyone.

  20. Those runups happened before we had 75%+ dark pool abuse, they didn't have the suppression system in place for retail fomo. Now they do.

  21. January - June hedgefunds also were kind of caught off guard and have now developed their own system to combat this new wave of trading. I don’t see why it would be an issue to opt for full aggressive maneuvers rather than waiting for another fluke.

  22. I would have to wait until a couple weeks as I get paid then. Got a total sum of $250 to DRS my share from E*Trade and public. So many shares I could get but I guess I’d rather have this pop off to still be 8 months down the road with more shares 😩

  23. I have zero doubt that it would churn the butter. The problem is, as with many others i imagine, all of the people like me here that have 1000s in their retirement brokerage account. There isn't a chance in the world that I will be moving those out which is essentially a cash out of my 401k so that I can take the penalty and hope my drop in the 500 million plus shares makes a difference. Even with bad math, the millions upon millions instituitons hold works against us... Institutional ownership is like 10 to 15% reported... That's like 100 million shares. Look at borrowed shares each day...isn't it about 10% of the float? Gee I wonder where that is coming from? Institutional ownership?

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