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  1. since near every pro DRS post is downvoted to oblivion and a big FUD and anti DRS shill campaign is going on.....the theory of MOASS after locking of float with DRS must be right...

  2. And its always the same users for a few hours at a time. You can even tell when they clock in, take their breaks and lunch and clocking out lol

  3. Desperate - you are 100% right. I see an AMC post about DRS and before even looking at comments, I know the 4-8 users that will be bashing - usually in coordination. The good news is that they are known and being down-voted quickly so new / undecided Apes can get good information and make their own decisions based on verifiable research.

  4. I haven't DRS'd yet because I hold a very small position, but I am all for it and anyone who speaks negatively about it is clearly trying to dissuade you since they are scared of DRS triggering MOASS

  5. Serious the small holders on GME out hold the whales. X and XX holders are the ones who will make locking the float successful. Don’t fall victim to the bystander effect. It’s ur Moass too.

  6. Same. I’m comfortable where I’m at with my little position. But I don’t take the time to talk shit on something I have no clue about or haven’t done any reading on myself.

  7. Yes is it for every one. Wtf was that? Everyone drs your shit. Don't listen to this kind of nonsense. It's shaped like positivity, but it's a little slight in reality. EVERYONE DRS YOUR SHARES!

  8. Just screen shot everything because if DRS ends up stopping Ape's from selling at the top of the squeeze or that CS is actually like everything else is controlled by DTCC and shitadel.... And they miss out ...do to heavy handed financial advice . .. from wrinkle brains .... class action lawsuit.

  9. Brigadiers infiltrated the sub. Y’all WSBers and SSers stick like flies on shit. Good night, I can’t wait til we finally get rid of all of you.

  10. Sheep guy it’s you. I see you used the “trust me bro” mating call this time. Probably for the best if you want those bonus ur boss promised

  11. An "active" campaign? Lol 😅😅😅, no it's just people reacting to yet another "this is the way". They are tired. They are sick of market corruption, and they literally JUST moved to fidelity. I'm totally cool with people doing whatever they want. But it's not ORGANIZED FUD because the majority of people questioned ANOTHER surefire way to induce MOASS.

  12. The regulars who get on the forums ever single day dude, we regulars are all shills now!!! But the WSBers and SSers are showing us the way…….. fucking brigadiers.

  13. Stop this BS shouting about CS. It's pathetic, obviously a bunch of SuperStonk people have flooded this sub with pro CS stuff. the majority act like utter assholes when questioned and have no supporting evidence for CS at all in their posts. I appreciate some of Criands SS DD but wow is he biased on this

  14. why is locking the float up, away from the colluding DTCC bullshit exactly? Don't talk about SS or Criand, or people trying to get you to DRS, tell me specifically why they are wrong regarding locking the float.

  15. Oh my my did you, dare I say it. Loose your cool? Is pressure mounting from your boss because of the lack of progress? I bet whatever bonus they were offering for steering us away from DRS are looking like they ain't going to happen. I tried to explain to you before what you were actually up against. I wasn't doing it to brag or even to talk shit. Your bosses have sent armies of replaceable individuals like yourself to "influence us" and it 10 months we have only grown. With a snap of a finger apes made #Kengriffonlied trend #1 twitter. Citadel's main twitter account after 9 months of silence felt forced to speak. We are legion. You need better employment, this line of work is only going to rob you of whatever youth u got left.

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