Why does my head hurt when I hit the heavy bag?

  1. I had a similar issue to this when my gym got this pad that was attached on a steel beam. Two things, make sure you're sitting down on your punches and your core is stabilizing you. Once I upped the volume on situps and also fixed my stance, this worked for me.

  2. Yeah I would say that my core is a weak point, I don’t do many ab exercises just a few sets a week. I’ll ask my coach about sitting on my punches later this week.

  3. Yeah I hope it’s not brain damage or anything. Doesn’t feel right to me, in some weird physics kind of way it’s like I’m punching myself. Since the force from the punch somehow makes it back to my skull. Idk

  4. It means ur dehydrated. There's not enough water surrounding and acting as cushion for ur brain. And yes this does give u brain damage as your brain is being knocked around the inside of your skull.

  5. Yep. Op’s thing happened a lot to me when I first started and it was cause of either being dehydrated or I wasn’t getting enough sleep and my head was hurting even more.

  6. Very interesting take! I'm going to play around with this as I suffer from the same thing. I'm usually really good with my water intake but it's worth a try.

  7. Even jogging gives you brain damage, it’s just you can recover from it since it’s usually very small, but it’s recommended to stay away from hitting the heavy bag jogging or anything after a hard spar. Keep hydrated my guys!

  8. Are you over punching with too much power? Does it happen if you shadow box? Does it happen at half speed on the heavy bag? Are you balanced when punching or do you lose your balance? Without knowing anything else, my guess is some improper in your form.

  9. Yeah I feel like I need to really hit hard on the heavier bags or I can risk jamming my wrist/hand. This only happens on the heavier bags. Shadowboxing and smaller bags are fine, no head pain. From what I’ve read I think I am too tense.

  10. Stretch your neck and traps every day 3 to 4 times and once before hitting the bag , take panadol for a few days till the muscles around your head get loose . And it used to happen to me and im good now so its not a brain damage .

  11. Guys--it's alarming that no one has pointed out the potential seriousness of this. What's the most reliable sign of concussion and brain injury? Headaches!

  12. I don’t spar. I used to do football like 6 years ago and took a lot of hard hits, never diagnosed as concussed tho.

  13. Did you spar or get a head knock? My head hurt yesterday when I punched the bags cos I did hard sparring a few days ago and my neck has not fully recovered from the impact. But yeah I need to strengthen my neck too

  14. Yea having a headache or getting hit in the head and not taking a break can cause thus but considering OP was asking about form I would assume he doesn't spar but it could always be tension in the head

  15. You just need to practice ur breathing and not be tensed during the session,keep working on this and your head will stop paining.

  16. I always breathe out when punching. Any other cues for breathing? I think my main issue is being very tense when punching harder bc I feel like I need to generate more force

  17. This is not normal in any way shape or form. Maybe if hitting a heavy bag after sparring and you are slightly concussed this might happen. But normally "No" You should be very concerned by this and seek info elsewhere besides here.

  18. Not crazy. Ur putting ur body into the punch so all that force is coming back at you into your neck and head. In a real match ur not gonna throw very many of those kinds of punches anyway. Wanna focus on speed all the time. Getting the punch to land with as much speed as possible without sacrificing too much power. Learn to snap the punch with ur body instead of pushing your body into it. Took me like 4 or 5 years of training to really understand that concept. Watch the greats hit the bag. Listen to your coach on what ur goals should be when your doing bag work.

  19. Yeah when I try to snap the punches with my body that’s when I feel the head pain. Pushing ironically feels better since it’s less force. Only happens on the really heavy bags or the water bag.

  20. Long story short, you’re probably exerting yourself too hard. The same thing happened to me a few years back, went to a doctor to get checked out, was told that I most likely got exertional headaches after exercising. Basically When you exercise, or exert yourself physically, the muscles of the head, neck, and scalp need more blood to circulate. This causes the blood vessels to dilate, which can lead to a condition called exertional headaches.

  21. I nevee got a headache but had something similar happen once or twice when I first got my heavy bag, when I would warm up. I noticed it was because I was wearing my gloves looser, once I tightened them it went away.

  22. I used to feel this as well. Try to go lighter, you shouldn't tense up when punching or doing anything expect blocking. After some time you will not feel this anymore.

  23. Can you perhaps suffer from a mild concussion, whiplash or neck tensions? Have you been sparring? I experienced similar symptoms after sparring too hard with with a gym-mate.

  24. This shouldn’t really be happening in the first place but you can also try wearing mouthpiece when you workout and especially when hitting heavy bag.

  25. Had the same problem after experiencing multiple concussions last summer for a number of months. If you have a previous injury that is unhealed all types of intense vibrations like this and holding Thai pads can hinder your recovery. If you’re not injured, it is likely you are feeling this impact because your punches are not snapping and releasing into the bag and are instead traveling up to your head. The snap at the end of the punch makes all the difference as to the force will transfer to the heavy bag instead of coming back up your arm if you release the punch properly. Hope this helps it is incredibly frustrating to have an immovable object leave your head hurting, but if it is related to a head injury, best thing to do is rest.

  26. Do you keep your chin tucked and your neck flexed? Your head might be bouncing after every punch, which is a great way to give yourself a headache.

  27. I don't know if this is THAT helpful but you're probably tight in the traps and neck. Sometimes my upper back and neck will pull on my head. Stretching, hydrating and doing support exercises are the work. But also you might just wanna get a mantra going to help yourself relax and keep the shoulders down.

  28. Dehydration. Make sure to drink loads if water throughout the day, before and during training.

  29. This definitely happens when I’m dehydrated. Even if it’s just shadowboxing. Drink plenty of water

  30. Used to happen to me all the time. I also had 2 previous pretty major concussions in my life so tentative. I’m also all fast twitch and like to create a lot of torque -,aka power puncher. Not sure how u got rid of it could very well be the hydration, tight neck bad throwing mechanic - but I generally just avoid the Heavy or sparring if I “ feel that way “ that day. Move to footwork and tight shadowing instead on those days.

  31. Did you just get used to it? I have had a history of undiagnosed concussions from hard hits in football 6 years ago. Maybe that is what is causing it, I may have a weak chin due to the hits.

  32. Not sure if you fall into this camp but some people lead with their head. Meaning when they throw a pinch they create torque by first flinging their head. It's subtle, but not uncommon. Enough of that can for sure cause head pain. Also, if you have tight trapezius then they won't absorb shock quite so well and can cause the same issues.

  33. Possibly your hands mate, I used to experience pain until I bought some gel gloves and then put wraps on top, similar to how some people add sponge to the wrapping process. I used a brand called beast gear from Amazon but it might be UK only

  34. Happened to me too for a while, hurt in the back of the head kinda low, started doing more neck exercises before hitting the bag. Not only warm up like yes and no but more like neck bridges until I feel a burn. Never had that problem again.

  35. This usually happens when your stance is imperfect. You really wanna be “sitting down” on your punches and a strong core doesn’t hurt

  36. Happens to me too—the bags at my gym are super hard. I always notice it on the first few hard punches, almost like a reverberation to the brain, but once I loosen up I’m good. Try to stay loose and if that doesn’t work hit the bag with less force.

  37. Drink more water. You lose a lot of sweat when you hit the bag, its a full body workout when doing it with proper technique. Do this to go along with what others are saying.

  38. When I used to hit heavy bag it was my wrists that hurt quite a bit. I think it’s good to get blood pressure checked just in case

  39. stiff neck. Stretch your neck and back before hitting. You're not getting brain damage from this. You'll be fine. People using scare tactics in here

  40. Its always be like that when u throw volumetric punches. I noticed if the delay is too long the punch is more powerful , but ur head getting damage too

  41. find yourself a strength coach and work with deadlifts and lat and tricep work , hitting the heavy bag is causing your head to hurt because you are use to hitting it and your nervous system is trying to get use to it so my advice is start off hitting the bag with moderate power and work like crazy on your strength with strength training i promise you when you go back to the bag after 3 to 4 months of strength training you will whop that bag ....and if not then you are a pussy

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