Have anyone tried cereal milk or rainbow sherbet?

  1. The cereal milk is pretty tasty and it’s reallyyy smooth. I would say it tastes like you get done eating a bowl of cereal and you drink the milk but minus the milky flavour if you what I’m talking about. I would rate it a 8/10 because I was it had a little more terps for more flavour.

  2. I've had most of the bdt hhc carts from them and they are all about the same in my opinion, my only complaint is taste is too sweet on some especially the sour alien og. I just ordered a oz of hhc gorilla glue and a gram of d8o and hhco to thin it for carts.

  3. Most BDTs suck but theirs aren't bad at all from the ones i've tried. I use them in my daytime carts so i don't have a weed smell from CDTs. Wife says that she can smell a hit off anything with CDTs even tho it goes away quickly.

  4. Cereal milk just tastes like weird mentholy medicine to me but it's the first thing I ever vaped so I have nothing to compare it to. Definitely felt nice tho.

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