Do you think there will be a noid derived that is stronger than medicinal marijuana?

  1. I mean thcp is stronger on a mg to mg basis, but that doesn’t equate to better necessarily. The thcp high is different from a good d9 high, comes on much slower. But lasts much longer and gets at least me personally much higher from much less.

  2. i just came down from 24 hours of taking just under a half of a Wrecked gummy, the THC-P is so strong and long lasting for me. I was having visual affects last night, the peak is usually 6 to 8 hours after dosing. i have tried it about 6 times and it goes that way every time.

  3. THIS. THCP is stronger than d9. But I do not enjoy the high or my tolerance being ruined from it. It took me 30 days off THCP to start getting baked again.

  4. This is the answer. Personally I liked Jwh018 but yeah the synth noids are the answer or the problem who knows. I know I was physically addicted for a year.

  5. There are stronger cannabinoids other then delta 9, but the amount of measured and unmeasured in flower and the love of delta 9 concentrates that are more natural will always have the upper hand. The appeal for it will always be better. That doesn’t mean there won’t be other variants and cannabinoids used but there’s always going to be a market for the original plant based product and extract. That’s just my opinion though.

  6. In my opinion as a medical patient, the medicinal value in marijuana lies in the combination of all naturally occurring cannabinoids - D8THC, D9THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and so on. What western medicine has gotten wrong is that it’s heavily underestimated the significance of the fact that natural plants have been evolving and being bred to express these properties over thousands or even millions of years, and we expect the extraction of a single chemical out of hundreds that occur in that plant to be the cure. I doubt it’ll be one single cannabinoid.

  7. While THCp is on the bucket list to eventually try I don't need anything stronger than Delta 9 and Altnoids have actually restored my appreciation for traditional cannabis flower because by the time I get back to it from HHC/D8 it ends up being much more of a treat than back prior

  8. Research-chemical (fully designer, non-natural) cannabinoids got a bad rep from being full agonists at the CB receptors, which fully suppressed gaba, and induced seizures (namely in the more potent ones — not much seen with JWH-018, the first).

  9. Nothing will ever beat sungrown full spectrum Type I-IV (and those yet to come) Cannabis sativa L. I hope when the US finally wakes the fuck up a removes "Marihuana" from the Controlled Substances Act that all this "alt" nonsense withers. I hold nothing against anyone on this sub and make no judgement but I do think it's damn risky (old risk averse head). 🙏

  10. in my experience hhc is like the benefits of cbd but the high of thc for me it’s pretty golden as it’ll get and i don’t think acetates will ever truly get big, maybe a full spectrum mix of cb everything and a decent hunk of thcp would be golden

  11. Except HHC tolerance is harder to balance than THC tolerance. I stop getting high off HHC and everything weaker after only 3 days.

  12. "Stronger" how? Flower contains many cannabinoids and most of them contribute to the high one way or another. IMHO, no one cannabinoid is ever going to be as "good" as normal THC flower. I've tried most (maybe all) of the current cannabinoids, some are pretty nice, but none compare to flower.

  13. For pain? I'd rather use 10% D8-THCp (specifically D8) in a blend than the finest medical marijuana money can buy. That chemical is stronger by weight than regular D9-THC, as well.

  14. Can you describe the difference between d8 and d9 thcp? It almost seems from what I've read that one might be better for day and one for night

  15. D9 THCp, D9 THCp-O, HHCP, HHCP-O, THC-H, and maybe THC-B are all more potent/stronger than regular D9 but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have more medical benefits than the cannabis plant as a whole on their own, as they all feel somewhat one dimensional when taken alone due to there not being an entourage effect like with weed.

  16. No alt noid is going to have anything on medical grade d9 wax or rosin and other concentrates. Something about good wax or rosin just gets you where you want to be consistently. I have never had any alt noid yet pull me away from d9 wax, crumble, and shatter. D9 concentrates give me a 3D high while alt noids lack something with the high being more 2D.

  17. This is not the answer but any psychoactive noid is gonna knock your socks off if your tolerance isn't busted up. Remember, some people go to the hospital after smoking just a little d9 because it was so much for them to handle and they need help.

  18. there are synthetic noids that are way stronger and are just as good of a high for short term use but we banned those. if one has not been made it will be but its not about stregnth. d9 has some magic behind it that none of the others have. it can be used daily even hourly with little or no health risks or physical adiction potential. the safety profile is what makes d9 unique not the high

  19. I’m a medical patient that is a daily user of D9. D9THCO is my “golden noid”. For me it’s almost indistinguishable from regular D9 minus the onset and improved strength. I haven’t tried HHCP, but I have tried D9THCP and am not a fan. For my use case it last too long while also feeling different than regular D9. And the affordability of D9THCO is what makes it special to me too. In my state, the cheapest D9 1g cart is about $30 with BDTs, so it’s cost effective. I still use D9 flower in my vape but for carts D9THCO is the move.

  20. It's not the noids it's the delivery method. If you grew this they would probably all be amazing. But dab and bud just produce different effects. The buds carry a variety of terps and noids etc. In unique ratios

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