Has anyone tried either of these gummies? I’ve tried the THC-P ones and liked them - trying the THC-O out soon.

  1. I’ve eaten a bag of the tHC-p gummies like shown over the last 3 days. It’s a heavy heady buzz imo very pleasant. The only weird thing is it seems to last way longer than I’d expected - I’ll eat 3 gummies (3mg) and have a nice buzz 7 hours later.

  2. Ngl I’d personally pass on these. On the bag they’re pretty vague on its contents, a lot of the “reviews” on their website seem a bit sus, and they don’t have complete test results for their products on their website

  3. The lab tests do some a bit sus though I’ll say. They definitely get you high - that’s clear - but the tests are from February and seem weird.

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