THC-H tincture and THC-O gummies - anyone tried either of these?

  1. Just got to point out that the gummies say thcp and they also claim 25mg but theres no way in hell they are 25mg of thcp. Possibly a blend. Either way seems misleading.

  2. Neither one of those companies does safety testing on their products, hard pass. I suppose it is better to eat sketchy products rather than vape them.

  3. Dank-Lite replied already! On mobile so can’t paste whole email but they are 1mg THCP per gummy and 24mg of THC-O acetate. Will post later. Took 2 mL in a window of 30 min of the THC-H and I just had to stop walking to type because it hit me pretty acutely. Headed to gym now…

  4. The tincture is quite good actually. It helps me a lot with insomnia. I just ordered more yesterday. The best tincture I have found so far though is by Spyglass.

  5. The thc h tincture us pretty unique I enjoyed it. Can't really compare it to any other noid personally. Really good body. And these ppl gonna argue about the gummies having so much but they have 1 mg of thcp the rest is other cannabinoids. They have a p tincture as well that pretty damn good. Mostly d8 with 1mg of p per dropper. I don't get binoid often they are kinda crappy mostly but when they have interesting stuff with new noids that come out at a killer price with a coupon why not? Lmao

  6. The blatant trademark infringement should tell you everything you need to know about those gummies, Wonka/LiveSavers isn’t giving anyone permission to use their likenesses much less a random sketchy alt noid “brand” . The name Danklite is sus in itself 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  7. Update- I am loving the THC-H tincture. It is uplifting and gives me a great body feel and makes music so much better consistently. I take 33-66mg each dose.

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