So empty

  1. I've got social anxiety and slowly starting to accept weed has a large part to play in that for me. Just saying if you do happen to blaze on the reg then perhaps start figuring a way to slow it down.. bud be great but after long enough it does start to affect ya

  2. Sending virtual hugs and condolences…I’m right there with you in the same boat…I relate to so much of this…it’s so easy for people to say, ‘just go out and make some friends! 😃’ as if it’s just that easy for everyone…I’ve put myself out there and made an effort and still failed to make anything stick…my adhd/BPD combo makes me really off putting to people so it fucks everything up..

  3. Hello, loved your rant it's a good thing to say or write how we are doing. It doesn't always give us options to choose how to fix it. I know exactly how you feel and dynamics in social settings. As we sit and take stock of our lives, true friendships are the hard ones to look at. The ones we thought were there are not. I've found out just saying hi or hello to complete strangers has opened many new doors. So hello my friend, hope u have a good day. Ever need to talk just hit me up. Bubba

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