Took me too long to realize

  1. Same for me except I’m 43. I wouldn’t say I’m toxic. I’m just boring and bad at sex. Neither of which a woman wants. I’ve got people I know but not sure I have any friends. Like the other comment said, just try to find a happiness in solitude.

  2. I feel your pain. I’m 33 and I am going through something very similar. Sad part is I make friends but I just feel like everyone leaves. No one ever stays.

  3. i really hope your surgery went well, regardless of if it was minor. and i understand that feeling completely, always feeling like the last choice, but when it comes down to it.. remember that you have and always will be an amazing person (even if they can't see it), and you're a good friend (even tho they may not deserve it). and you're not a waste of time, you're worth every second and every minute okay? peace and love <3

  4. i don’t mean any disrespect here but how do you know you’re the toxic one? maybe you’ve yet to meet the right people or something just isn’t clicking for you to feel truly bonded to someone. idk just feels unnecessarily harsh to call yourself toxic

  5. Do have instances that you're there for others in time of need and have the impulse in going out of your way to make an effort for their sake but you feel you're emptied out yourself. It hurts that you care but no one remembers.

  6. Today I told myself that it’s all part of being a grownup… one thing I strongly believe in is somehow people always seem to find their purpose in life when they’re with me, however I’m always left behind… still here… I’m sure one day Will come when there will be one less of us…

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