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  1. Do not go to a shelter. I was on the streets for 4 years, the only reason I survived was learning how to sleep in broad daylight and how to defend myself against other homeless.

  2. Not all shelters are the same. But you can expect to live in a barracks style bunk bed or twin bed room. They feed you 3 times a day. They usually wake you up early in the morning and ask you leave the sleeping area sometimes leave the building. People there might be dangerous. There probably is drug addicts and dealers. The mentally I'll. You will probably come across the criminally insane people just out of prison. And you night have some ordinary people that you can make friends with. They usually have a curfew and sometimes require you to sleep there each night or lose your bed. They will encourage or sometimes require you take steps such as securing employment to afford as room to rent. They may offer you emergency housing vouchers which pay for a portion of your rent. There might be substance abuse or mental health services. There usually is armed security on duty 24/7. It will be a place where you can find an income build a nest egg and move out. Some shelters will let you stay as long as you need others may kick you out after you have some money saved up. You will have to mind your p's and q's and follow the rules in order to not get kicked out. Best wishes

  3. Its crazy the best comment on the thread has no upvotes. I just got out of a shelter where my stuff was stolen, I won't say robbed, I wasn't there and left stuff in a locker which got broken into. Violence can happen but if you know how to handle yourself it won't be as prevalent. The thing with shelters is that they set up these impossible to follow rules and then to be eligible for transitional housing you have to stay there every night for close to a year sometimes over that. I live in a city where the system is corrupt and overwhelmed, most caseworkers are bitter and jaded people who may have wanted to help ppl in the beginning but somewhere along the line became disaffected. The streets are just as unpredictable and dangerous if not more so. Really either option requires you to be tough and deal with whatever comes up.

  4. As stated homeless shelters are not a good thing. You will be robbed of your stuff and pushed to your limit. You would be better off finding you a tent or a couple tarps. I am homeless myself by choice. I tried shelters and I lost pretty much everything I owned . That's when I got a tent and found me a secluded place to set it up and to this day almost 2 years later have never had anything taken.

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