I made Examoo.co.uk, a quick & modern website for getting A-Level Past Papers (that also saves your progress!)

  1. Please add CIE too. Also a suggestion when you are adding CIE papers, CIE has 3 variants for every series and sometimes the out of those 3 varients, 2 paper are identical so it would be extremely helpful if before the title you could add something like similar to p 11

  2. I love this initiative sooo much, and I love the UI, it's simple yet modern and user-friendly!! However, I'm not able to find AS Level Economics Papers (CAIE board)... when might that be added?

  3. Thanks so much, I put a lot of thought into the design so glad you're a fan!! I am hoping to add CAIE/CIE papers during the next week if possible, hope that's okay!

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